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Title: Stars
Fandom: Macross Frontier
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Brera/Alto
Rating: AA
Summary: Alto dresses in his old female kabuki clothing to sneak out after curfew.
Notes: Rampant potential speculation for post-series. ^^;

Brera Sterne sighed. He had the night completely free, but he couldn't just look the other way when he saw the distinct form of a well-dressed young woman cross under a streetlight ahead of him. Until the Frontier expedition had completely settled onto the planet, there was a mandatory curfew in effect to help conserve energy - and considering how late it was, the woman was obviously in violation.

"Hey! Stop!"

While some members of the military and emergency personnel had clearance to be out, Brera was sure that the woman didn't fit into either category. She simply looked civilian, especially with her hair pinned up with glass sticks and a colorful kimono wrapped around her body.

Brera ran a few steps to catch up with her, trying not to surprise her if she hadn't heard him.


The woman nearly missed a step as she turned to quickly look in his direction... And then she turned back and broke into a run.

Un-amused, mostly because the uniform he was required to wear did not lend itself to actual action, Brera followed her. He'd spent the last two nights volunteering to keep the streets safe and empty...

"Hey, there's a curfew!"

Almost awkwardly due to the confines of his uniform, Brera raced around and got ahead of the woman, grabbing her by the shoulders to stop her.

She punched him square in the gut - it barely affected him and he didn't let go, though it was suddenly obvious that he wasn't dealing with a normal woman.


Definitely not a normal woman - Brera tried hard not to chuckle at the shocked expression he was suddenly looking at, painted eyes wide as they took him in.

"Didn't... Haven't seen you in a uniform."

"Alto," Brera replied, shaking his head and letting go. "Where are you going?"

"The park," Alto admitted, albeit flatly as he stepped back a step. "I..."

"Dressed like this?" Brera interrupted.

"I don't have a pass and if I get caught again..." Alto trailed off and Brera chuckled.


"Klan suggested that if I dressed up as a woman, well, maybe I could talk my way out of it." Alto clenched his fists as he explained, which looked quite odd when contrasted with his beautiful disguise.

"Why the park?" Brera questioned. He stepped around to put a hand on the small of Alto's back to guide him into walking.


"I have a pass," Brera reminded him. "Relax."

"Fine. You'll see when we get there, then," Alto replied. His wooden shoes were almost surprisingly loud on the pavement of the otherwise empty street as they walked on in silence.

Brera did not remove his hand until they arrived at the entrance to the park.

"Inside," Alto directed, stepping forward and then glancing back at Brera, as though he hadn't expected Brera to pull away. In a matter of mere blocks, they'd passed two police officers who'd only smiled and waved at the pair, likely because of their apparent closeness.

"Inside," Brera echoed as they headed into the darkness. Away from buildings and the odd working streetlight, the park was nearly pitch black. While he could see without a problem, Brera was unsure about Alto, which he confirmed once when Alto nearly walked into a park bench and again when he stopped to glance blindly around.

"We're almost there," Alto said, moving forward slowly. "I think."

Brera smiled - he knew where they were headed and it shouldn't ever have been a surprise to him. Carefully he took Alto's hand and guided him forward, thankful that Alto didn't get upset and go stumbling off towards a trash bin or clump of bushes.

"Here?" Brera questioned once they reached the base of a familiar monument.

"Yeah," Alto admitted, letting go of Brera's hand quickly - as if he'd just realized what he'd been doing. Perfectly and gracefully, he folded his legs beneath himself and sat.

Calmly, and smiling, he looked upwards - Brera followed his gaze to see thousands of stars above, shining brilliantly in the clear night sky.

"I see..." He smiled and sat down beside Alto.

They sat in silence until a sharp, cold breeze made Alto shiver. Brera checked the time and frowned.

"There'll be a patrol through here soon," he said as he stood and stretched.

"Oh..." Alto began to stand and Brera quickly reached to offer him a hand, forgetting that Alto was likely as skilled with women's clothing as any true woman, if not more so. "But your pass..."

"Is only for me," Brera reminded him. "You'll have to come home with me, too."

"But..." Alto glanced down at his attire.

"You can wear something of mine," Brera quickly offered. "I've gotten quite a wardrobe."

"I didn't recognize you," Alto admitted. "I wouldn't have punched you if..."

"You would have punched an officer or soldier?" Brera questioned, chuckling.

Frowning, Alto began stomping off into the darkness. "I said I didn't recognize you and you grabbed me!"

"I didn't recognize you," Brera replied, catching up quickly. "And I'm supposed to wear a uniform now. It's..."

"Silly," Alto interjected. "We're both..."

"Like complete strangers," Brera commented quickly before he grabbed Alto's arm to keep Alto from missing a step in the darkness. "...on the outside."

Alto didn't reply, but he let Brera guide him to firm ground, yet again not pulling away.

And Brera risked getting punched again.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.