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The Storm King Returns

Title: The Storm King Returns
Series: The Best Moves
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Blair/Billy
Rating: AA
Summary: Pre-TBM, Billy and Blair get on their way.
Notes: 'Billy - in public' for last year's origfic_bingo. Alas this would make more sense if I'd ever finished a story called 'The Storm King', but Blair is... twitchy at times.

Blair was incredible.


He never stopped moving, Billy noticed. Not that Billy wanted him to.

When they were out, Blair bounced off every surface available - up on low walls, across benches, ignoring signs and cyclists and generally being a menace. At first, Billy had thought it reckless, but Blair was the Storm King. He was the city. He just was.

"Where are we going?" Billy questioned, curious. Blair hadn't said anything about work, nor anything about Remote Transmissions. He'd just said it was time to out and they'd be out for quite awhile.


It was still a double-edged word to Billy. People knew, but... He wasn't like Blair; he didn't proclaim it. He was not the vibrant, wild Blair. He was not the Storm King.

"Secret," Blair said with a smile before jumping up onto a low contcrete wall and teetering along it, arms out like he was on a tight-rope. "But it's going to be amazing, I promise."

Billy smiled. Of course it would be - it was Blair.

The Storm King of Toronto.

"Fine..." Billy was shuffling along with his hands in his hoodie pockets. His hair was back, thankfully long enough for a proper ponytail. It had really only gotten long enough right around when he'd met Blair...

Blair smiled as he jumped down at the end of the wall, turning to reach for Billy and get right into his space.

"Smile," Blair said, laughing as he raced around to jump up onto a row of free paper boxes and recycling bins. Billy always wondered how Blair did it, dancing along without a care in the world. So far, Billy had never seen Blair miss a jump or stumble, each movement so wild yet precise.

"I am smiling," Billy replied. "I'm just not..."

"Hey!" Blair jumped down in front of some obvious tourists, snatching their map and asking where they were going so he could point them in the right direction. Billy tuned them all out, leaning against a wall on the far side of the wide sidewalk. He'd never be able to do that - never be able to just approach people and say things, do things... Without Blair, he'd probably just content himself with being alone.

He couldn't believe how hard it was to find himself in the city and was still surprised he'd found himself with Blair. But that had been Nicole's doing. So much of his life was her doing, whether she meant it or not. She'd been working for the guy who'd introduced him to Blair, and there had been a tiny spark that had turned into a blazing fire one night in the rain...


Billy blinked a couple of times - the tourists were gone and Blair was in his face again, smiling at him.

"Time to get going," Blair said, grinning. "And you gotta stop looking so down..."

"I'm not down," Billy insisted. "I'm just thinking."

Blair kissed him, quickly, but on the lips. It was enough that Billy could feel it through his whole body. He swallowed hard.

"Stop thinking!" Blair proclaimed, turning to keep on down the sidewalk. Billy sighed and followed. He couldn't follow Blair's path yet. But he could at least aspire.

Though he knew he'd never become Storm King.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.