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Fairy Godmother

Title: Fairy Godmother
Series: The Best Moves
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Tracey, Lainey
Rating: AA
Summary: Lainey and Tracey try to sort out dishes and college, sort of in that order.
Notes: Prompt: Education

"What's this mess?" Lainey asked, startling Tracey from deep contemplation.

"This," Tracey replied as he gestured to the assortment of paprts and brochures spread out over the kitchen table, "is my future."

"Can you move a bit of it?" Lainey questioned. "I want to make a sandwich and I don't think your future needs mustard stains on it."

"Counters!" Tracey explained, raking his fingers through his shaggy blond hair before gesturing at the piled, messy, and generally cluttered countertops. "Oh..."

"Yeah," Lainey said as she pulled out a chair and sat. "Ill take care of as much of that as I can, but... sandwich firtst."

"No point making other dishes dirty after you've just washed a bunch," Tracey agreed as he started moving his papers.

"Have you already done an English 101?" Lainey asked before picking up one of the pages. "Or do you have a recent transcript here so we don't have to play twenty questions?"

"It's..." Tracey reached and sighed. "No idea. But I have had 101."

"Then I don't need to recomment an instructor," Lainey noted. "What's your major, anyway?"

Tracey sighed again and started at her for a long moment. That was the problem - he had no clue and hadn't managed to be more than an occassional student, knocking out the basics when possible.

"Yeah... I dunno," Tracey admitted. "I was thinking of taking some business classes, though..." He paused, waiting for Lainey to laugh or make some other commentary.

"Great," she finally said. "Everyone should take some business classes. Maybe you'll really like them."

Tracey blinked. "Really?"

"Of course," Lainey replied. "Even the most basic ones - especially the most basic ones - cover all sorts of stuff and with luck you'll find something that interests you. Definitely take a Marketing class... And take a few Social Science courses, too."

"And magically I'll know what I want to be when I grow up?" Tracey questioned.

"Probably not," Lainey admitted. "You'll have a better idea of what you don't like, though. And you can narrow down what sucks the least."

Unable to help himself, Tracey started laughing. "Is this what happened to you?"

"Something like that," Lainey admitted, standing. "Hey, what did you want to be when you grew up - like, when you were nine or ten?"

She started fetching sandwich supplies while Tracey thought - there were all the old standbys - astronaut, fireman, superhero...

"Spiderman," Tracey finally said. "And I got to be Spiderman the next Halloween, so..."

"I wanted to be a fairy godmother," Lainey said a moment later. "It seemed like it would have job security."

And for some reason, Tracey didn't laugh - probably because as he watched Lainey make her sandwich, he realized that she'd actually achieved that.

And he could never, ever tell her. No, the woman who'd swept fully intot heir lives to clean and grant weird wishes in the form of rare toys and good advice and neverending amusement once she'd finally unwould from the stress of her previous job... Lainey was a lot of things.


"Nothing," Tracey said. He ruffled the papers again and luckily, his transcript appeared. "Oh! Here's that transcript... Looks like the latest one."

"Great!" No sooner did Lainey have the sandwich makings away than she had it in her hands. "Now, let's figure something out for you."

She paused.

"Then you can help with dishes."

Fairy godmother indeed.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.