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Kalli's Journal

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Greetings! My name is Razrantha and I'll be your waitress. Now before I show you to your seat, there are a few things to remember:

1. No matter how many times you put out that candle, it'll relight.
2. The Café is a fansite intended for a mature audience of legal age. If you're too young, there are other restaurants around.
3. The Café serves yaoi/slash as well as other dishes. If this isn't your thing, there are other restaurants around.
4. Your menu is to the side. Order whatever you'd like and please remember to tip. It keeps the restaurant staff friendly and working hard to bring you new treats!
5. We're always adding to the menu and trying new things, so please pardon that the sugar and the flour might be in the wrong bowls...

Kalli's Ramble Box

11-27-14: Cleaned up the Soul Calibur page. Added 'People Like Us' 5 in Gundam SEED.

11-26-14: Cleaned up the Shadow of Destiny page. Added 'Put to Rest' in ToX.

11-25-14: Cleaned up the code of the RotG page a bit and then added 'Hunger' to ToX.

11-24-14: Cleaned up more of the KH page and added 'Did We Win?' to Kiddy Grade.

11-23-14: Cleaned up even more of the KH page (it's a big page!). Added 'Apples' to DMA.

11-22-14: Cleaned up more of the Kingdom Hearts page. Added 'The Good End' in Gundam SEED, which finishes off that ficlet cycle. \o/

11-21-14: Cleaned up the Popcorn Romance page. Added 'Sun' in Gundam SEED.

11-20-14: Cleaned up part of the Original Fiction page. Added 'Sleepover' in Gundam SEED.

11-19-14: Cleaned up the Machine City Knight page and added 'Miracles' in Gundam SEED.

11-18-14: Cleaned up the Macross Frontier page and then added 'Car Trouble' to Gundam SEED.

11-17-14: Cleaned up the Kyou Kara Maou page and added 'The Edge of the Map' in Gundam SEED.

11-16-14: Cleaned up the King of Bones page and added 'Glass Slippers' in Gundam SEED.

11-15-14: Cleaned up the Kiddy Grade page and added a banner for the No-True-Pair cycle. Added 'Coffee' in GSEED.

11-14-14: Cleaned up the Jem page (which I think I've done once but it needed more). Added 'Rain' to GSEED.

11-13-14: Cleaned up the Disgaea page. Added 'Nightmare' to GSEED.

11-12-14: Done with the FMA page! Added 'Darker' to GSEED.

11-11-14: Nearly done with the FMA page. Added 'Flowers' in GSEED.

11-10-14: Worked on more of the FMA page! Added 'Fredom' in GSEED.

11-9-14: An intermission from the KH page to work on the FMA page. Also, added 'Tiny Cakes' to GSEED.

11-8-14: The KH page is getting along nicely~ Still a bit more to do, but it's closer! Added 'Hours' in Gundam SEED.

It's been three years, no one misses the counter. It's not coming back.
Current backlog is in the 100-200 item range. At current pacing, the backlog should be taken care of this year!
There are no plans for a new layout or eFiction install at this point.
Header edits are still a big project. At two a day, they should get done this year, I think? It'll be close. Maybe now and then I can tackle larger clumps.
11 years of the Lemonade Cafe this year. Yay!

Things That Need To Get Put Somewhere:
IDOL: Forget KH2, what if Jenova were the one pulling the strings?
Interlude: The first bit of smut from Villa Welc0me! That's the best thing I can say about it! Seph/Vin!

Raz's Notepad

7-4-14: I'm now in charge of holding onto the larger pending projects so they're not cluttering up Kalli's box:
The Best Moves edits
Special thanks to Tofu for our 10 Year banner, and for banners for the Gundam SEED and Generator Gawl pages.
(Have Kalli) write more of 'Having No Light'.
Still skipping 'Forget Regret' edits for the time being.
Move 'Interlude', post the 'rest' of Villa Welc0me.
Continue rearranging the Gundam SEED page.
Continue organizing the KH and KH2 pages.
Missing formatting in Iscariot?
(Have Kalli) finish writing Punch!es.
Re-sort Kiddy Grade 0tp cycle.

1-19-14: I think Kalli is handling all the important stuff, but yay 2014! I took out a bunch of older updates. I need to make a more proper 'thanks' page, or add it onto the staff info or something.

About Unclickable Links:
Basically, it's easier to design in batches, so fandoms and whatnot will get added to the menu sometimes before their pages are finished or before I actually have anything to put in them (though something will definitely be in the works if they're popping up).
Also, for the sake of coding/time, multipart fics will often have a link to the next chapter even when the next chapter isn't posted. It's not an error, it's just a time-saver.
If you do find a truly bad link, send a message and we'll get right on it. We've gotten pretty thorough with our checking these days, though.

About Ratings and Symbols...

It can be difficult to assign a rating to words, but for the purposes of the site, we've tried. Ratings are listed within the headers, along with content notes. Prominent characters and pairings are all listed as well. There are also a few little symbols that may pop up while viewing. These are always on the fandom pages:

- this is a recent addition to the site
- this work contains fairly explicit sexual content
- this work contains elements (death, heavy violence, consent issues, etc.) that should be noted before reading

The latter two are rather new to the site and not all works that should have them have been marked. Please always read with discretion.

Basic Ratings:
AA - All Ages. May have some romance/action/etc. but not nothing explicit.
C10 - Children 10+. May contain a bit of bad language, romantic situations, etc.
T - Teen. Either vulgar, violent, or moderately sexual. A fic may be rated this solely for using 'fuck' a lot, or for heavy make-outs/petting, or for blood everywhere. Or all three/similar.
M - Mature. Basically, it probably has glossed over sex or something fairly messed-up but not super-explicit.
MA - Adult. Probably rated this for explicit sexual situations. Both this and M fics probably have the little 'lemon' indicators beside them.


Drink Lemonade! Tip Your Waitress!
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