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This is 2006

Title: This is 2006
Series: The Best Moves
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Tyler/Matthew
Rating: MA
Summary: Tyler, Matthew, alarm clocks and morning quickies.
Notes: non-canon. Written (by Razrantha?) as a gift, mostly to demonstrate that these two are a nicer thought than a reality. Sorry.

"Turn it off," Tyler mumbled, thrashing through heavy blankets to flail at the other side of the bed. "It's Sunday."

"Which is why I'm getting up at two in the morning like any normal person would," Matthew replied, his voice a fairly raspy deadpan.

"You don't have to be there until five."

"I know," Matthew said, realizing he was still competing with the drone of the alarm clock and reached over to hit the snooze button. "But..."

"We never used to work Sundays," Tyler continued, apparently too awake to just roll over and go back to sleep until sometime when the sun was up.

"Things have changed," Matthew replied, untangling himself from his own blankets and swinging his feet over the bed to search for slippers in the dark. He wasn't ready for lights just yet. The hallway wasn't so difficult to find, and the stairs were easy in the dark now. Sandi had joked about putting glow in the dark paint on them when she learned that the pair of them never turned lights on, but Matthew didn't think they ever had actually needed it.

There was a certain feel about the house. A comfort that came not just from the homemade brownies Sandi had left the day before that they actually hadn't eaten in one go.

The bathroom light was a necessity, though, one that Matthew didn't mind. He was going to have to face everything eventually. The florescent bulb buzzed on after flickering once, painting both his reflection in the bathroom mirror and everything behind him an unhealthy pallor.

Sundays... They'd never used to work on Sundays. But things had changed and his schedule now had him working at least one a month. It wasn't the time of day, not after working for years on an overnight schedule. Just the day of the week.

Basic bodily functions taken care of, Matthew could hear the siren call of the brownies when he also heard something else distinctive - the alarm had popped back on. He'd only hit the snooze button, not turned it off. Usually he did it because one, if not both, of them would always go back to sleep. But he was up and Tyler... should have gone back to sleep.

Even in the dark, it was easy enough to run up the stairs and leap over the mess of clothing on the bedroom floor to lunge at the alarm clock. Just as he went to hit the button, though, Tyler's hand was on it, warm.

"Sorry," Matthew said, "I kinda..."

"I was awake anyway," Tyler said slowly. Matthew could hear the blankets rustling but wasn't sure what Tyler was doing until the bedside light turned on. They both blinked for a minute, not talking until they weren't squinting at one another.

"Usually one of us falls back to sleep," Matthew explained.

"I was hoping you'd come back," Tyler replied. "I mean, for something other than your pants. You don't have to be to work until five."

Matthew wanted to laugh at how awkward Tyler's attempted seduction was coming across when he was only half awake and probably barely aware of what he was saying. Of course, not that Tyler really needed to seduce him.

"You aren't awake," Matthew replied, checking to see that indeed, Tyler had only hit the snooze button as well. "But I'll crawl back under the covers with you."

"Don't fall asleep."

"I won't," Matthew said, waiting for Tyler to give him enough space to actually get back onto the bed.

"I'm glad I don't have to work Sunday mornings," Tyler said softly, closing the distance between them once Matthew was beneath the covers.

Matthew didn't think he'd ever really get used to Tyler's weight on his body, but he didn't mind. Things had changed but a part of him still missed the easy-going comfort of Billy beside him. Tyler kissed completely differently and almost awkwardly, leaving Matthew to guide him.

And with his weight on Matthew, Tyler wasn't incredibly easy to guide, hot mouth demanding more than it should so early in the morning as Tyler's body proved evidence of further reaching need.

Trying not to sigh as Tyler broke the kiss and shifted, Matthew couldn't help but think that Tyler only got close when he wanted something. Close like this, anyway. Casual touches, lusty glances, none of that was in Tyler's repertoire yet.

But Matthew knew that he'd yet to even analyze the hows and whys of what they were doing, anyway. He would, eventually, once his body let him do something more than skip around in secret and giddy excitement that Tyler had even offered to 'try' a relationship.

They'd been in the same bed the first night anyway - sleeping in the same space wasn't anything new. But jumping each time they touched, even when it was soothed away with a gentle hand or slight reassuring smile.

"Want you," Tyler mumbled, digging under his pillow for lubricant. It stayed warm there and Tyler was the one with issues about cold lube. Condoms were by the alarm clock. Matthew let Tyler do all the moving.

"I know," Matthew replied trying to get his body into the gear his brain was in - shameless morning quickie. He liked those, even if they were repetitive. Even if they were... Tyler was not at all adept at getting undressed beneath covers, kicking pajamas down to the bottom of the bed to gather in a forgotten lump. Matthew could do it in five seconds, not that he'd bothered to time himself. He'd also not measured his own penis with a ruler in order to guess at Tyler's for an e-mail to Ethan, or that's what he'd say if ever asked. But he trusted Ethan not to tell.

"Let me..." Matthew continued, doing the pajama trick before rolling over onto his stomach, crashing his body against Tyler's once as most of the blankets were heaved off the end of the bed. It wasn't cold, at least, thanks to the new, unclogged furnace filters Sandi had brought them which had actually made the darned ancient thing much more productive.

They'd skipped the entire heavy petting stage of the relationship, which Matthew had just chalked up to adulthood and lust. It wasn't like they were dating. They didn't need to. They already lived together, having gone through the entire ritual without knowing it. All they were doing now was fucking. Or at least at the moment they were. Somewhere there had to be something deeper to it, but Matthew hadn't quite found it yet. He hoped it would come.

The lube was warm, Matthew noted as it was liberally coated to his backside as Tyler pressed a finger into him, still a little unskilled but that had more to do with alertness than anything. Matthew willed himself to relax and enjoy.

The alarm turned itself back on.

"Fuck," Tyler mumbled, leaning over and smacking the top of it to reset the snooze.

Even though he wasn't expecting it to be so arousing, Matthew found himself a little more sensitive than he'd though, his body wanting to push back against Tyler's finger to guide it. He wanted more. And he got it.

Two fingers twisted inside of him, stroking against a spot of pleasured bliss for a split second before returning a moment later, the perfect tease to bring him to full arousal, hard against the bed beneath him. Matthew wanted up on his knees, a hand on his own erection.

Tyler pulled his fingers back and Matthew could hear Tyler battling the condom packaging. Matthew took the initiative to scoot his body upward a bit, positioning himself on hands and knees while waiting for Tyler to finish his own preparation.

The wait felt like an eternity and a haze of sleep nipped at Matthew until he was jolted back into full-consciousness by the tip of Tyler's hardness at his opening.

"Do it," Matthew whispered, wishing the headboard was a good foot lower to make it the perfect height to grab. The way it was now, he usually just managed to bang his head on it when Tyler got over-eager.

Tyler was the one moaning, slipping in with no resistance to pause and rest, his hands on Matthew's back. Matthew was surprised when one of them dipped lower, slipping along his hip to carefully touch his erection.

"Tyler!" Matthew exclaimed, not expecting that in the least. Usually he took care of himself, an act that was never the slightest bit of a problem to him. Tyler was only trying this after all, and was welcome to any quirk or nervous moment he wanted.

"...Sunday mornings," Tyler said, the first part of his statement cut off as Matthew cried out as he was stroked roughly, faster than the pace Tyler was slowly setting with his thrusts.

The alarm started going off again, but it was nothing compared to the pleasure racing through Matthew's body, the sheer sensation of being touched both inside and out. Tyler's voice mixed with his own. And he came hard as though he hadn't been touched in days. Tyler pulled his hand back fast, leaving Matthew a trail of his semen along his stomach and thigh.

But Tyler was still moving within him, keeping him just past his peak in lingering bliss until Tyler joined him. And not surprisingly, Tyler almost jumped back, panting on the other side of the bed for a minute before pulling off the condom, knotting it and tossing it towards the garbage.

"You okay?" Matthew asked, waiting for the same thing he always found himself waiting for - rejection.

"Wasn't so bad," Tyler replied, flopping down on the bed. "Reset the alarm for four, though. You don't have to be there til five. You can shower quick."

"I thought it was set to three, anyway," Matthew said, turning the alarm all the way off and starting to reset it. "I..."

He trailed off, half not so sure and half thinking that yet again, he'd been had.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.