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Decency to Blush

Title: Decency to Blush
Series: Virus-Series
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: MyDoom, Sobig.F
Rating: MA
Summary: What virii do once their time has passed.
Notes: DailyFic - 'Blush'. For Cat, who keeps giving me ideas.

There were hundreds if not thousands of bodies milling about, strolling through cyberspace as if they owned the place. Well, truthfully they did. Combined they could easily grind the world wide web to screeching halt. But that would ruin the fun. They liked to do their work slowly, picking and choosing who to target. Some of them were bold and strong while others were nearly invisible.

All liked to play. And really, since some of them only had one shot at fame, there was plenty of time to play.

Pink fingernails clicked together, the sharp sculpted tips as flawless as the rest of their owner's body. His hair matched his nails, shocking pink and shaped into long spikes. Everyone knew him, not only by appearance but by name. He was MyDoom, one of the most amazingly nasty computer viruses ever. And he was quite naked.

They all were, actually. There was no need for clothing. At the base level they were all zeroes and ones anyway. There wasn't anything that they hadn't seen before. A few mores ones or zeroes than the next virus wasn't too much of a concern in the long run. It was what could be done with those ones and zeroes that was important.

MyDoom was after something. He usually was. This time had nothing to do with mass internet slowdowns though. Instead he was on his way to visit his fiercest rival, Sobig.F.

Sobig.F was a masterful virus, despite his time being long past. He kept a careful watch on things and was learning to effortlessly predict who would be the next big thing.

Cyberspace had a green tint to it, the same color of the screen of a TRS-80. MyDoom hated it. It made him look sickly as it gave his dark, rich gray-purple skin a weird tint. At least at Sobig.F's end of the data stream there was some reasonable light. Enough that he didn't look like something that had crawled from an aforementioned TRS-80.

MyDoom knew before knocking that Sobig.F had company in his domain. Still, MyDoom knew he could demand time. He just opened the door and stepped in.

The scene was familiar. Somehow everyday managed to be a full-on orgy at the grand digital palace that was Sobig.F's residence. Though oddly it wasn't the popular crowd who populated the corners and sofas. Instead it was the new kids and the old timers, those who couldn't fend for themselves like Netsky or some of the middle-aged trojans.

MyDoom scowled. Sobig.F had too much of a soft streak.

Almost nobody looked up as he stalked through the first room. The only eyes that met his were those of a young trojan, Tilser, who had the decency to blush before being distracted by the girl sucking on his erection.

Wherever Sobig.F was, MyDoom wondered if he'd have the decency to blush. The next room was dark and empty, MyDoom thought, until he made out the faint form of another virus sitting against the wall. The varying purples that covered his body made him an easy target to miss without light.

"Sobig.F?" MyDoom asked. Instantly he let his attitude slide. Something was wrong. This wasn't his rival, wasn't the virus who had pushed ahead to take on the world first.

"Let yourself in, as always?" The tone was rude, but MyDoom heard it as false.

"Fuck, man. What's up? You should be out there having the time of your life. I bet Tilser would get on his knees for you in a heartbeat," MyDoom said, walking over to crouch down beside Sobig.F.

"I've come to realize that it isn't what I want," Sobig.F replied in a whisper. "I..."

"What? What do you want?" MyDoom slid to the floor, folding his legs underneath his body. He was just inches from Sobig.F, straining to hear him.

"Something I can't have."

"I came here to annoy you, not play tech support," MyDoom grumbled, taking a moment to look at his nails and compare them to Sobig.F's purple fingertips. Sobig.F had beautiful tribal designs covering his body, another thing MyDoom hated.

"Then go."

"I might take Tilser with me," MyDoom threatened, not bothering to move.

"I don't care," Sobig.F replied, looking down and away.

"So leaving wouldn't annoy you?"


"Then I'll stay," MyDoom replied with a chuckle. Surely there was something he could do to get Sobig.F into a different mood. If it had to be a variation on upset, he could possibly do seething anger. Obviously Sobig.F didn't want sex. So perhaps a little bit of that would do the trick.

Sobig.F was silent, appearing disinterested until MyDoom slid closer and with one pink-tipped finger started tracing the tribal designs on Sobig.F's right thigh.

"What are you doing?" Sobig.F questioned, scooting away as quickly as he could.

"Touching you," MyDoom said, his voice low as he closed the newly created distance. "Would you rather I just touch myself?"

Not waiting for an answer, he reached between his legs to grasp his already hardening penis. It rarely took much to get him aroused. And the thought of evoking any sort of emotion from his rival was a complete and utter catalyst.

Sobig.F made some sort of squeaking noise before backing himself to the darkest corner of the room.

It didn't matter much to MyDoom. Touching himself was never a chore and he was sure he could put on a good show for Sobig.F. Thinking about it a moment longer, MyDoom shifted position so he could lean back against some sort of furniture, in the dark he couldn't tell what. He spread his legs, making sure to keep his arousal in full view as well.

Just a bit of spit was enough. With two fingers pushing at his opening and the other hand slipping quickly along his erection, MyDoom almost missed the noise Sobig.F had obviously tried to swallow.

"Want more?" MyDoom teased, arching to meet the demands of his own body. It didn't take much concentration. There was no reason to concentrate anyway. He wanted to enjoy this, to flow.

"Yes," Sobig.F answered in such a tone that MyDoom couldn't help but pause. He'd expected anger, not desire.

"Fuck, come here," MyDoom said quickly, getting up to meet Sobig.F halfway. Out of the blackness of the corner, MyDoom could see Sobig.F quite clearly. The virus had both quite the nice arousal and also a sweet little blush faint throughout his body.

MyDoom licked his lips. At least, he thought, Sobig.F has the decency to blush.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.