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Well After Two

Title: Well After Two
Chapter: Interlude the Second
Fandom: Transformers 2007
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Sunstreaker & Sideswipe
Rating: M
Summary: Cowtipping and mud.
Notes: This unofficially takes place in the 'Target Exclusive' alter-continuity of the movie-verse (where Jazz lives and is sporting a sexy G1 redeco, the Decepticons have ties to corporate America, and scouts are everywhere). Absolutely not srs bsns.

"Come on," Sideswipe said as the sun began to set over the Pennsylvania safehouse. "I've got an idea."

Sunstreaker glanced at his twin and then back at the other Autobots, none of whom seemed overly concerned with anything other than their own tasks.

"Where?" Sunstreaker asked. "Not too far?"

"Concerned about these awful dusty roads?" Sideswipe teased as he transformed. "Don't worry - I'll wash you if I have to."

"I'd rather have Melissa do it," Sunstreaker retorted as he followed Sideswipe's lead. Still, without further question, he followed his twin onto the road and away from the others.

After a few miles, Sunstreaker switched his headlights on. Sideswipe obviously had a different definition of 'not too far'. They passed a handful of houses, a few fields of local farmlife, and then, a few minutes later, Sideswipe pulled off the road near an enclosed yet isolated area of black and white bovine creatures.

"What are we doing?" Sunstreaker asked as he came to a stop behind Sideswipe and then slowly rolled up close enough to bump against his brother to punctuate the question.

"Don't be a jerk," Sideswipe replied. "We're waiting. According to the world wide web, when these creatures sleep, they can be tipped over."

Another nudge. "That's the stupidest thing I've heard since the last time you spoke."

"Was there anything more interesting going on?" Sideswipe asked as he settled to an idle. He ignored the soft nudges that his brother gave him - once Sunstreaker did something that might do damage, then the war would be on.

Sunstreaker laughed. "Prowl was even too preoccupied to get angry with us."

"Too bad, really... I have a few great ideas..."

"How did you say these things sleep?" Sunstreaker interrupted. "That one is laying down."

Sideswipe was quite for a moment. "Just... keep waiting!"

The minutes ticked by, and slowly the cows began to settle for the night.

"Hey!" Sideswipe muttered. "The world wide web said..."

Another very, very soft nudge. "Remember what Prowl did to us the last time..."

"Let's get closer!" Sideswipe announced as he transformed. "It's dark enough."

Sunstreaker followed him hesitantly, casting his headlights on the ground. "There's mud..."

"It's not going to kill you," Sideswipe replied as he hopped over the fence and reached down to grab a handful of soggy earth. Just as Sunstreaker landed, Sideswipe smeared the mud across yellow paint.

Sunstreaker froze, optics glowing with rage.

"There," Sideswipe said as he tried not to laugh, "got that out of the way. Now you're muddy. Let's go."

"I'm going to..."

"No you're not," Sideswipe started to say as he began to edge towards the cows, but instead he was pushed from behind. He slid and fell, but not before reaching back to grab ahold of his brother. Metal scraped against metal as they landed and both 'bots glanced around nervously. But there was only silence and a few small noises from a nearby cow as it woke, stood, and headed away.

Sideswipe knew he should have known better than to turn his back after making Sunstreaker angry. Probably should have known better than to make Sunstreaker angry at all.

"Get off me," he muttered.

"You're the one holding on to me," Sunstreaker replied as he tried to move. "And scratching my paint."

"And yet you're still alive," Sideswipe deadpanned. In one quick motion, he managed to flip them both so that he was on top of Sunstreaker who was very much now covered in mud as well.

Sunstreaker swore and thrashed, but not with any real effort. Sideswipe leaned in close enough that their heads were nearly touching. "Having fun?"

"I'm going to kill you," Sunstreaker said as he managed to roll them back over. He pushed downward, trying to bog Sideswipe in the mud with only partial success.

"You are having fun!" Sideswipe decided as he slipped a hand up to rest against the hinge of one of Sunstreaker's door-wings. "I thought you would."

"Sides..." Sunstreaker's vocalizer cut out as sensation coursed through his circuits, all radiating from where Sideswipe's hand was lightly beginning to stroke. He quivered against his brother and fought to try to return the attention.

"What?" Sideswipe asked. He knew Sunstreaker was going to try something. After all, turnabout was fair play.

But neither of them believed in playing fair.

Before Sunstreaker could do anything else, Sideswipe got a leg out, managing to twist around enough that Sunstreaker completely let go of him just as he let go of Sunstreaker. For a minute, there was only the sound of metal on metal and cooling fans and hydraulics as the brothers thrashed around in the growing mud pit.

Even the cows were beginning to wander away.

Sliding in the mud, Sunstreaker fell first and Sideswipe pounced, holding Sunstreaker face-down in mud, one hand between lightly-twitching door-wings and the other trying to get Sunstreaker's hands up above his head - somewhere safe. Their weight was similar, but if Sunstreaker couldn't move, Sideswipe knew he was safe; or as safe as he could be for being with his brother.

"Kink," Sunstreaker said.

"Hey, I found an Earth-saying for that," Sideswipe said as he scooted himself down just a bit so that he was straddling Sunstreaker's legs. The hand that had been between muddy yellow door-wings followed, seeking out access to sensitive ports and wires. "Takes one to know one."

He didn't dare let go of Sunstreaker's hands.

Sunstreaker wasn't quite ready to admit he'd been beaten, even if he was pinned and slowly sinking. There was something almost comforting about Sideswipe's weight on him, even if they were on a filthy boring planet that he didn't particularly like. As Sideswipe found an access port, Sunstreaker groaned and shifted. Somehow he hadn't expected his brother to actually make good on his threat - not laying in a pit of mud after a failed expedition.

No - no, that was exactly what Sideswipe would do. There would be fun to be had if they had to make it themselves. And if he had to leave a few scratches in Sideswipe's paint afterward.

They both moaned at the moment of connection. Sunstreaker offlined his optics - all he could see was mud anyway and it wasn't that interesting. Instead he could just feel the slow crush of Sideswipe's hand on his wrists and the other hand returning to the sensitive spot between his door-wings. Energy shifted between them in a way he could barely control. He thought he could hear Sideswipe softly taunting and teasing him but he didn't know if it was out loud or through a private link or even if it was real.

From the way Sunstreaker was reacting, Sideswipe was a bit curious why they hadn't done this sooner. Was it the humans? Being near-constantly supervised? Did any of that matter? He pushed down a bit, as if somehow putting a bit of slack in the wires between their bodies would intensify what was turning into electric lust. Sideswipe wondered if his own door-wings were that sensitive. Pleasure was looping and being returned, amplified, until it became too much for him and for Sunstreaker as well.

They felt everything, together, worlds away from cold slippery mud and Decepticons and cows and humans and a thousand variations of insects too stupid to not become windshield splatter.

"Get off me. You're heavy," Sunstreaker demanded a few minutes later. Sideswipe eased up, letting go of Sunstreaker's hands and not at all surprised when Sunstreaker reached to break their softly sparking connection. "There's mud..."

"Everywhere," Sideswipe noted. He didn't even want to think about transforming. "And it turns out that cows don't tip over."

"What a waste of a night. You're going to..." Sunstreaker froze and looked at Sideswipe who was apparently receiving the very same urgent transmission directly into his processor.

"We gotta go," Sideswipe said as he fully untangled himself from his brother. "This sounds like trouble."

Sunstreaker only threw the softest of punches as they made their way to the road. Barely left a few scratches, all of which filled in quickly with mud.

"Jerk," Sideswipe said as he transformed.

"Takes one to know one."

This Happens During Chapter 6

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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.