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Aeon's Jewelry

Title: Aeon's Jewelry
Fandom: Gundam Iscariot
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Aeon/Purity/Mercado
Rating: M
Summary: Aeon only wears a few particular pieces of jewelry.
Notes: from porn_tree, because someone else mentioned that Aeon's got some amazing accessories~

Aeon finished toweling his braids as dry as they'd get, then tossed the towel back over the shower door. One braid had come loose and he quickly worked to unravel it enough to free the ring tied up into the plait.

He'd get Mercado to fix it later - Mercado or Amde. For the moment, all Aeon wanted to do was sleep. The last push to get home had been twenty hours on full alert. He was exhausted. He'd even begged off of his exam from Amde and he rarely did that.

His bed felt amazing, though, as he flopped onto it. The room was warm and he didn't really feel the need to cover himself. Not when he still had a touch of shower-sweat glistening on his skin and not after days suited up. Sleeping naked after all of that was never uncomfortable.

Aeon slipped the unbound ring onto his left pinkie finger, where he knew it would be safe. He didn't wear jewelry - not conventionally. He had his NIN-ANA bracelet, yes, solid around his left wrist, but no necklace, no rings...

He looked at the tiny silver band around his pinkie. Cardinell had worn it on her middle finger and he'd never thought to ask about it. But when Conrad had proposed, it had vanished from her hand.

And when she'd stopped taking missions to become NIN-ANA's resident advisor, she'd pressed it into his hand and asked him to promise to always come home.

Aeon had nodded and let Cardinell weave it into his hair where they'd both know it was there and what it meant.

He closed his eyes and relaxed.

That had been the first.

Purity, not to be upstaged, had plucked a ring from her own jewelry box - something that had been passed down through her family. It was old and tarnished and battered, and the blue stone had been scratched so many times that it had lost its shine.

She'd simply said that she loved him.

Mercado produced a stainless steel band not long after, commissioned in the factory, with an etched pattern matching one of his tattoos.

Mercado hadn't said anything, of course. He never really had to.

Amde had found them not long after, during an exam, and smiled.

Before his next mission, she'd taken her own engagement ring from the chain around her neck and given it to him.

She'd also said that she loved him. And then she had cried, though she'd tried to blink back the tears and pretend she was fine.

He'd wanted to insist that she'd need it back, but the words never came.

Mick gave him something rough and baring the tiniest bit of blue paint - not a ring exactly, but more like a charm. Amde had explained later that it was a piece of Mick's first Safphir, which had met a messy demise many years before.

A ring in the shape of a moebius strip appeared one morning and though no one ever confessed, Aeon knew it was 'from' his brother. 'For eternity' - that was what Lan had said...

From Jet, he was given a miniature NIN-ANA bracelet, which he was told would open one door in the colony, though Aeon had never figured out which and he'd never quite wanted to ask Jet for the solution to the puzzle.

Of course, that had also been the prototype for Cardinell's controller wedding ring. Aeon supposed Jet had tested it, at least. Perhaps it was for Jet's room...

And there was one from Valentine, bought on a mission, with a Greek pattern on it that matched the one etched on Valentine's bracelet.

He kept a tiny bit of everyone close...

Aeon closed his eyes and drifted...

He woke to weight on the bed beside him.

"It had better be at least six hours later," he mumbled, turning to see which of his partners had joined him.

"It is," Purity purred before running her hand down his back and over his ass. "Have I ever mentioned that I really like that you sleep naked?"

"Hundreds of times."

"I still like it," she replied, moving her hand back up to rest on his hip. She pressed against him - still dressed - a moment later. "Lots."

"You're dressed."

"I can fix that. Or Edison can. We made a super-secret plan to come seduce you," Purity said as she kissed a line across his shoulder.

"It's not super-secret if you just told me," Aeon reminded her as he shifted a bit on the bed. "And I don't think you've had to seduce me for years now."

"Shh... it's a really good plan," Purity replied. "Mmm, did you know you have a braid loose?"

"Yeah. Cardinell's ring," Aeon noted, rolling so that he could show her that he had the ring safely.

"I see a far more interesting ring," Purity said. She reached down to trail her fingers over the silvery metal piercing his penis.

Aeon chuckled. While Mercado had his tattoos, Aeon had chosen something a little different. Cardinell had been the one to go with him to have them done, after all. And she'd even made an awkward little comment that, well, they were rather pleasant to look at.

One curved ring through the tip and out at the base of the head was all he'd originally meant to have done, but he'd been far too excited by the idea and ended up with a pair of frenum piercings as well just past the head on the underside. Aeon liked the way the silver stood out against the color of his skin. He liked how they caught the light.

And damn, he liked how they felt when he was deep inside someone. His partners never complained, either.

Aeon closed his eyes as Purity started stroking him. He heard the door and knew it was Mercado coming in.

"Not as planned," Mercado commented.

"Turns out we don't have to seduce him," Purity replied just before taking Aeon's cock in her mouth.

"Please tell me there wasn't really a plan," Aeon managed quickly, before gasping.

"We thought about it," Purity said as she pulled back. "And we might've thrown around a few ideas. Mostly I just told Edison how very badly I wanted to get very, very fucked."

"Very badly," Mercado commented, shrugging off his jacket and hanging it on a nearby chair. "Are you in?"

Aeon glanced from Mercado and his tattoos down to Purity, who was sprawled half over his legs and looking hungrily at his partial erection. A mix of saliva and pre-come glittered on his jewelry and he couldn't help smiling.

"Sounds like a plan."


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.