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Title: Homework
Series: The Best Moves
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Jameson/Ethan, Myra Z
Rating: MA
Summary: Myra Z poses a query.
Notes: _30kinks, feathers & homework/tutor

Ethan had always liked Myra Z because she just always came out and said whatever she was thinking, no matter the subject or the company. But she was rarely rude and was always well-aware of the surroundings.

Except, Ethan noticed, when she had a bag full of doujinshi and yaoi manga and they were out to lunch. Then he could quite honestly imagine her actions as emoticons, each smile a *grin* and each laugh a LOL. She even *flail*ed and occasionally *squee*d, which was always strange since usually her voice was well-modulated, even off air.

The rock station deejay was a fangirl.

Ethan pushed his long, black hair away from his face only to keep it out of his malt. Already he'd accidentally gotten whipped cream in it, and then managed to get said whipped cream on his sweater just from the slightest of motions.

The sweater wasn't his concern, it was a thin ladies' sweater he'd gotten secondhand because he liked the color - dark teal - and was cold at the time. He was still cold, actually, but that was more the fault of the restaurant than the weather.

"Okay, can you do this one?" Myra Z asked, holding open one of the books and letting it dangle above their shared plate of fries.

Ethan frowned. Doujinshi drove him batty, only because sometimes he just couldn't tell what was going on. The language was one thing - his Japanese was even worse than Myra Z and Rae's put together - but the lack of bodily definition, especially when it came to penises, that was infuriating.

"Are you sure that's not a girl?" Ethan asked, wiping his hands on his napkin. He took the book from Myra Z and promptly turned it upside down. "That's a lovely dress."

"No, no, he's dressed up as a girl because he thinks that the super-seme likes this girl who's actually his sister but that doesn't matter... Anyway!" Myra Z laughed. Loudly. An older couple turned to glare at them, but Myra Z seemed oblivious. "So the super-seme takes him home, pretending he doesn't know about the deception, and then is all 'Oh, I didn't know girls had THESE' and they screw like minks for ten pages."

"What's wrong with him?" Ethan asked as he flipped the page.

"Those are feathers," Myra Z replied. "I mean, if you're talking about the fluff drawn everywhere. Feather boa, with the dress. Super-seme is totally..."

She paused, leaning half over the table to whisper: "Totally fucking him with the feathers and he's moaning about how soft it is."

"Tee hee," Ethan deadpanned, shaking his head. Though it did sound kind of interesting. He hadn't dressed up in awhile and certainly, the more he looked at the book, the more arousing it was.


Ethan looked at his friend, wondering if she was completely crazy or if she'd just had a few too many painkillers.

"You're talking about which part?" Ethan asked, smiling before handing the book back.

"Three position changes, all while wearing the dress, with the feather boa around your..."

Ethan was rather glad that she cut herself off. Instead she just grabbed a handful of fries and popped them into her mouth, unfazed.

But there was a problem.

"I don't have a feather boa," he admitted.

Ethan didn't actually ask why Myra Z had not one but three feather boas, in a selection of colors. But she'd given him one and then sent him off, claiming that she needed to take the braces off her legs and run a nice, hot bath.

Looking like a girl was something he did accidentally, most of the time. The few dresses he owned had been mostly for play but one of them was incidentally perfect. Between it and a little makeup, he didn't need much help to be perfectly transformed, boa and all, by the time Jameson came through the door.

Honestly, he hadn't intended to have a half-empty bottle of beer between his lips, but he'd opened the fridge on a whim and a cold drink sounded perfect.

"This has something to do with Myra, doesn't it?" Jameson asked as he took off his shoes and set his briefcase down.

"Homework," Ethan murmured. "Need to please the headmaster."

"I thought I was the headmaster," Jameson replied as he took off his jacket and hung it properly in the closet.

"No, no, you're my tutor and I'm in love with you. You think I'm a girl because I dress so pretty for you," Ethan said as he set the bottle of beer down. He sort of liked the idea - he almost wanted to write it himself. It was a better twist than the one in the doujin story.

"But you are a girl," Jameson said with a smile. "One far too young to be drinking like that."

Ethan pouted and offered the remnants of his beer to Jameson. "I have my homework on the table."

Jameson peered into the kitchen as he took the bottle from Ethan. Admittedly, all Ethan had been able to find with a quick online search was fairly basic algebra, but that didn't really matter. He didn't think Jameson would be able to keep to that part of the game for too long.

"You do," Jameson said. He loosened his tie. "Why don't you sit down, Miss..."

"Brigette," Ethan replied as he slid into the kitchen and smiled. "Silly Mr. Jameson, you ask me that every week."

"Aren't you a little dressed up for homework?" Jameson asked as he circled around the table and sat down.

"I bought it on the way home," Ethan said as he sat down and reached for the freshly sharpened pencil he'd found in the junk drawer. "You don't mind a few feathers."

"No," Jameson said as he took the algebra sheet. He smiled and shook his head. "This is pretty simple work for a girl your age. Why are you having so much trouble?"

Ethan frowned. "I don't know, Mr. Jameson. I understand it when the teacher explains it, but when I get home or there's a test, it's a foreign language!"

"Well, you just need to figure out what X is," Jameson said, pointing at the paper.

"I can't read upside down," Ethan said quickly. "Come over here, with me."

Jameson nodded and pushed the paper back.

"Am I a perverted tutor who wants that dress on the floor?" Jameson whispered as he leaned over Ethan's shoulder.

"Absolutely the worst," Ethan replied, his voice just as soft. "You don't even stop when you realize I'm a boy."

"Remind me to send Myra a basket of fruit," Jameson said as he took Ethan's hand and guided the pencil to the first problem.

"So how do I find X?" Ethan asked. He wasn't sure just how long Jameson would play along, but he could at least try.

"X is just the number that's missing," Jameson said as he let his other hand slip to Ethan's shoulder, just below the feathers. "This isn't difficult at all. You just need to take out the numbers until all you have left is X. If it's a positive number being added on, subtract it from both sides. If it's being multiplied in, divide."

Ethan was almost surprised. He wouldn't have been able to give such an adequate explanation without really thinking about it.

"Oh," he said. "So I just need to start taking things off... Out! Taking things out."

Jameson let go of Ethan's hand and shifted a bit, reaching to push Ethan's hair to one side.

"Try it yourself, Brigette," he whispered, his mouth beside Ethan's ear.

Making him actually do the problems - that, Ethan thought, was likely crueler than Myra's urging with the feathers.

But Jameson's mouth on his neck the moment he went to move the pencil was the ultimate distraction. He quite knew what X would be, but he couldn't put lead to paper. Ethan gasped and shifted a bit. The boa slipped lower.

'4', Ethan wrote quickly.

"Next one," Jameson ordered. Ethan was trapped. Doing math.

"I think I get it," Ethan murmured. "I can do the rest on my own, Mr. Jameson. But I do need to thank you for the lesson."

"And how would you thank me?" Jameson asked as he straightened up and let Ethan push his chair back.

Ethan smiled and flipped the boa over his head and strung it tight once before lassoing Jameson with it, pulling their bodies together.

"I can show you a few things I didn't need a tutor for," Ethan said with a smirk as he slid to his knees and reached for the zipper of Jameson's pants.

"Brigette!" Jameson exclaimed as he reached to ruffle Ethan's hair. "Surely a nice girl like you... would prefer a nicer place than your kitchen."

"I'm not a nice girl," Ethan said as he undid Jameson's belt and began to work Jameson's pants down. "Just like I know what you want to do to me. I know how tutors are. I've had more than just you, Mr. Jameson."

"And what did they teach you?" Jameson asked, his voice breaking as Ethan slipped down his underwear enough to lick his partial-erection.

"Not much," Ethan admitted before slipping the end of the boa along the underside of Jameson's cock. Jameson shivered, and Ethan glanced upwards to see if perhaps they did need to move at least to the living room.

Ethan was a little surprised when Jameson pushed into his mouth and gave a little thrust. But he had told Jameson to be utterly awful. He went with it - Jameson would never really hurt him, after all. Moving his tongue and reaching with his free hand to pull Jameson to him, he let Jameson take his mouth slowly. Jameson moaned as he flicked his tongue and slid the feathers lower along Jameson's balls.

Getting distractingly hard himself, Ethan let Jameson play for another minute until he pulled away and scrambled to his feet. He was sure his lipstick was smeared. He smiled.

"Are you saying that you'd like to show me your bedroom, Brigette?" Jameson asked as he kicked off his pants and left them on the kitchen floor. Ethan almost commented on that, but let it go. They didn't have to perfectly pretend.

"It's this way," Ethan said with the best giggle he could force out as he gestured for Jameson to follow him. "But I do have to warn you, once you kiss me, you can't leave til morning."

"What about your parents?" Jameson asked.

"They're in England!" Ethan announced as he opened their bedroom door. "So kiss me, Mr. Jameson!"

Jameson chuckled, which was probably the best result Ethan could think of. He was being a little ridiculous and eventually he'd have to explain everything to Jameson, but for the moment he was having far too much fun.

Ethan moaned as Jameson kissed him roughly, clutching on to him and slipping a hand up under Ethan's dress. Ethan moved a hand up to the back of Jameson's neck, toying with dark red hair that needed to be cut yet again. Feathers moved with him, and just as Ethan tried to figure out exactly what would happen next, Jameson took the option from him.

Gasping as Jameson found his erection, Ethan pulled away. "Mr. Jameson..."

"You're a naughty one, Brigette," Jameson commented. "You're even wearing girls' panties, aren't you?"

Ethan nodded as Jameson played with the elastic of those panties, hoping he was managing to blush just a little.

"Can I keep them on?" he asked as he reached to remove Jameson's hand. Before Jameson could protest, he crawled onto the bed on his hands and knees and pulled up the back of his dress and pulled down those panties until they were really only covering his erection.

"Sure..." Jameson seemed stunned and Ethan wanted to laugh. He could still remember the first night they'd spent together when he'd had to tell Jameson how to do everything and then tell him it was okay to do it.

"I want you, Mr. Jameson," Ethan said as he reached forward to rummage for the lube underneath the bed pillows. The feathers slipped forward, making a pink pouf around his head. "Come on the bed with me."

Jameson didn't hesitate to comply, and Ethan slipped him the lube quickly before reaching to stroke his own erection and let those feathers slide against it. The sensation wasn't terrible, but he knew he could cross it off his own personal list.

Ethan hissed when instead of fingers, Jameson's tongue began tracing his opening and lower, to where the elastic of the panties cut across the underside of his balls. He forgot about the feathers and the three positions and everything as Jameson kept licking him.

"Aah, Jameson," he moaned, no longer even trying to touch himself.

There was a brief second of disappointment when Jameson traded his tongue for coated fingers, but his body was aching so badly for release that once they were inside him, he didn't care. He writhed back, trying to get pressure where he needed it.

"Eager, Brigette?"

"Fuck me, Mr. Jameson," Ethan replied as he pulled forward just a bit then slammed back against Jameson's hand. "Fuck me hard. I can take it."

He wasn't expecting such a quick transition between his statement and Jameson thrusting into him. Ethan wanted to look back but couldn't. All he could see was feathers. But it didn't hurt. He was used to Jameson and could relax easily to take Jameson into him.

And Jameson had barely touched him before he came, soaking the panties that were still caught on the tip of his erection. He cried out, trying to meet each of Jameson's thrusts but eventually failed, instead letting Jameson finish the frantic pace on his own a minute later.

Ethan wasn't expecting the smack on the ass when Jameson pulled out.

"You wanna get dinner, Brigette?"

"Food..." Ethan mumbled as he rolled over and tried to get the panties untangled and off. Jameson shouldn't have so much energy. It wasn't fair, even if all he did during the day was sit around in meetings.

"What was that, Brigette? Did you say you'd like to go out?"

Ethan found the feathers to be disgustingly hot and he tossed the boa off towards the far wall. He wasn't paying much attention to Jameson's words until Jameson lightly whipped him with his discarded tie.


And then Ethan got it. He'd created a monster. He'd accidentally said that they could play all night.

"Where are we going, Mr. Jameson?" Ethan asked. He'd need a clean dress as well as clean panties.

He was going to kill Myra Z. Unless she killed him first for not following through on his homework.


Drink Lemonade! Tip Your Waitress!
Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.