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The Twins

Title: The Twins
Series: The Best Moves
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Christian, Johnny
Rating: C10
Summary: It's not the first day of the rest of Johnny's life, but it's an important one.
Notes: 'X - genital torture' for origfic_bingo. Prompt content is mentioned, not elaborated on. ^^;;

"I want to try," Johnny said, carefully watching Christian's reaction.

"Okay," Christian said after a long moment. "I think it'd be okay. But you can't do anything too rambunctious - it's a coffee house."

"I know," Johnny replied, smiling carefully before raking his fingers through his short, spiky black hair. "I just want to play music for people again. And I'll be good. I'll leave out all the naughty ones."

Chuckling, Christian nodded and gestured they should head off. He was fairly sure Johnny had been waiting all day for the chance to ask. And there was no way he'd deny Johnny the chance to get his life back.

Johnny scrambled along after him, clutching his guitar and whooping happily. Not long ago, Christian would have sighed, but he'd come to understand this was just who his brother - twin brother - was now.

Whatever had happened... Johnny had finished healing. Now he just needed to move forward.

"I'll play you the naughty ones on the way," Johnny said as they climbed into Christian's late-model SUV. "I'm going to play some new stuff tonight, and some Keeping Still songs..."

"I'm not sure you'll have time to play more than one or two," Christian reminded him. Traffic was non-existant and he had no trouble pulling out of the duplex's driveway. "Mingan says they're sometimes pretty busy."

"Well, then I'll have to play the best ones," Johnny said before looking out the window for a long moment. "I'm not sure which ones those are."

"I think they're all good, so don't ask me," Christian admitted. He didn't have a bit of Johnny's musical talent, instead having more practical skills, such as management and knowing exactly which handsome young man to take home and do terriblly delightful things to. Not that he'd done much of the latter since Johnny had been released into his care, but he'd gotten far sharper at the former just from putting all of his effort into it.

"I keep finding things that I don't want to find," Johnny began, strumming and generally angling himself so that he could play without jamming the guitar neck into Christian's personal space behind the wheel. "So awkward and strange and jammed down behind..."

"Do I want to know where this is going?" Christian questioned as they drew to a stop at a red light.

"Do I put it back? Do I ask? Do I forget that I saw..." Johnny was grinning madly, though after thinking it, Christian cursed the thought.

"Your cock-ring, your nipple clamps, your flogger, your urethral sounds..."

"If you found the latter, I honestly thought they'd been swiped," Christian commented. He was trying not to laugh. The light turned. "And the nipple clamps aren't mine." He paused. "Unless they are."

Johnny laughed, and kept strumming, but idly. "Wish I was good with funny stuff. People like that."

"If you keep working on it..."

"Let me just try this first," Johnny said quickly. That's when Christian realized that Johnny was actually nervous. And after sucking in a breath and making a right turn to head towards the coffee shop that Mingan had originally found years before, Christian understood why. This would be Johnny's first public performance since Keeping Still. Since that night...

Since the night everything was lost...

Even if the people watching had no idea who Johnny was or that this was the most important night so far of the rest of his life...

"And if it goes well, then you can sing about my urethral sounds," Christian finally said. The parking lot was half-full. It was a good sign.


"Where did you find them?" Christian questioned as they pulled into a spot and he shut the SUV off.

"Um..." Johnny winced. "I put them back..."


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.