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Title: Starlight
Fandom: Fafner in the Azure
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Kazuki/Soushi
Rating: MA
Summary: Soushi finds Kazuki stargazing on the beach.
Notes: for merikuru - 'on the beach'

"Here you are- Are you trying to catch a chill?'

"Not really," Kazuki replied as he looked backwards and up at Soushi. "It's a beautiful night... I just wanted to see the stars."

He sighed and shifted on the beach blanket he'd brought to lay on. The sand was still warm from the heat of the day and had been threatening to lure him to sleep. Soushi finding him was a pleasant surprise. But the blanket was big enough for two.

"For awhile, I couldn't see them," Kazuki continued softly. "I knew they were there, though, so it was okay. But..."

He trailed off as Soushi sat down beside him and silently wove their fingers together.

"You have your stars back," Soushi commented as he looked out at the water and then upwards.

"I do," Kazuki replied. He sat up and then leaned to kiss Soushi.


"Enjoy the stars," Kazuki said. He gave Soushi a second kiss and a little nudge for Soushi to lean back and relax. Once Soushi was settled back on the blanket, Kazuki started working lower. The collar of Soushi's t-shirt revealed just enough collarbone for Kazuki to suck on and he didn't hesitate.

Soushi was as warm as the sand though not as giving. Soushi's hands tangled into his hair as he slid lower and his toes slipped off the blanket and into the warm sand.


"No one else is out," Kazuki said quickly before leaning down to undo Soushi's cargo pants. He hesitated, tugging once at the snap before just sucking at Soushi's penis through the fabric. Soushi tried not to moan, but Kazuki could feel Soushi's arousal vibrate through their crossing. He kept on toying with button and zipper, pressing his teeth and tongue against material, and wondering when Soushi would do something other than tug at his hair.

Finally, that little break came - Soushi murmured his name so softly that Kazuki barely heard it. But he felt it, along with a pleasure spike. He'd left damp spots on Soushi's pants where he'd sucked, but he was sure another spot was simply soaked with precome. He licked one last time, and then started properly pulling away fabric to finish what he'd started.

Somehow, Soushi turned his name into twice as many syllables as it needed as Kazuki tugged down enough material to get his mouth around the head of Soushi's erection. Kazuki sucked away the near-sweet precome before shifting again. He was hard, too, but trying not to get distracted. Sometimes he didn't need any extra stimulation. Sometimes Soushi coming was enough to trigger something between them that felt almost more extraordinary than Soushi's hands or mouth on him.

Kazuki took more of Soushi's erection into his mouth and sucked, bobbing gently at first, wanting to keep Soushi feeling good without taking him over the edge too quickly. But he could also feel something akin to a feedback loop forming. Kazuki didn't mind. When Soushi did come, not long after, Kazuki was nearly overwhelmed as well. He couldn't swallow much, instead pulling back to use his hands and watch Soushi's shirt get stained with white.

Soushi was watching him, half-breathless, eyes wide. The unasked question hung in the air for just a second before Kazuki shook his head.

He was surprised by Soushi's speed in hauling him up and onto his back. For a moment, there really were stars--

"Stars," Soushi confirmed as he fumbled in the darkness with Kazuki's shorts.

"Stars," Kazuki echoed before reaching to give Soushi a hand. Though he couldn't keep his eyes open anyway. Not when Soushi was touching him.

But they were there after, familiar constellations that he and Soushi had tried to puzzle out years before.

Soushi's fingers wove tightly with his.

"You're right, Kazuki."


"It is a beautiful night."


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.