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Title: Waiting
Fandom: Gundam Iscariot
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Mick/Valentine
Rating: MA
Summary: First, one must lure Valentine from his Gundam. Second, one must find a reason for him to get out of his flightsuit.
Notes: porn_tree

Valentine stretched as best he could in Megaera's cockpit, debating whether to see who was around to text-message or nap or read a bit longer. It was a quiet evening, the hangar was empty, and technically, Valentine wasn't even on duty.

He was simply there, waiting, just in case.

Could just be time for an off-shift, Valentine supposed. Clean up himself and Megaera's cockpit, get more food, water, reading material...

Before he could do anything, though, row after row of lights began to snap on in the hangar. Valentine flicked on a couple of more screens. He had his guesses - there were plenty of people who tended to run late night testing, but only one pair that picked his hangar as a return route.

The incoming rubis was nearly black at first glance, though on closer inspection, Valentine knew it would actually be a very deep maroon. Four large wings were folded on its back and its hips and arms were carrying part of its ever-changing arsenal. On paper, it belonged to Jet, but Mick would be the one in the cockpit.

Valentine couldn't help a smile as the rubis - Chandi, an unofficial designation - marched over to him, dropping to one knee and extending its wings.

"Show off," Valentine muttered, before reaching to open his cockpit. One of Chandi's hands rose to meet him and he carefully stepped onto the metal palm. Kneeling to keep his balance as he was lowered, he looked up at Chandi's visor, straining to see the cameras beneath.

He jumped the last few feet to the floor, waiting as Chandi stilled and went dark and its cockpit opened. Mick never did seem to have a helmet on - that or he always took it off right away.

"Are you just going to leave it like that?" Valentine questioned, gesturing at Chandi as Mick descended.

"I'll move it later," Mick replied with a shrug as he hopped from Chandi's cockpit cable. "It's sort of pretty like this."


"Besides, it's not like you won't be back later," Mick continued. He smiled and reached to rake gloved fingers through his hair, showing off blond waves that ended somewhere low on his back.

Valentine nodded. "True." He would be back. They both knew it. This was just a temporary interlude.

"Wash up here, or--?" Mick reached to undo the top of his pilot suit, but Valentine moved to stop him. He didn't quite want to admit, but he liked looking at Mick suited up. Mick looked good poured into tight black and red with aqua accents highlighting exactly where Valentine's gaze tended to travel.

"Your room?" Valentine suggested. "My room?"

Mostly, he had nothing clean stashed anywhere and while he was already at least a day past needing to bathe, once he was out of his own pilot suit, he knew he wouldn't want to climb back in.

"Yours," Mick said. He grinned and Valentine nodded.

"Were you actually doing something with Cha-- the rubis?" Valentine questioned as he followed Mick towards the hangar's tram stop.

"Speed tests," Mick replied. "Got some good data, too. And you can call it Chandi if you want. We both know that Jet names everything."


Mick chuckled. "Mobile suits, yeah. Designs and data and everything."

"How many--?"

"You don't want to know," Mick interrupted. As they stepped into the station, Mick waved for the tram. Between the time and Mick's clearance, Valentine didn't think they'd have any trouble with getting interrupted on the on-demand tram.

A counter popped up, showing the time they'd have to wait for the tram to arrive. Two minutes. Valentine wasn't surprised by Mick's hand in his hair, raking through black curls as Mick pulled him closer.

He'd long since accepted that he'd never be built like Mick - never be tall or broad or look anything other than thin and wiry in his green and grey pilot suit. Valentine was okay with it - he had other ways to prove himself.

"I had actually been thinking about getting down on my own," Valentine commented. There was still a minute and a half til the tram arrived.

"Would have been lonely," Mick replied, slipping his hands down over Valentine's back and leaning for a kiss. Valentine was fairly sure that Mick would never have to spend a night alone if he didn't want to.

Mostly, though, he was distracted by Mick's mouth on his, warm, not too demanding - not yet. Mick's hands slid further down, over the small of his back to grab his ass and pull him closer yet.

The tram arrived with a gust of cool air, stopping and then letting out a few warning chimes when the doors had opened but no one had stepped on.

Barely breaking contact, Mick dragged Valentine onto the tram, pinning him against the wall of the empty cargo area beside the door before it started moving.

"Ah, Mick..."

Valentine could only hang on to Mick, bracing for a moment as the tram took off. Mick's mouth was back on his, and Mick reached to give a tug at the top of Valentine's pilot suit before pulling his hand away.

Valentine couldn't hold in a moan as Mick's hand settled lower, stroking his cock through the material of his suit. He pressed against Mick's hand, fairly sure they were violating some colony-station rule or other. He didn't care.

The tram didn't slow except to navigate some of the curved sections of its track. Valentine knew how long it would take to get to his part of the residential block. And he also knew that if Mick kept touching him, he wasn't going to last that long.

"Mick..." he managed, somewhere in between kisses.

"You want to, don't you?" Mick asked in response, very purposely sliding his thumb up from base to head of Valentine's now very erect cock. Valentine shuddered and grabbed for Mick. Mick kissed him again, quickly, before letting him just cling. Valentine closed his eyes, surprised at how strong the sensation was.

"Nnn..." Valentine hadn't even quite realized that he was still working back against Mick's hand, hips rocking as Mick kept finding delicious ways to trace the bulge in his pilot suit.

"Come for me," Mick urged. "I can tell that you want to."

"Yeah, ah--" Valentine nodded against Mick's chest, clinging tighter even though Mick was holding him. He knew he was close but he wasn't quite there. He wondered if Mick was just as hard, but he wasn't quite in the right position to feel. They'd be to the residential block by the time he'd get to return any favors anyway. He'd have to wait to admire Mick again. But when he had the chance, he'd get Mick's pilot suit unzipped and get his cock out and suck until--

"Ah!" Valentine clung to Mick as he came, surprised at just how strong his orgasm was and how hot his come was, wet and trapped against his stomach. Mick kissed him again and murmured a handful of things that Valentine hoped weren't terribly important because both his body and mind were still on overload.

The tram pulled into the station a half-minute later and Mick somehow managed to maneuver them both off. Valentine sunk to his knees, still shaking. Once he'd caught his breath, he looked up to see Mick offering him a hand.

Valentine accepted. And while he meant to look up into the deep blue of Mick's eyes, he was terribly distracted by black and red and teal accents.

Hopefully, no one would mind if they didn't get back to Megaera and Chandi before sometime late morning.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.