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The Best Moves
Chapter 7
This is Kalloway's NaNoWriMo Fic.
It has been spell-checked but not edited.
Apologies for all errors.
Feedback Appreciated.

The sun was peeking over the city when Matthew was pulled from sleep by his very full bladder. He was disoriented at first, but he'd chosen to leave a small bedside lamp just in case something like this happened.

He walked silently down the hallway, guided by a pair of nightlights plugged into outlets down about knee height. The condo was quiet, and the bathroom was easy to find.

On his way back to his room, he heard an odd noise from the other end of the hallway. Against his better instincts, he turned and snuck down the hallway to see what had caused the noise.

Matthew could see an odd flickering light dancing off the hallway wall and he moved closer to determine the exact source of what had caught his interest.

The noise repeated itself and it was then that Matthew realized it was a pleasure-filled moan. Taking a step back, Matthew sucked in his breath. The flickering light made sense to him now, he'd seen the pattern before at home. It was a candle and the room in question must be Jameson and Ethan's.

He was scared to move, that somehow he would disturb the lovers and gain their ire. But the moans continued, building slowly and somehow almost calling for Matthew to investigate further into their obvious cause. After all, the door was open. It was almost like an invitation to peek in.

There had been no reason to worry. As Matthew peeked in through the slightly opened door, he realized that Jameson and Ethan were far too caught up in one another to even notice the presence of someone in the hallway.

The pair were tightly entwined with one another and covered partially by a silky black sheet. Jameson was on top of Ethan, kissing the black-haired man's neck and shoulders in slow and deliberate motions. Ethan looked downright delicious with his head thrown back, moaning and shuddering beneath Jameson. His hands were to the sides, grabbing at the sheets and Jameson's hair at random.

Matthew couldn't quite hear their whispered words, but Jameson dipped to whisper in Ethan's ear and Ethan nodded quickly before reaching quickly in the direction that Jameson was already headed in.

Grabbing something from the table beside the bed, Jameson pushed off the blanket that had been covering them and spread Ethan's legs. Holding in a gasp, Matthew marveled at both of their bodies. Ethan was almost impossibly thin, thinner than Matthew had thought before. Yet the longer Matthew was around him, the less he thought of Ethan as fragile in any way.

Jameson, on the other hand, had visible muscle. He seemed ageless, as though he'd stepped from a painting instead of having been born to the world. The red highlights in his hair shone in the candlelight, making him look as exotic as the man whose body he was still kissing.

Moving down, Jameson took the tip of Ethan's arousal in his mouth, licking the shimmering beads of fluid from it as he glanced up to watch Ethan's reaction. Ethan held back a howl, letting out instead a choked groan.

Matthew was entranced. He'd brought his own hand to trace along the bulge beneath the pajama bottoms that had been loaned to him, unable to tear his gaze from the men just feet away.

With Ethan's legs to the sides, Jameson slicked a pair of his fingers with the lubricant he'd grabbed a few moments before. Matthew leaned a bit closer until he was almost in the doorway. He wanted to see that it didn't hurt, and just how it worked, actually. He'd found links to pictures on the internet, but he didn't dare look, not with the pervert-spotting attendant so close by and so willing to glare at him every five minutes anyway.

Instead of a pained noise at penetration, Ethan let a delighted cry slip from his lips as he pushed against Jameson. His cries for more were distinctly audible and for a few moments, Ethan fucked himself against Jameson's fingers, twisting and writhing to pleasure himself.

Ethan protested when Jameson pulled away but only for a moment as Jameson slipped between his legs and then positioned himself for penetration.

Gasping himself, Matthew watched the pair couple. Their pace was slow and loving. Each thrust came with kisses and caresses, building slowly but surely towards climax.

And then the unexpected happened. They rolled, each holding back laughter as they whispered to one another, until Ethan was on top of Jameson, riding Jameson's erection with abandon and stroking himself at the same time. Ethan's cries grew loud as he rocked and moved over Jameson's hardness.

Before either of them could reach climax, a startling revelation came over Matthew - he was going to come too, if he wasn't careful. But it was too late. Ethan's orgasm was apparent. With a series of breathless cries, he stilled and shuddered, hot semen spilling forth from his erection and onto Jameson's stomach. Jameson was watching appreciatively, his blue eyes shining in the candlelight.

Matthew made a noise akin to a swallowed cough and ran as far as he could - back to the bathroom, just as the almost unconscious motions of his hand mixed with the visuals he'd been presented with peaked together, causing him to unceremoniously come in his pajamas. Panting, he slid down to the cool tile floor where he lay until he realized that someone was out in the hallway.

Quickly, he cleaned himself up, hoping that the dark hallway and the dark color of his pajama bottoms would hide the slight damp and sticky spot he hadn't had time to mop off properly.

But the footsteps went away, and once they were out of his hearing range, Matthew skittered back to his room and buried himself under the covers. He couldn't believe what he had just done. Not only had he watched two of his new friends in a very intimate situation without their permission, he'd also brought himself to orgasm while doing it.

Of course, there was no way in hell he was going to be able to stop thinking about it, possibly ever. The images raced back through his mind, along with Ethan's moans echoing in his head.

When sleep claimed him, it was blessed.


He awoke to the odd feeling of someone watching him. Matthew rolled a bit and opened his eyes, only to realize Billy was sitting on the bed, staring down at him. It shouldn't have felt as odd as it did, especially since he'd woken up like this with Tyler more times than he could count.

"Morning, sleepyhead," Billy said, sliding down so he was lying more than sitting.

"Mmph," Matthew replied, yawning and stretching. "How long have you been here?"

"Not long," Billy answered. "Just curious if you were ever going to wake up or if you were kept up all night by the screaming down the hall."

Matthew was rather sure he turned several shades of purple before meeting Billy's eyes. The last thing he wanted to do was let on that he was most likely part of the commotion in the middle of the night, after all.

As he crawled out of his sleepy stupor, more and more of the previous night ran through his mind.

"Earth to Matthew..."

Billy's hand in front of Matthew's face brought him back to reality.

"Didn't really hear anything," Matthew said quickly as he attempted to pull the blankets over his head so he could go back to sleep. He felt, for lack of a better word, fuzzy inside, and he didn't know how to deal with that. Having Billy beside him was nice, but he felt an extreme sense of wrongness when thinking of what had happened the night before. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy it, it was just that he shouldn't have been spying on something so private.

Billy grabbed the top of the blanket and held it, not letting Matthew hide as he moved for a quick kiss.

"You aren't regretting anything last night, are you?"

"No, I..." Matthew was cut off as Billy's mouth closed over his, beginning a long sequence of slow, sweet kisses.

A knock at the door interrupted them, but only as the pounding grew louder did Billy bother to let Matthew go to find out what was going on.

Billy stretched on his way to the door, giving Matthew a rather nice view. His hair was free from the ponytail it had been in the night before and it fell over his shoulders and back like a curtain of spun gold.

"Matthew?" A voice asked from outside just as the knob started turning. Billy grabbed the door then and pulled it open, nearly knocking Ethan off balance since he still had his grip on the door as well.

"Morning, Ethan," Billy said in an almost smug tone. "Sleep well?"

Matthew crawled under the blankets he'd been denied earlier. Ethan was in a silken robe that was just barely closed at the necessary junction. His hair was down as well, but obviously had been washed in the not so distant past. For once it was brushed away from his face and his eyes pierced through Matthew's for the second they'd made contact. But it wasn't that little trivial moment that had caused Matthew to hide, instead it was the instant image of Ethan in the throes of orgasm, his pale, slim body shuddering as he released himself over his own hand.

Matthew found himself almost hard at the thought.

"Wonderfully," Ethan replied before regarding the lump under the covers. "Matthew, I do assume you aren't much of a morning person? Or perhaps an early afternoon person, as it is early afternoon at present."

"I'm okay," Matthew replied, slowly emerging from his fabric cocoon but trying not to look in Ethan's direction. "Is it time to go eat?"

"Jameson would like to leave soon, yes," Ethan said before walking over to sit on the edge of the bed, ignoring every last inch of personal space. "If you'd like to borrow some clean clothing, you aren't much larger than I am and I'm sure I have something for you to wear. Do you mind me dressing you?"

Matthew shook his head and then looked over at Billy, who was watching the pair with interest.

"I should see about finding myself something as well, huh? I mean, I can't go in my 24 Hour Coffee Shop uniform," Billy said.

"Jameson will have something for you," Ethan answered, still not really looking away from Matthew.

Billy stepped to leave, but instead doubled to back to push between Ethan and Matthew to steal a kiss from Matthew's lips. Instead of something quick though, it turned into a deep and almost lust-filled gesture. Matthew wound his hands up into Billy's hair, groaning as his erection surged with desire.

Before Billy left, he gave a small wave and then pulled the door half-closed as though he thought Matthew and Ethan needed some moment of privacy.

"So when did this happen, anyway? Last night?" Ethan asked.

"What happen?" Matthew questioned back, letting himself get locked in Ethan's green gaze, almost against his will. Whatever made the man so exotic was reeling Matthew right in. It was almost as though Ethan was casting a spell on him.

"You and Billy, as a couple," Ethan replied. "You did just meet a couple days ago, correct?"

Matthew nodded. He was getting the odd feeling that much of his communication these days was non-verbal. But with so many new people suddenly playing such large roles in his life, he was still a little nervous at times. Simply nodding was so much easier.

"But it doesn't matter when you feel a connection," Ethan continued as though Matthew's answer really had been of little importance. "I should tell you that story though while you get ready."


Matthew's idea of getting ready clashed instantly with Ethan's. Both Jameson and Billy were off to parts unknown as Matthew ran towards the bathroom. His erection hadn't lessened any with Ethan leaning mostly naked over him, and he wanted to take care of it one way or another in the very near future.

Ethan followed Matthew straight into the bathroom and started pulling things from the cupboards and cabinets. A small pile was growing beside the sink basin as Matthew stood there, staring.

"Shower first," Ethan instructed, as he selected a bar of soap and a washcloth from the pile.

"Um..." Matthew just stood there another minute, waiting for Ethan to be on his way.

"Go ahead. I won't look, if that's the problem," Ethan said, his face breaking into a rare smile for a moment. "Or I could come back in a few, if that's what you're concerned about."

Ethan pointed, the gesture subtle, but still aimed at the arousal Matthew had stopped hiding with his hands when he took the soap from Ethan.

Matthew wanted the floor to open up and for the universe to swallow him whole, never to be seen again.

"You know, Matthew, after last night, what do you have to hide?" Ethan asked, his thick eyelashes covering his green eyes for just a moment before he lifted his head and stared straight at Matthew. "But last night is a non-issue to Jameson and I. It was pleasure, any way you look at it, and is nothing to be ashamed of. I shall return to you, Matthew."

Ethan left with his silken robe trailing after him. It had fallen open, Matthew noticed, yet Ethan made no attempt to close it.

With the bathroom door closed and privacy won, Matthew turned on the shower and stepped inside. Despite his erection literally dripping as it begged for attention, Matthew felt no urge to masturbate. In fact, it was about the last thing he wanted to do. Still, it seemed to be the only way. With water the perfect temperature falling over him, he slid down to his knees and then sat back, enjoying the large shower stall and just how sprawled he could end up being if he positioned himself correctly.

There was a larger bottle of body wash sitting on the floor, begging to be used to aid in his release. Matthew grabbed it and slicked his hands, not too much, but just enough to slide over his erection. It felt good, good enough he could hopefully lose himself in the feeling for long enough to reach climax without thinking about... Dammit, he just did, of course, come back to a handful of the many reasons for his erection. But thinking as carefully as he could while jerking off, he stuck with the thoughts about Billy kissing him.

It wasn't long before he felt the familiar pangs that preceded an orgasm. He came hard, sucking in his breath and doing all he could to not cry out. He just felt so empty afterward though as he slumped down, still lightly touching himself.


They walked through the underground mall silently, save for Jameson occasionally pointing something out to Matthew. Mostly they were the subject of the glances of others.

Matthew had finally figured out, as he'd watched Ethan dress, just what made the man so exotic. He was, in fact, definitely of Asian decent, though not fully. The green eyes that kept catching and holding Matthew in their piercing gaze were obviously from some other source, but the dark hair and small frame should have been telltale from the beginning.

Luckily it was warm enough for the silk that Ethan had poured over his body. Colors flashed around him as he walked, though he seemed oblivious to it. Matthew hadn't gotten much information from the man earlier, so he was hoping that during the meal they would spend a bit more time on origins.

Jameson walked with Ethan close to him, a protective arm around what was his. Ethan didn't seem to mind, in fact he seemed the most alive when he was close to Jameson. It was only around Jameson or with the promise of Jameson that Ethan even seemed to say more than a handful of only the most essential of words. They were a beautiful couple though, and Matthew was already quite envious of them finding such a happiness together.

The night before hadn't strayed from his mind though. Despite it being common knowledge that he'd been privy to such an intimate act, no one said a thing about it after Ethan's comment in the bathroom. Matthew was a bit curious to ask if the blond beside him knew, but it definitely wasn't the time for that.

Billy had seemed a little thrown by the public closeness of Jameson and Ethan and as a result, he'd reached over and snagged Matthew's hand as they had descended into the Toronto underground.

Underneath Toronto is a system of stores and businesses. It stretches about five miles and is an excellent and warm way to move around, with a map. Billy had quickly related more information about what's is called The PATH and how his first time trying to navigate it had caused him to become lost for about three hours, until he found a map and could get back above ground.

Jameson had just smiled as though he'd heard the story a dozen times (as he most likely had) and explained that he was quite familiar with the labyrinthine maze that stretched under the city.

Billy was wearing a casual suit similar to the one Jameson was wearing. It was odd that Billy cleaned up so well, but with his hair back in a series of bands and his bangs tamed, he looked almost as clean cut as Jameson passed himself off as.

Matthew had been dressed in a rather conservative outfit, compared with anything he thought Ethan was going to pull. However he still thought he looked like he should be headed to a club, not to brunch with an executive. Ethan had also insisted on putting just a tiny bit of make-up onto Matthew's face, just eyeliner and bit of lipstick to even out the color of Matthew's lips. The difference though was obvious, as expressed in the reactions when both Jameson and Billy saw him. Jameson's comment had been too quiet to hear in full, but it was somewhere along the lines of "walking wet dream".

Matthew missed the exact name of the restaurant. It seemed to be in French and also in a squiggly cursive font that wasn't exactly conducive to being read while also being ushered as if royalty to a quiet back table that most likely had Jameson's name written on it somewhere or other.

Their waitress was middle-aged woman, her age belied only by the white streaking her black hair. She was well kept and light on her feet as she came to the table. She looked at Jameson and smiled.

"How are you doing today, Jameson?" she asked, smoothing her uniform in an unconscious movement.

"Wonderful, Sarah," he replied. "We're just here for a casual brunch today. This is Matthew Andersen, a new friend. He's visiting us from Sarnia."

Not bothering to correct Jameson, Matthew waved and nodded as Sarah quickly sized him up.

Sarah did smile though.

"Nice to meet you, Matthew," she said quickly. "Is this your first time in Toronto?"

"No," Matthew replied. He was suddenly nervous under Sarah's searching gaze. "I was here once on a class trip."

Ethan had slid himself practically on top of Jameson before even cracking his menu. He looked up at Sarah and just winked.

"Just some apple juice to start myself off with," he said softly, "and coffee for Jameson."

"Coffee for me as well," Billy chimed in before looking to Matthew.

"Hot chocolate, with whipped cream," Matthew said

Sarah laughed before shaking a chiding finger at Ethan. "Do you know my entire speech?"

"Maybe," Ethan answered nonchalantly.

Matthew was curious now, not only about Sarah, but also if Ethan had ever just started fucking Jameson in public. It was an amusing thought, to say the least. He could just see them writhing together and he could almost head Ethan's beautiful little mewls of pleasure as he rode Jameson for all they were both worth.

Cursing his imagination, Matthew looked back to Billy, who was giving him an odd little smile.

Sarah winked and slid away to get their drinks.

"We come here much too often," Jameson explained, gently pushing a pouting Ethan from his lap and back onto the seat beside him.

"His sister owns the place," Ethan said as though it should have been common knowledge to begin with.

The games Ethan played were strange yet rather fun. They kept Matthew guessing, that was for sure. He went from the loving brotherly sort to a wanton slut in seconds, depending who he was around and what he wanted from them. While dressing, he was almost sure Ethan was just going to beg to fuck, actually, which was more than a little disturbing.

While it wasn't that fucking Ethan was the worst thought ever (it definitely wasn't), it wasn't quite what Matthew wanted at that exact moment. After all, he was with Billy in two senses of the word already. And after the morning make-out fest which had almost become a grope-fest, Matthew did have his sights on just one goal: Billy.

Billy was making him feel both good and funny at the same time. It was either the beginning pangs of love or bad Chinese. But since the Chinese had been days ago, Matthew had himself rather well convinced that he really liked Billy and as something beyond friendship. Billy's kisses were amazing and in truth he didn't really want them to end.

Which was good, as at that exact moment Billy leaned over and caught Matthew's lips, snaring him into a lasting meeting of mouths that eventually left Matthew chasing for his breath.


Midway through their meal, a woman floated, almost literally, over to the table. She wore the sort of dress that swirled around her as she moved, and as she slipped between tables with the grace of a ballerina, Matthew wasn't so sure her feet were truly touching the ground.

Jameson stood as soon as the woman approached, slipping between the wall and Ethan to greet her in a crushing embrace.

Then it made sense to Matthew. The woman had to be Jameson's sister, the owner of the restaurant.

"I didn't expect you to be working today," Jameson said, escorting the woman over to the table and pulling her a chair from an empty table nearby.

"Always paperwork, darling brother," she replied, seating herself carefully.

"I had that happen to me last night," Jameson replied.

"He was out all night and not with me," Ethan interjected, pouting as best he could with a mouthful of food.

"A new friend?" the woman asked suddenly, staring Matthew dead on. Matthew tried not to stare back, but he couldn't find a single similarity between Jameson and the black-haired ballerina-like woman who'd come to their table.

"This is Matthew," Jameson replied. "And Matthew, this is Cassandra, my sister."

"I'm his aunt," Cassandra replied. "But I was raised by my half-sister, Jameson's mother."

"I didn't know she wasn't my real sister until I was fifteen. We never spoke about it, we never spoke about family," Jameson said quickly.

"But that is so dull," Cassandra said, her voice lilting and upbeat. "What we should be talking about is the weather, or whatever the damnable American president is doing."

"Or perhaps Matthew could explain more of why he's visiting Toronto," Ethan said. He and Matthew had started to get into the conversation as to just what had brought Matthew to the city but they'd been interrupted midway.

"I guess," Matthew replied apprehensively. It had already been explained that, well, Sarah was not huge on Americans and he should pretend to be Canadian, even if his accent was just a bit wrong.

"Go on," Billy said. "After all, you've only began to tell me."

"I'm just... trying to step back from myself and re-evaluate my current direction," Matthew said quickly. He did not like the way he'd been thrown out into the spotlight so quickly. He felt almost as though he was naked, being stared at. Yet he hadn't even really said anything yet. How was he supposed to explain his strange situation? How was he supposed to explain his confusion at life in general, be it spiritual, sexual, emotional, or any of the other plethora of things going on at present. How was he supposed to explain that none of this was even his idea and truth be told, he was totally surprised at everything he'd been doing for the last few days as it was completely different than he would have normally been acting. But that was the point, really, to step back and look at how he normally acted as compared to any of option. So he was exploring those options, that's what he was doing.

"In Toronto?" Cassandra asked, tilting her head. Her hair shifted as she did so, it was a bob-like cut and as it moved, Matthew could see a bit of grey in it. Nothing else showed her age, especially if she was far older than Jameson.

"It was my mother's idea," Matthew replied.

"So where are you staying?" Jameson asked. "If it's expensive, come stay with Ethan and I instead."

Matthew shook his head quickly. As tempting as staying with the living play toy and his master was, he sincerely enjoyed Quaker House and definitely wanted to continue participating in the discussion groups there.

"I'm staying at a place called Quaker House," Matthew said. "They just take donations and I basically have the place to myself. I just have to share a bathroom if there are other Friends staying there, and none have yet."

"Quakers?" Ethan asked curiously. "They don't have electricity, right?"

Matthew groaned. He'd answered that question so many dozens of times in his life that it bordered on ridiculous.

"Those are the Amish," Matthew said dully. "Quakers are pacifists who believe in finding God through silent worship and personal interaction, not through the words of man. Well, that's my take, at least. It's different to every member."

Billy was nodding. They'd been through a similar conversation the other day.

"That's interesting," Cassandra said, smiling. "I don't think I've ever met anyone of your faith. Jameson and I were raised Catholic, but we both seemed to abandon that as soon as we left home."

It was Matthew's turn to nod. He wasn't very comfortable sharing so much so quickly. Not to so many people at least. And not to so many new people, definitely.

Still, he answered questions, each time scooting a little closer to Billy, as though the blond would somehow keep him safe.


It was a week later, and the days had fallen into a routine. An hour in the evenings was devoted to various discussion groups, sometimes two hours if they were interesting. Matthew made his way halfway through 'Faith and Practice', despite the fact that he only understood certain parts after asking Daniel about them.

Daniel was proving to be more useful too. He wasn't just a scatterbrained tea-drinker with a green thumb. Instead he was full of wisdom and enthusiasm. He seemed to want Matthew to succeed as much as Matthew did himself. Somehow it sometimes seemed as though a higher power spoke through Daniel, turning messages into something for Matthew to understand and digest in simple terms. It was a blessing, definitely.

If Billy was working, Matthew went to the Internet Cafe first. Emily was sending volumes in her daily e-mails. She had piles of drawings and had sent on more than thirty pages of her latest story. Matthew was amazed, but their mother was worried. Apparently all Emily had done besides eat, sleep, and go to school was draw or write.

Matthew guessed it was because she missed her older brother, but he was going to wait for their mother to figure it out herself. Sometimes the obvious was the easiest to miss.

Tyler's e-mails were growing infrequent and shorter than ever. He sent a handful of links to useful websites though, and Matthew treasured the information he was being given. He was starting to be able to keep up in conversations with Billy about games or anime. It was quite fun to have a common interest with Billy, besides making out, of course.

They did that all the time, too, but that was a given. Neither had tried to move further though, which was fine with Matthew. As much as he wanted Billy to just decide that each and every day was 'the day', he couldn't even bring himself to let his hands roam further than the middle of Billy's back. He couldn't even trace the blond's hair down to the ass he sure as hell found himself staring at whenever he could.

And Billy seemed to respect that, most of the time. He wasn't as restrained (or nervous) as Matthew was though and more than once already Matthew had been left tingling as a hand slid down over one of his buttocks.

But sex was on Matthew's brain, almost as if it were tattooed there, never to be removed. He masturbated when he could, each time getting closer and closer to his personal goal - self-penetration.

According to various fanfiction he'd read, some sort of lubrication was a must. However the task of buying a container of lubricant proved to be rather daunting. It had taken him three days to get up the courage to buy some at the convenience store, which had been rather anticlimactic as the clerk hadn't even looked at what he was ringing up anyway. He just scanned it and threw it in the bag along with a handful of other purchases.

Lubricant. The more stories he read, the more caught up in the idea of sex. Except that sex in those stories seemed to follow a set pattern, and it was a little strange.

First, the dominant man, or seme, would initiate the foreplay, which usually consisted of bumping, grinding, and kissing. Then they'd both get naked, after which the seme would proceed to suck off the bottom, or uke. While sucking, the seme would use his fingers to lube up the uke, generally helping to bring on an earth-shattering orgasm. Then they'd fuck in a variety of positions until the uke would get off all over again, finally triggering the seme's own climax. It was a bit formulaic and Matthew was almost afraid he'd burst out laughing if his own first homosexual experience followed along the lines of the stories.

Of course, the stories were fantasy and mainly written by women. So maybe the real thing would be completely different. Matthew rather hoped so, as he couldn't imagine that four fingers inside his body would be a pleasurable thing.

His goal at present was one, maybe two. And his own fingers, just to see if he could do it. Maybe before the month was out, it would be Billy, but for now, this was personal.

Yes, at that exact moment.

Matthew was sprawled on his bed. It was five in the morning and he'd just left Billy's house both hard and exhausted. Still, the exhaustion was nothing compared to the ache between his legs. He needed to come and he needed to come hard and in the very near future.

So, just as he had done the night before, before chickening out that is, he had the lube beside him and used a reasonable amount to make stroking his arousal a dozen times easier and almost, well, more sexy.

In his mind he was putting on a show for Billy. Matthew hadn't yet figured out how to tell Billy that his utmost fantasy at present was jerking off for Billy, for Billy to watch him achieve orgasm on his own.

There were parallels to the whole scene with Jameson and Ethan, and also to the fiction he read. Matthew had discovered serious voyeuristic tendencies and also a slight bit of exhibitionism. Perhaps, he pondered, the two went together.

Tonight was going to be different, he decided. The exhaustion had faded into something akin to desperation and also some form of bizarre form of being slaphappy.

With one hand playing the super-sensitive spot at the head of his arousal, Matthew used his other hand to reach between his legs to first locate the opening he wanted to explore. He'd leaped through a half-tub of warm water on his way to bed and though he hadn't scrubbed his whole body, he knew he'd be clean down there.

He couldn't tell if he was sweating just a bit from his excitement or if he was still a bit damp from his lunge through the bath. It didn't matter, really.

Touching himself... like that. It felt strange, yet really good at the same time. Whatever nerve endings were down there, they were all startlingly receptive at the moment.

Matthew grabbed for the lube, slicking a finger quickly and then moving to trace the opening again, making sure a reasonable amount of lubrication was in place before he went further.

Willing himself to relax, something he didn't find easy in such a state of arousal, Matthew tried to slip a finger into himself. He managed the tip of his finger before he lost his focus and winced in pain. Relaxing in such a situation just wasn't easy. That and the sensation was downright odd. He felt full, like he had to go to the bathroom, almost, as he slid the finger in further. But the pain was subsiding and it was more of a curious sensation, actually.

Supposedly he should be finding his prostate about now, as fanfiction dictated. But he really had no idea where to begin to look, besides up and in. But the finger he was attempting to fuck himself with wasn't finding anything.

And he'd lost his erection, too, to the initial pain and subsequent bizarre set of sudden sensations.

Fuck. This was not what he'd expected at all. He'd expected fireworks, but instead he seemed to be getting, well, burned.

It was then that he twisted himself ever so slightly as he pressed his finger into himself for what he deemed one last time... That's when the fireworks started.

And it was incredible. Another twist and Matthew found that spot again. It was delicious, addictive, and without realizing it, Matthew was shoved confusingly into the most intense orgasm of his life.

He lay on the bed, panting, his semen cooling on his body and the sheets. As tired as he was, what he really wanted was to try it again.

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Drink Lemonade! Tip Your Waitress!
Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.