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Wild Card/Neutral

Title: Wild Card/Neutral
Series: The Best Moves
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Corrine
Rating: AA
Summary: Corrine finishes her story.
Notes: (the middle square)

It's been strange...

The last seven years...

I don't even know what I'm writing now or why. Seven years ago, my agent and publisher pushed me to write a biography -- no, an expose -- on Vampire Dawn. I hated project in its entirety, until I began work on it. However, fate intervened, as fate always does, and six years ago, my agent and publisher decided to stop being my agent and publisher.

And I decided to become a waitress. Before waitressing, I didn't think anyone 'decided' to become a waitress. I thought it just happened to people. I was wrong. Which is not to say that every waitress wants to be a waitress, just that for some people, that is indeed their ideal job and something that makes them happy.

I didn't stop chasing Vampire Dawn, I just slowed down a bit. I found what I was missing. I slept on the floor of a rusty pink cargo van, broke into a mall at night, was whipped for pleasure, headed to Canada without knowing what I was chasing...

Vampire Dawn and the mystery surrounding the death of its frontman -- if anyone is still interested, this is...

Eddie's death taught me how to live.



Corrine sighed and leaned back in her desk chair. She'd bought a new one, finally, after a particularly successful Sunday when she'd had two large parties who'd both tipped well. She'd nearly forgotten what it was like to not have duck-tape stickiness on the underside of her arm after a long typing spree.

It was wonderful.

Her introduction, however, was not. It was the only part of the book incomplete - there was even a foreward written by a rock critic that Corrine had never heard of but apparently read over her manuscript in a weekend and was blown away.

She didn't think that she needed an introduction. Her publisher, editor and agent all disagreed.

After deleting everything she'd written, she started fresh.

'No one's stuck in neutral.' That's what Taylor Hill told me the first - no, second - time that I spoke with him. The first time, he cut my hair. Whenever I realize my ends need a trim, he still does.

'You just gotta keep shifting some times.' Ain't that the truth!

This is not a happy story. It may or may not a tragedy. What it is, in the end, is the truth, as closely as it can be assembled, regarding Vampire Dawn, Keeping Still and one strange, sad night that destroyed both bands instantly.

It is not an easy story to read - it was not an easy story to write. I wish to thank everyone involved in its completion, band members, family, friends, everyone. Thank you to the group in the rusted pink cargo van for saving me from a snowstorm and buying me dinner. I was ready to give up until I realized you were listening to a Keeping Still cassette tape.

"Oh look, now it's worse." Corrine winced. Her shift was in a little over two hours. The introduction was due in a little over 32. With work and sleep, that gave her... not enough time, if this was the pace she was going to meander along at. Of course, a 300 page book had taken her seven years, though as non-fiction, she hadn't just gotten to sit down and write long sections without stopping and needing to research or re-interview or anything else.

These have been the best seven years of my life...


Drink Lemonade! Tip Your Waitress!
Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.