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Title: Snowmen
Fandom: Pretear
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Full Cast
Rating: AA
Summary: Fun in the snow, come on, everyone!
Notes: for luxken27's Summer Mini Challenge Table 3 - play

"Himeno! Mawata! Come on! Play with us!" Mannen cried as he grabbed for their gloved hands and tried to pull them both out the mansion's front door at the same time and into the thick snow that had fallen overnight.

Mawata looked almost horrified. While she had on a heavy coat and gloves, she still had a skirt on beneath, and striped legwarmers dipping down into fur-topped boots.

"Let's help Shin build a snowman," Himeno suggested as she gave Mawata a wide smile.

"Let's have a snowball fight," Mannen countered. "We'll cream Goh and Hayate."

"Where are Sasame and Kei?" Mawata questioned as she looked around. Already, Hajime had flopped onto his back and was making a snow angel while Goh was running and sliding along the ice on the sidewalk. Hayate was feigning boredom nearby while Shin was trying to push a snowball half his size.

"Working," Mannen replied. "They said they'll come over when they're done, don't worry."

Mawata simply nodded and then headed over to help Shin. Himeno couldn't help but smile at how Shin's face lit up to have some help. Then she quickly knelt down to grab a handful of snow to lob at Hayate. Honestly...

By late morning, there were seven snowmen lined up along the walk and two snowball fights had been staged without clear winners. Kei had arrived and been promptly tricked into backing into a tree that deposited quite a bit of snow on his head. Even Mayune had wandered out to watch, even if she couldn't be persuaded to participate.

Sasame obviously wasn't expecting to walk into an ambush. Nor was he expecting Mawata to throw the first snowball. But he just smiled - she'd really just grazed him - and promptly declared war.

When it was over, Himeno flopped back in the snow and waited for Hayate to join her - because she was sure he would. It was the perfect snow day, after all.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.