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Perfect Conclusion

Title: Perfect Conclusion
Series: The Best Moves
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Jameson, Robbie, and Ethan
Rating: MA
Summary: Robbie comes home after months away.
Notes: Contains incest. For KSW#7

Ethan frowned at his laptop. He had his current article nearly finished, but he just couldn't find the wording he wanted for the last few paragraphs. And, looking back at the rest of the piece, he kept finding parts he wanted to change.

It wasn't that the current trends in anime licensing were at all dull, but they did make for tricky material to convey into coherent paragraphs. Despite a reasonable outline, Ethan felt he was really jumping all over the place more than he should be.

He still had a few days to finish, but he was still going to have to finish a few other things as well.

The condo's intercom buzzed, startling Ethan for just a moment. He wasn't expecting anyone, but it definitely wasn't above Myra to stop over with a handful of submissions or box of new DVDs to peruse.

Standing and stretching, Ethan walked over to the microphone and mashed the 'talk' button.

"Come on up," he said, unlocking the security door. He thought most of the condo's measures were extreme, but after reminding himself that Toronto wasn't exactly the wilds of Ontario, he relaxed a little.

There was always a pleasant surprise when it came to visitors - Ethan never asked who was waiting.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. Ethan had quickly walked back to his laptop to save everything he had open and almost fell over his chair on his way back to the door.

Thankful that no one saw his rare moment of gracelessness, Ethan ran his fingers through his hair and walked over to see who had come calling.

He felt a bit grubby - he hadn't bothered changing out of his work clothes, not knowing what Jameson would want to do with the evening. It was Saturday so just about anything was possible.

Opening the door, Ethan was surprised by a bouquet of nearly-pornographic deep pink roses. But he was even more surprised at who was holding them.

"Robbie!" he exclaimed, his face breaking into a wide smile.

"For you," Robbie replied, offering Ethan the flowers.

"Beautiful..." Ethan murmured, taking the roses gently into his hands and stepping back. "Come in. When did you get back?"

"Today," Robbie answered as he closed the door behind him. Ethan seemed to float to the kitchen, flowers kept close to him. "It was a fast six months."

"It was," Ethan agreed, making quick work of the wrapping and digging for a vase almost simultaneously. The sooner he had the flowers in water, the sooner he could be back with Robbie.

He really didn't need to be so impatient though.

"I didn't realize they'd be so much work," Robbie said, stepping into the kitchen and quickly moving to the sink to put water in the still-empty vase. "I just wanted to bring you something and I didn't think you'd really want dead fish."

"I could have made sushi," Ethan replied, pausing a moment to think. "But perhaps flowers are simpler. Thank you."

He dropped the roses one at a time into the vase, arranging them and their greens with a quick but effective grace.

"I don't know where to put them," Ethan said, frowning as he looked around the kitchen.

"Leave them there a moment," Robbie said, smiling and holding out his arms.

"Of course." Ethan brushed his hair back, looking up at Robbie and smiling back as he stepped forward to be enveloped into a tight, warm embrace. He breathed in Robbie's scent, memories of the past rushing back as he did so. There was a joyous comfort in the way Robbie smelled, something peaceful and safe.

"Ethan..." Robbie found himself lost for words though, losing his mouth to Ethan's as he was pulled into a deep kiss. Finding himself reveling in every part of Robbie, Ethan hadn't been able to resist the urge to taste his brother. He didn't know if he'd ever be able to suppress that pull and was thankful no one had tried to force him to just yet.

Pulling back, Robbie just smiled as he watched Ethan lick his lips.

"Where's Jameson?"

"Work," Ethan replied. "It's Saturday so he has to make sure everything is... sane before he comes home. I'm the lucky one who only has to work until three."

Nodding, Robbie looked over at the flowers. "When will he be..."

"You already have his permission to touch me!" Ethan exclaimed, throwing himself at Robbie and wrapping his arms around Robbie's waist. "It's... okay. Really."

"Ethan," Robbie started, only to lose his place and end up just draping an arm around Ethan.

"You're right. It's been awhile," Ethan whispered, letting go and stepping back. "Would you like a drink? Go sit in the main room and I'll be right in."

"Just a Coke."

Ethan nodded before heading to the fridge. He was nervous, something uncommon for him. Surely Robbie wasn't rejecting him. Robbie wouldn't have shown up with roses if he didn't want to continue their deliciously sinful relationship. After all, Jameson was okay with it. Jameson was a beautifully forgiving man who allowed Ethan so much free reign.

But despite occasionally toeing the line, Ethan could never imagine not having Jameson in his life. Jameson had taken Ethan's incestuous back-story so calmly, not giving second thought to permitting Ethan to continue to be intimate his older brother.

A can of Coke in one hand and his own bottle of Clearly Canadian in the other, Ethan stepped into the main room and smiled. It was the first time he'd really gotten a look at Robbie for the day. Robbie looked even stronger than before, his shirt-sleeves rolled up to show off hard-earned muscle. Robbie's hair was longer too, scraping at the back of his shirt collar and beginning to hide his ears.

"C'mere," Robbie said, smiling back as he gestured for Ethan to come closer. Robbie was sitting on one of the sofas, not quite kicked back but certainly relaxing.

Ethan obeyed, setting their drinks on the end table beside the sofa before pouring himself onto Robbie's lap. It was his favorite position to be in with anyone, holding them down, feeling their body's response to his body being so damned close.

Barely thinking as he kissed Robbie, Ethan slipped a hand down to tease Robbie to arousal. Robbie's moans rung in his ears, unconsciously triggering him to slip into the erotic being he became in such situations. He lost himself, soaking up the feeling of touching and being touched. He felt himself becoming the act, a channel for pleasure so wonderful that he knew at that moment that he could pull anyone into his web.

Somehow he'd gotten his own clothes off and was working at Robbie's when he heard the familiar sound of a key turning in the lock to the door. Before Ethan could so much as unlock his body from Robbie's, he heard a chuckle from behind him.

"Wouldn't you two be more comfortable in the bedroom?" Jameson asked, surveying his lover and lover's brother twined and nearly fucking just inside his front door.

"Jameson..." Ethan looked up, cheeks red.

"You're perfectly fine," Jameson said, knowing the unasked question. He leaned down to quickly kiss Ethan on the forehead. "If you'd like, I can join you in just a moment."

"Please." It was Robbie, who looked just as embarrassed and slightly more ridiculous, sprawled beneath Ethan with his erection half out of his jeans.

By the time Jameson came back from the kitchen, shot glass in hand, the brothers had already vacated to a more comfortable place. He shook his head before downing his drink. He'd had quite the surreal day already, anyway. He really didn't know why he wasn't expecting something so... unexpected when he arrived home.

Ethan's moans were slipping down the hallway, beckoning to him. Jameson didn't mind sharing Ethan for short periods of time. And indulging Ethan was a delightful indulgence for himself as well, Jameson decided.

His arousal throbbed against the confines of his pants, echoing his sentiment and impolitely asking for a little less thought and a little more action.

Jameson was generally an agreeable sort. He set his glass down on the table beside Ethan's laptop and headed down the hallway.

He paused at the doorway, just watching the pair for a moment before stepping inside.

Ethan heard Jameson approach and then stop. But with Robbie's hands tangled in his hair, he couldn't really turn to look. He was leaving a red mark on Robbie's neck, nipping as he kissed and sucking just beside the base. They were both naked now, grinding their bodies together, sliding their erections against one another and shivering with the friction.

A hand came to rest on Ethan's behind, relaxing Ethan quite a bit. He knew it was Jameson, approaching slowly as not to interrupt too much of the proceedings. A second later Ethan realized the lag between Jameson's arrival and the current moment probably involved Jameson needing to undress.

And then Jameson was gone again, momentarily.

Ethan heard the drawer of the bedside table open and close, a telltale indicator of where Jameson was currently occupied. He was going to leave all of the details to Jameson - Jameson was the logical one. Jameson could figure out how they could all benefit from one another.

Robbie tasted delicious, his muted moans drowning out much of Ethan's coherent thought. He couldn't help himself - he loved them both. He wanted to be shared by them both.

Slick fingers pushed Ethan's buttocks apart, quickly finding their goal and toying gently around the rim of Ethan's opening. Ethan moaned, burying his head against Robbie's shoulder and barely managing to choke out Jameson's name. Robbie just held Ethan close as Jameson prepared and entered him. Ethan knew he was shaking, completely and utterly claimed by his lovers.

With a copious amount of lubrication haphazardly taken from the tube Jameson had set on the bed, Robbie managed to slick the space between his and Ethan's arousals. With that friction and the overwhelming fullness of Jameson inside of him, Ethan knew he wasn't going to hang on for long.

Not more than a few minutes later, he lost any hold he had on himself and fell into an intense orgasm, grabbing at Robbie but crying Jameson's name. He knew Robbie came next and following that he was pulled back up onto Jameson's lap, held close as Jameson found his release.

Once cleaned up, the three lay on the bed beneath one of Ethan's favorite chenille throw blankets. All were at a loss for words, but Ethan noticed one thing - while both Robbie and Jameson were pressed tightly against him, each one had wandered a reassuring hand over to touch the other as well.

Ethan closed his eyes, not quite willing to sleep. He found himself trying to figure out how to end his article, almost hoping not to find the perfect conclusion. The current peace he was enjoying was comforting enough.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.