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Title: Staying
Fandom: Fafner in the Azure
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Kazuki/Soushi, Maya
Rating: T
Summary: Kazuki and Soushi take another little step in their relationship.
Notes: another for porn_tree, amnesty from last year-ish~

Getting Soushi naked was always a challenge. Kazuki was fairly sure he was part of the problem, not part of the solution. He didn't tend to get all of his clothing off, either. Of course, normally he was so wound up that he just...

They didn't exactly have a normal relationship. No dates that didn't involve saving the island. No evenings of curling up together and... Kazuki couldn't even finish the thought. Soushi didn't really curl or cuddle when there were monitors that potentially possibly maybe needed his attention and Kazuki tended to be restless anyway. It wasn't anything personal. They just worked a little differently.

"You could always just ask for some time--" Maya was laying on his bed half upside-down. She'd come over to work on what could arguably be called homework even if they weren't really in school anymore. It was continuing education. Kazuki wasn't quite ready for that. He was happy with the restaurant and what he did with the Fafners.

"Yeah, I can just imagine how well that would go over," he interrupted. Maya just giggled.

"Kazuki, everybody knows. Your father included," she said. Kazuki groaned. He did not want to think about that. It was up there with the knowledge that his father and Maya's mother had finally started spending more time together.

"If something happens, it'll be my turn to pilot," Maya added. "I always keep myself sharp."

There hadn't been an attack in months, which was only making everyone more anxious. Soushi included. It went against everything they thought they knew.


"Hey, maybe the festum want you and Soushi to have a little time together, too," she suggested. Kazuki groaned again and went back to looking through the cookbook he'd been perusing. It had come from Soushi's old house, found unscathed in an otherwise destroyed room. Soushi had given it to him with relatively little interest, but Kazuki knew better. The only reason they'd gone out there was to look for a lost dog that had promptly turned up on the other side of the island. But they were up there, so they'd looked around. Soushi had feigned disinterest... Kazuki had explored until finally Soushi followed suit.

His father was out with Maya's mother, which meant that Kazuki had the house to himself for at least the evening. So far, there had been no overnights, but he didn't expect it to stay that way. Honestly, when he thought about it in a detached sort of way, they were being far too proper. It didn't matter anymore. His mother was gone and had pretty much given her blessing.

Kazuki had gone to the store and found everything he needed, which meant that he had a complete meal ready when Soushi arrived.

"I can't stay long," were the first words out of Soushi's mouth, which Kazuki promptly answered with a kiss.

"Maya took your shift tonight," he said as he tugged Soushi inside. "You're free to stay."

"But what if--"

"Maya took my shift as well," Kazuki replied. "You're staying."

Soushi looked like he wanted to frown, but then he peeked around Kazuki in the direction of the kitchen.

"Did you--?"

"I picked the page that looked like it had been used the most," Kazuki replied. There had been a couple of bookmarks in the cookbook, but he'd gone with the page with the most stains and where the wording was faded from having fingers traced over it again and again, following steps carefully.

Soushi smiled. "Really?"

"Yeah," Kazuki replied. "Can't promise it'll be as good as you remember, but-- I'll keep trying. That's why you gave it to me, right?"

"You like cooking. I just wasn't going to do anything with it," Soushi replied, his expression going back to its usual practiced disinterest.

"Mmmhmm." Oh, Kazuki knew better. Especially as Soushi ate. And when Soushi checked in to find out that Maya really had taken his shift of watching monitors, Kazuki knew he'd scored another victory. Soushi seemed to actually relax a bit.

"You're staying tonight," Kazuki commented once dishes were washed and put away. Leftover were carefully packed and Kazuki would send them with Soushi in the morning.

"I... Your father..."

"Maya told me that everybody knows," Kazuki said with a shrug. They'd possibly not been as discreet as they should have, but in their post-battle frenzies and moments of crossing-based lust, well, Kazuki knew they hadn't really been thinking straight.

Soushi groaned and shook his head. "It's still not--"

"We're adults. I'll get my own place if it'll make you feel better, but I'll still have to come home and cook," Kazuki said quickly.

"I have my own place--"

"You have a room by a vending machine," Kazuki corrected. He paused and looked at Soushi for a long moment.

"We could get a place?" he questioned before pulling Soushi in for a kiss.

Soushi nodded against him. Another victory, though he was fairly sure this one was half-influenced by his own desire echoing through Soushi. They were usually careful not to fall into sync outside of combat, but some situations made it hard. He'd give Soushi time to properly think it through.

Kazuki led Soushi back to his room without protest, though he did catch Soushi staring for an extra second at Maya's jacket hanging on the back of a chair. As if that meant anything. Maya was Maya and Kazuki knew Soushi knew that she was always around.

This time, he did get Soushi naked. Soushi had more scars than Kazuki remembered, though none as prominent as the one through his eye - though the damage had been healed, the scar was still there and Soushi still rarely took a turn in a Fafner. He let Soushi undress him as well before pulling Soushi close and kissing him.

"You're staying," Kazuki repeated as he guided Soushi onto the bed. "You're staying, you're staying..."

Next, maybe he'd ask Soushi out on a proper date. Of course, there weren't that many places to go. But he'd think of something. Later. When Soushi wasn't murmuring what else he'd like to be doing.

Kazuki stopped trying to make plans and promptly started to touch and taste every inch of Soushi's skin beneath him.

Soushi thanked him for dinner in the morning before noting that the leftovers could stay in the fridge. He'd be back for them later.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.