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Title: Welchia
Series: Original/Virii
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Welchia
Rating: MA
Summary: "A nice dating site for singles from different races to gather, love is in the air!" Of course, when one of those races happens to be a virus...
Notes: -

He couldn't believe that so many idiots paid money just to talk to other people online - and he certainly couldn't believe how many of them left themselves completely vulnerable while doing so.

Yet no one seemed suspicious, even when he didn't post his photo and even when he didn't think he was being particularly realistic in his portrayal of being a perfectly average guy not tied down to much but a job.

The women seemed after commitment, though, and always moved on. The men just wanted some action, but save for words, he could not provide it.

Love... He didn't understand it. He was simply just as lonely, just as bored. He liked easy prey, and easy prey found him.

There was always one who came back, the one he thought of simply as 'Will', despite Will's username being much, much longer and more complicated, a pattern of numbers and letters that didn't manage to convey just what Will was.

In a way, he liked Will, but likely not in the way that Will liked him.

Still, when Will came on to chat, he always replied.

Will would be on. Will would come to him. A power he'd never had before, a draw...

"I looked up your name. It sounded strange for a boy but you're named after a virus."

No hello or anything. Welchia smiled. Will had stopped saying hello quite awhile ago.

"What if I am a virus?" Welchia replied, waiting a moment before sending his comment. Had to look like a human, one who typed painfully slow at only a couple hundred words per minute.

"Don't be silly," Will said. Or typed. Welchia had a horrible time not hearing the words as anything other than an actual conversation. "You can't be a virus."

"I can't?" Welchia asked. He almost wanted to make the move he hadn't, slipping through the internet at lightning speed to thrust himself into Will's machine and make his true presence known.

"Nope! I wish you had a camera though, so I could see a picture. But I can imagine you anyway."

Welchia wondered if his blue skin flecked with darker speckles and shaggy electric aqua hair would really be a turn on. He wondered if he could be photographed.

"I have a very nice body. I'm naked." Welchia wondered if he came off as a complete crazy when he said things like that. But it was the truth.

"Starting without me?"

At least Will was blunt. Welchia liked that. He knew what Will looked like too, or what Will wanted people to think he looked like. Not unattractive, just very closeted and afraid for any sort of contact away from a site like this.


"Waiting for you," Welchia replied. "And you did keep me waiting."

"My sister stopped by," Will said, misspelling words that corrected themselves in Welchia's window. Improper coding was one of his peeves, after all. And the general technical capabilities of most of the internet populace were in a sorry state.

"I almost started without you," Welchia continued. He liked this game - admittedly he got off on it too. Everyone needed their kinks, after all.

"You would," Will noted. Welchia grinned, white teeth a contrast to the rest of his body. There were plenty of things to get off on just laying around the internet. Will really should be flattered.

"Maybe," Welchia commented. "What are you wearing? I could probably pull down your zipper with my teeth."

"Just... a t-shirt and jeans," Will said. Welchia liked the hesitation.

"Take off your shirt," Welchia commanded. "And slide down your pants. Close your eyes and pretend it's me between your legs.

"I want you here," Will said. Welchia imagined it to be quite softly, italicized and in a font just big enough to see. Will wasn't that clever, though. Especially not when he wanted to get off.

"Are you touching yourself?" Welchia asked, running a hand down his own body.

"Yes," Will admitted. "Tell me what you're doing."

"Touching my chest," Welchia said. "Running my hands over muscle before sliding down. I want to touch my cock but I want to wait for you."

"If we met, would you suck on me?" Will asked.

"Yeah," Welchia replied. "All day, if you wanted me to. I'd tease you until you were so close, running my tongue over every inch of you until you were begging me. But I'd make you wait and wait until finally when you came, it'd be the best orgasm of your life."

He'd reached down to stroke himself even while relaying those words. He wasn't actually typing, per se. Just... being.

"I've never been with another boy before. In real life, I mean..."

Welchia always wondered what the difference between the internet and real life was. The internet was real - everyone else on it was real. But himself and his kind, that was.

"I wouldn't hurt you," Welchia answered. "I'd go slow, making sure you weren't too tight to put my cock into. I'd take good care of you."

"But you're big..."

"I am." Welchia liked having a human form. He liked the pleasure. His hand moved faster over his cock, spreading fluid to help with friction.

"Maybe I'd like that. I'm touching myself - thinking about you sucking on me"

"Do you like that?"

"Yes... I... I'm going to come."

"Come for me, then, hot on your hands and stomach," Welchia said. "I wish I was there to lick you clean. I want you - your seed."

He knew his own climax was near. But he waited.

"I... I wonder if you taste like I taste," Will pondered a minute later.

"Did you come? Hard?"

"Yeah," Will admitted. "How do you do that to me?"

"It's because I want to be inside of you," Welchia replied. "I'm still stroking myself, fast. I'm going to come, too, but I want to come in you. I want to fill you."

Maybe... for a moment as white heat like a thousand new infections poured through him before exiting into existence as sticky semen, Welchia thought he did.

He did want to touch Will. He hadn't expected that.



"Did you come too?"

He didn't reply.


No, he hadn't expected that at all.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.