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Survival Lessons

Title: Survival Lessons
Fandom: Popcorn Romance
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Zenta/Oomi
Rating: MA
Summary: The weekly wilderness games finally dwindled down to just the two of them.
Notes: The original disclaimer makes me smile, because I do truly love this book: "I don't own Popcorn Romance, Tomoko Taniguchi does and she's amazing. My pale imitations do not do her justice. I make no profit from the sincerest form of flattery."

For the first ten minutes, they just stood there, staring over the edge of the bridge, waiting.

"That's it, I give up," Oomi announced as he straightened up and stretched. "Two isn't even enough for an incomplete army."

"So many girls," Zenta lamented as he paused from putting his hair up into a ponytail. It was still long, and still blond, but a hood or hat normally took care of it standing out too much in the woods. "And here I am, with you."

"I was thinking the same thing," Oomi mumbled. "Our only date tonight is the wildlife."

"We could still go for a walk," Zenta suggested, gesturing off towards the woods. The weekly wilderness survival games had been dwindling every since Ryouta and Shima's wedding, but two was the worst turnout yet.

"At least the woods are still here," Oomi said as he unconsciously reached out to take Zenta's arm. During the years while Zenta was recovering, he'd gotten used to always being nearby just in case Zenta felt weak and the urge remained even when Zenta was declared as healthy as he'd ever be.

And, perhaps out of habit, Zenta accepted, walking close to Oomi as they wandered into the woods.

"This is nice," Zenta said after a minute. "The woods are as beautiful as the fields, but the girls..."

"Are convinced that a monster lives out here," Oomi interjected. "But I think the last monster anyone's seen out here was you."

"Ghost," Zenta corrected. "Or Russian Soldier."

Oomi laughed. "Are you feeling okay?"

"Of course I..." Zenta seemed to realize just how closely he was to Oomi and suddenly shot away. "Sorry."

"Don't be," Oomi replied with a chuckle. "I've had to carry you home more than once. So don't blame me for asking."

"I don't faint anymore," Zenta stated, still keeping a few feet between them. "I'm strong and healthy."

"And wearing a pink ribbon in your hair anyway," Oomi pointed out.

Zenta frowned. "You've never picked on me before, just because I dress like that."

"Not picking," Oomi countered. "But it's sort of strange to go down to the store with someone prettier than all of the girls."


"Er..." Oomi blushed and looked down.

"Maybe that's it," Zenta mumbled. "Maybe they just see my hair and think we're together. But I'm not cutting it."

"We could just not hang out as..."

"But you're the only one I trust to get me home," Zenta said quickly. He grabbed Oomi's arm again and Oomi stopped in his tracks. "In case anything does happen."

"I think anyone else around here knows to take you back to your grandfather," Oomi pointed out. They were quite deep in the woods already, and the only sounds were those of curious creatures who knew the pair quite well.

"Then I'll just do this," Zenta announced before quickly kissing Oomi on the cheek. "Just until we find some girls."

"Right..." Oomi stammered, reaching with his free hand to touch where Zenta had kissed him. "Well..."

"You're not going to settle for that, are you?" Zenta asked teasingly, giving Oomi another peck. "You have to move faster than that. Let me show you."


"Maybe not on a first date, but this really isn't our first date," Zenta continued, seemingly lost in his thoughts as he tried counting something on his fingers. "More like... well, let's just run through everything."

"Are you sure I don't need to take you home?" Oomi asked, more than a little confused by Zenta's sudden action. Zenta was always at his side, yes, and while Zenta looked beautiful in women's clothing, he knew quite well that beneath Zenta's whimsical nature was the body of a man.

Though Zenta really didn't seem to mind. And perhaps he could use a few pointers, after all. He didn't get many second dates.

"At the end of the first date, kiss them softly, like this," Zenta instructed, leaning to kiss Oomi's lips. He barely made contact before pulling back, yet Oomi could feel the sensation through his entire body. "Make them want more."

"Okay," Oomi said quickly, letting his hands rest on Zenta's arms as Zenta pressed even closer.

"Then, on the next date, kiss them like that again at the beginning, have a good time, and then, when you're alone and the mood is right, pull close like this and..." Zenta closed his eyes and leaned forward and Oomi tried to do the same, barely managing not to knock their heads together. He'd kissed plenty of girls - like this, but somehow Zenta was doing it completely differently.

Zenta pushed his tongue between Oomi's lips, carefully licking the outline of Oomi's mouth before continuing farther. Oomi forgot he was supposed to be breathing. His tongue met Zenta's and really, he forgot just about everything.

"There," Zenta said as he pulled back, smiling a bit at the dazed look on Oomi's face. "Just like that. You're pretty good."

Oomi didn't say anything. He was trying to deny his physical response to that kiss and he really hoped that Zenta wouldn't notice it. He knew Zenta was kidding with the temporary girlfriend bit, but the hands-on instruction was a little much.

"So do that a couple of times, then make another date," Zenta continued as he pulled his backpack off and started rummaging through it. He pulled out the dark blanket that often doubled as a towel when the survival adventures were interrupted by thunderstorms and fluffed it out once before letting it fall just off the path.

"Zenta?" Oomi asked, wondering just how far the hands-on experience was going to go. He was curious, but Zenta...

"So you've gone on a nice picnic or something," Zenta said with a smile as he sat down on the blanket and patted the spot beside him for Oomi to join him. Hesitantly, Oomi did, taking off his backpack and settling beside Zenta and waiting for the lesson to continue. "You're alone, and everything is perfect. Kiss her again, and then maybe touch her leg or stomach. Don't do anything too quickly."

"I know..." Oomi was cut off as Zenta kissed him again, pushing him down against the blanket. Zenta's hand found its way under his camouflage jacket, between canvas and the cotton of his t-shirt. Zenta had touched him hundreds of times in the past, poking him awake in the morning or ambushing him from above. But this was completely different. He moaned into the kiss without meaning to, and that hand slid down only to work its way beneath cotton.

Even in the woods, Zenta's hands weren't cold. Oomi reached up to hold Zenta close to him, trying to remember what Zenta had said. Stomach. Or leg. Somewhere... Oomi tried the same approach, sliding his hand under Zenta's jacket along the small of his back.

Zenta seemed to shiver a bit, and flicked his tongue against Oomi's.

"You're a fast learner," Zenta whispered as they drew apart. He stayed straddling Oomi's legs, perilously close to Oomi's arousal. "The trick is not to go any farther unless she suggests it. Let her offer to undo her bra or lift her skirt just a bit more. No matter what you want to do..."

"You're not wearing a skirt," Oomi pointed out, hoping that he wasn't blushing too brightly. He was sure that it wasn't his technique that was ruining his dates - just the fact that he wasn't Ryouta or Zenta. He couldn't compete with rock stars, after all.

"Neither are you," Zenta replied before dropping his hand down to run the length of Oomi's erection. Oomi gasped, arching against the contact and closing his eyes. "So this must be where we deviate from the lesson."

"Zenta," Oomi hissed, trying not to think too hard on the situation. He could feel Zenta unzipping his pants and he reached to draw Zenta back to him.

"This sort of thing makes girls easy," Zenta noted before licking Oomi's lips again. "But it makes boys experienced."

Oomi pulled Zenta into the kiss and reached between their bodies to try to find Zenta's zipper so that he might return the favor. Touching another man couldn't be much different than touching himself. Zenta didn't seem to have a problem with it. He could...

He gasped and moaned as Zenta's hand wrapped around him.

"Roll a bit," Zenta instructed, pulling Oomi onto his side so neither one of them had to try to support themselves. Oomi found Zenta's zipper and undid it quickly, a bit surprised to find Zenta as ready as he was.

He wasn't sure what he was supposed to be feeling, but it was just Zenta - Zenta that he was always with, Zenta who was being far too gentle with him when he was supposed to be taking care of Zenta.

He tried to match the motion of Zenta's hands, combined with what he knew he liked when he touched himself. They kissed again, burying hands in one another's pants and trying to soothe the other's ache.

Zenta moaned, resting his head against Oomi's shoulder, before busying himself with even firmer strokes as he pulled Oomi close to the edge.

"Zenta, I..." Oomi muttered, hoping that it was warning enough that the sensation of hands touching him was far too much and he had to respond.

"It's okay," Zenta whispered in response before licking Oomi's ear. "That's the whole point."

Oomi closed his eyes as he came, trying not to think it was Zenta that he was with but painfully aware that it was. Zenta, the one he was always with... Zenta's movements didn't lessen any until finally he was sure that Oomi was sated.

And Oomi, still trying to stroke Zenta even as he was lost in orgasm, suddenly had a hand guiding his, wet and slick. Zenta kissed him, keeping him from saying a word until Zenta arched back and tensed and moaned. Oomi didn't dare look away. He knew what he'd done and who with, but Zenta was so beautiful even claimed by bliss...

"There," Zenta said softly. "Maybe date five or six, but only if it's been less than a month. If it's been more than a month..."

Oomi pulled the handkerchief from his pocket and offered it to Zenta to clean himself. He didn't dare take care of himself first - he had to play the gentleman at some point.

"After a month?" Oomi asked, watching as Zenta fixed his clothing and smiled up at Oomi.

"We'll see if anyone joins us next week," Zenta replied.

Oomi nodded, taking care of his own mess a moment later as Zenta handed him the handkerchief back. Zenta didn't need to know if he told everyone else the next week was cancelled.

And the week after...

Just until they found new girlfriends, of course.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.