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Well After Two

Title: Well After Two
Chapter: Interlude the First
Fandom: Transformers 2007
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Optimus Prime/Clocker, Melissa, Sam
Rating: M
Summary: They'd just be doing the things that giant robots that turned into cars did... when no one was looking.
Notes: This unofficially takes place in the 'Target Exclusive' alter-continuity of the movie-verse (where Jazz lives and is sporting a sexy G1 redeco, the Decepticons have ties to corporate America, and scouts are everywhere). Absolutely not srs bsns. This chapter takes place midway through Chapter 5, when everyone heads to bed for the evening. It's non-essential for the story.

The bed was calling him, seducing him with soft, mattressy nothings and promising sleep where he wouldn't wake up with his neck cricked against an armrest or one of his legs asleep from being tucked funny. He wanted to obey the bed. It had a nice, soft comforter even though it wasn't really cold and there were two pillows with nice, clean pillowcases that Melissa had found for him.

Sam really wanted to obey the bed.

But he felt a little bad, not being out with Bumblebee and the others.

Walking over to the window, he hoped that everyone was comfortable. Sam knew that they didn't really sleep but instead simply rested, conserving energy and letting their bodies cycle. Before he and Melissa had come inside, he'd seen Ratchet handing out the oil that had been neatly packed into the back of Ironhide's truck form.

They'd just be doing the things that giant robots that turned into cars did... when no one was looking.

His window overlooked the lot, which was now far from vacant. Most everyone was quiet and dark, transformed into vehicle modes and parked beside someone. Ironhide and Arcee were talking, or at least doing something that involved silent displays of weaponry. Probably recounting battles, Sam thought after a moment. Maybe telling Arcee about Mission City.

And off, past where they were (Ironhide sitting, Arcee standing to make up part of their height difference), close enough that Sam could see but far enough that he couldn't see them terribly well, beneath a lone old tree in the grassy field, Optimus sat with Clocker.

Nightly recharge, Sam realized as he bumped his nose against the window pane. The window wouldn't open from the bottom but cracked at the top, offering airflow but little else. He hadn't been able to watch and for some reason, he wanted to. He wanted to see.

It had to be normal, after all, for Clocker to need... Sam frowned - they were in a nice building with plenty of electricity. Clocker didn't have to be slowly reaching to touch the exotic flames that covered Optimus' leg panels. He didn't have to be almost crawling closer, testing to see what he was allowed to do.

"You probably shouldn't be watching that."

Sam spun around, nearly crashing into Melissa. He hadn't heard her come into the room but truthfully, with his gaze fixed on the field, his parents, Miles, Mikaela and the lot of Sector Seven could have marched in behind him and he wouldn't have noticed.

"I, er, was, um..."

"Yes, yes... Don't hog the whole window." Melissa gave him a gentle shove as she stepped past him to stare out the window. Her hands rested instantly on the sill and she sighed as she leaned forward.

"What?" Sam asked as he inched to the farthest place he could be without losing his view. If they were indeed viewing what he thought he was viewing, being in close proximity to Melissa was much more awkward than he could handle.

"Because you know who's going to have to write a report on this? Me! There was this one guy who was totally obsessed with whether or not the NBE's had any form of recreation - any form. And all I've done today is witness it," Melissa explained without tearing her eyes away even though her voice went through every rise and fall of being particularly exasperated. "Though trust me, you don't want to be stuck with him."



Silently, they both continued watching the encounter under the tree. Sam thought he heard Melissa's breath hitch when Clocker made the last move to crawl to straddle one of Optimus' legs and look up at his leader. Even thought it was late June, twilight was giving over to night, causing the dark green of Clocker's paint to fade to black even though Sam could still the details of every flame and every motion Optimus made. He could see blue optics narrow a bit and he could imagine the sounds of whirring parts - the sound of metal on metal.

Hands. There wasn't enough light to see exactly what either Autobot was doing though Arcee's comment about all having the same ports and wires stuck in Sam's mind.

Just a movement of hands before Clocker braced himself against Optimus' chest, letting Optimus wrap an arm around his much-smaller frame and hold him.

Melissa shuffled just a bit closer, kicking against the floorboard but not saying anything. At least she didn't bump her nose on the glass.

And then Sam saw it - the glow. Energy was flowing and while Sam couldn't see the actual connection, he could see Clocker straining against Optimus, feet digging back against the ground as he shifted forward on his knees - still straddling Optimus' leg but pushing closer and being openly received. The blue glow of optics was almost invisible as Clocker crashed forward and visibly shuddered. Sam thought Optimus was reaching to pet Clocker's back and keep him close, hand running along door-wings and lower.

He blinked. Melissa exhaled. The two humans looked at one another for a minute before looking quickly away.

"Probably shouldn't have watched that," Sam said as he glanced at the bedroom door. Maybe Melissa would get the hint. He wasn't entirely sure what he'd just witnessed but he did know that he'd prefer to think about it alone, by himself, without anyone else in the room.

"Totally going to have to ask questions about that," Melissa commented, smiling and turning to go. "Totally ask questions tomorrow, after a good night's sleep, after the coldest shower ever."

Sam glanced over at the nice, almost-soft bed that was waiting for him.

He was afraid that he would dream.

This Happens During Chapter 6


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.