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Title: Tinsel
Series: The Best Moves
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Jameson/Ethan
Rating: MA
Summary: Tree decoration.
Notes: -

"There!" Ethan proclaimed, plugging a trailing extension cord into the wall and glancing back for Jameson's reaction to the tree he'd spent all day on. "Well?"

"It's different," Jameson said. "I mean, from what I was expecting."

"Nicole found every ornament specifically for me," Ethan explained, crossing over to sit on the sofa beside his lover. "Each is vintage from the forties or earlier, even the angel. She found a string of lights from the sixties, too, but I didn't trust to put those on."

"It's beautiful," Jameson continued, reaching over to fish something from Ethan's hair. "And you have tinsel in your hair."

"Probably not the only place," Ethan replied, chuckling. "I had hooks in my socks and fake needles down the back of my shirt. Not quite as bad as the real deal, though."

"Do you want a real tree next year?" Jameson asked, moving to kis Ethan and slide him down so that they were laying on the sofa more than sitting.

"Maybe," Ethan said. "See how this year goes?"


Ethan's socks came off first, hook-free, and then his shirt, free of fake tree needles. He moaned, letting Jameson kiss him before pausing to watch the lights twinkle in Jameson's eyes.

"It's a beautiful tree," Jameson reinforced, not quite catching the reason for pause.

"I know," Ethan answered, sliding his own hands down to awkwardly try to reach the fly of Jameson's pants.

"Clothing off," Jameson said, getting to his feet and stripping quickly, their usual routine for moments when undressing one another was either proving too time-consuming or ridiculously awkward. Ethan pondered trying to find a wider sofa for Christmas as he stood and finished taking his own clothing off, trying not to let his eyes follow a replacement bulb as it skittered across the carpet from somewhere in his pants. He really hadn't noticed that hiding out on his body.

"Bedroom?" Ethan asked, knowing full well that there wasn't any lube stashed in the living room at the moment.

"Not done looking at the tree," Jameson replied, gesturing for Ethan to come back on the sofa and sit on his lap, one of his favourite places to be.

"I didn't think you'd be quite so enamoured by it," Ethan commented, sliding against Jameson's erection but ignoring it as Jameson's hands found his own, stroking evenly but not mechanically.

"Cassandra and I had ornaments like that," Jameson said, spreading Ethan's pre-come as lube nearly nonchalantly. "But somewhere in family feuding they were all lost."

"Mine were all handmade," Ethan said, making Jameson effectively shut up by kissing him, twisting his body around until he was straddling Jameson and rubbing his arousal against Jameson's, shivering at the contact while both their hands met to touch one another in sync.

Half expecting Jameson to mumble something about being good with his hands, Ethan instead found himself being vaulted into orgasm, tongue still twisting against Jameson's even as he came over both their hands, using his own seed to stroke Jameson's hardness and not at all surprised to be rewarded with Jameson's own climax.

"What the..." Ethan muttered, looking up at Jameson a moment later.


"I think you have tinsel in your hair. Must be sexually transmitted."


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.