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After a Spring Rain

Title: After a Spring Rain
Series: Original
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Christian, Luke
Rating: MA
Summary: Boy with kink finds boy to indulge kink.
Notes: Contains watersports. For KSW.

Christian liked alcohol, whether it was cheap convenience store beer, vodka, or a complex mixed drink with a name liable to make even the most hardened bartender consider blushing.

Christian understood the concept of moderation though - he never drank himself to excess.

There were other things Christian liked as well. He liked the smell of the earth after a spring rain, and he liked the decadent feeling of hiding away beneath a large, soft quilt and watching weird shows on the sports channel. Somehow men's gymnastics or pack burro racing was much more exciting than football or basketball. Hockey he didn't mind so much - the sport, he thought, required an immennnse amount of skill.

Also, Christian liked boys who didn't know what they liked. He liked teaching them, helping them to experiment.

At the moment, Christian was sitting alone at a back table of his usual haunt. He knew there was no point in prowling the place - either men would come to him or they would be pointed in his direction by the bartender.

Someone would be his to take home at closing time - that much he knew. There were definitely new faces in the crowd, and many of them were looking in his direction.

He was only on his second bottle of beer, despite it creeping toward the end of the night. From experience, he knew that he would end up downing a couple more once he was back in his home. Usually the beautiful young inexperienced men he took home needed a little something to calm their nerves - especially if he took home more than one. And really, any more alcohol just might hinder his performance. That wasn't something he would ever want to happen.

A man with a mug of foaming brew slid into the seat beside him. Christian knew the man well - he was an old friend, someone who knew and appreciated his tastes.


"Surprising to see you alone," Lamb - Lambert Anderson, Esq. - said. "Not your crowd tonight?"

"They're young and nervous," Christian replied. "The serious ones will be over later."

"An optimist," Lamb commented.

Christian took a long, slow, suggestive sip from his bottle, paying little attention to Lamb and instead scanning the room.

"I would say that you're the optimist," Christian said finally. "I know you well enough to see a man in serious need of a little domination."

"It's difficult to find a competent master these days," Lamb explained, leaning close. "I would make it worth your while."

"Worth my while usually implies something more than loading my dishwasher after I make breakfast," Christian stated, pushing Lamb away with a force that probably wouldn't be mistaken for playful. For a moment, Christian regretted his action. He was being much too lenient with Lamb. Lamb liked things quite a bit more rough.


"Go, Lamb. You're scaring away my potential playtoys." Christian was firm. He really didn't feel like taking Lamb home with him. Not that night, at least.

Lamb was a good guy, handsome, with a solid form. He was just too damned needy for a full time relationship.

With a wave, Lamb stood up and left. The music was turned up a moment later, and people finally started filling the floor to dance to the hard, fast techno beats.

For the second time that evening, Christian caught the gaze of a brown-haired boy who couldn't have gotten in with a legal identification card. He didn't look more than a few pages past eighteen, despite having the gusto to be in such a place.

The boy looked nervous, even though he was obviously dressed to be taken home. Whatever the boy was into, Christian would be quite willing to oblige. All he needed was for the youth to come over to him. No matter how submissive the boy was going to be, one of Christian's rules was that he had to be approached. No matter how badly he wanted someone, he had to let them be the one to grant permission.

Neither had broken eye contact, and the boy was probably... Christian held in a slight chuckle as the boy was knocked into by a pair of queens dancing.

His attention turned back to his bottle. He actually preferred the taste of bottled beer. There was just something about it.

Christian saw the shadow before he looked up. It was the boy, of course, hesitant to sit. Gesturing, Christian set down his bottle. The music was growing louder - he wasn't really looking forward to having to yell.

"Hello," the boy said, mouthing it more than speaking the word aloud.

"Evening," Christian replied, scooting his chair just a bit closer. He wasn't sure how permissive the boy would be - fighting the urge to reach out and touch the boy's highlighted hair and mascara-smudged face was going to be rough.

"I really haven't..."

But that was something Christian could tell. He smiled and reached to touch the boy's soft hair before letting his hand trail down over a high cheekbone, pausing with his fingers at the boy's lips.

"I don't know your name," the whisper vibrated through Christian's fingertips.

"I don't know yours."

"Luke," he replied, moving just a bit to actually kiss the tips of Christian's fingers.

With that it was decided - no matter what Luke's desire was, Christian would fulfill it.

"I'm Christian," Christian said, leaning close to Luke's ear and licking up its curve. Luke shivered, and Christian continued to lick and nibble until he made his way down to Luke's neck and was stopped by a thin collar.

"Come home with me." It wasn't a question when Christian said it - it was a demand.

Luke's eyes widened and he froze, obviously unsure.

"Come home with me," Christian repeated, slipping a hand down to Luke's crotch at the same moment he drew Luke into a kiss.

Luke had obviously been drinking some sort of sweet, potent mixed drink, probable to ease his inhibitions. Luke wasn't a bad kisser, just young and awkward. He let Christian have full control, melting and mewling as he was both kissed and groped. Christian wasn't surprised to find a prominent arousal forming quickly under his hand. Luke's pants weren't horridly tight, but tight enough that Luke would probably not complain if Christian loosened them a bit.

There was no hesitation, nothing but a moan as Christian skillfully unzipped Luke's pants and dove a hand into them, amused that Luke was not wearing underwear. Perhaps, he thought, the boy was after little more than a quickie in the bathroom. That would be no bit of fun.

Hand doing what it could to forcefully stroke Luke's erection, Christian was a bit surprised by Luke's reaction. He was expecting Luke to pull away, to end their deep kisses, but instead he kept on as if possessed, or controlled. Luke was bending to Christian's will, which was a beautiful thing.

Christian broke the kiss and moved to again whisper in Luke's ear. Luke was panting, obviously trying not to writhe as he was touched. If Christian was a betting man, he happily would have put five dollars on Luke being a few seconds from the delicious point of no return.

"Do you want to come?" Christian asked, getting only a half-held cry in return. There was only really one answer anyway - Luke was going to come, and he was going to come hot in his pants underneath a back table in a seedy queer bar because that is what Christian wanted.

Luke had his head buried into Christian's shoulder as he came, his breath uneven and his body shaking. Thankfully hand jobs weren't so uncommon in the place that anyone silently watching would dare cause a scene, if anyone had even noticed.

Pulling his hand from the now-sticky confines of Luke's pants, Christian brought his fingers to his lips, licking the semen from them not even caring if he was being watched. It was time for him to take his new friend home for the remainder of the night, once Luke was capable of standing on his own.

It was common for Christian to be thankful that the duplex he shared with an understanding alternative couple was nearby. Luke was still shivering in post-orgasmic spasms as Christian led him from the darkness of the bar and out into the moonlit night.

It was cool outside, sending a different sort of shiver through Luke as they turned the only corner that separated the bar from Christian's home. It was nice, really, all nestled together in the suburban outskirts of town. Maybe the implied safety was what brought Luke out to him, Christian thought as he pulled the youth close to him.

So far Luke liked having a master, so upping it to a protector was no large feat.

His current curiosity involved just what Luke was into. With such a beautiful, slim body, the boy could easily be a crossdresser. Hell, just the thought of Luke slipped into silky panties and a black teddy was enough to make Christian's normally restrained cock twitch with excitement. Usually arousal was more on his conscious terms, not the terms his fantasies set forth. After all, he couldn't very well walk around with an erection twenty-four hours a day. He did have to do occasional work-related duties that were not entirely possible with his penis sticking out in front of him.

"Where do you live?" Luke asked, his voice a breathy whisper almost downed out by the late night white noise of the city.

"Not far," Christian answered, shaking his head slightly so that the breeze would carry his hair back, away from his face. It was long, but not unruly save for moments when nature wished otherwise.

"I... Er..."

"Whatever you would like, we can do," Christian said, glancing down at the boy he now had a strong arm around.

"Er..." Luke stammered again, stopping at the edge of the pool of white a streetlight splashed onto the sidewalk. "It's a bit..."

"Whisper it to me," Christian offered, leaning close and wrapping his arms around Luke. He was no stranger to odd requests from bashful youth. There truly was nothing that Luke could say that would shock him.

In fact, as Luke whispered into his ear, he had to hold back a chuckle. The request wasn't bizarre at all, and he was certainly willing to indulge a fantasy so simple.

He kissed Luke again, not bothering to rush. Luke wasn't a half bad kisser, when it came down to it. That was always a plus - the ones who couldn't kiss usually weren't worth ever asking on a second interlude.

Luke was warm, his mouth inviting and not overly hot, not in the way that went along with grotesque sloppiness. And it wasn't that Luke was anything special, Christian thought as he slipped a hand up to tangle in Luke's hair and the other hand down to rest on the curve of Luke's ass. He would do this for anyone willing to show him an equally good time. He took his pleasure from giving pleasure, but was always expecting it in return.

Finally Christian decided to get off of the street and practically pulled a somewhat dazed Luke the last bit to his home.

"Would you like a beer?" Christian asked as soon as he'd flipped on the lights and ushered Luke into the sitting room. Luke's eyes were wide, taking in the details of the place as though he was expecting them to change on him momentarily. Christian couldn't help a soft chuckle - he knew the look. Boys were always expecting to walk into a dungeon, not an attractive yet modest modern living space.

"I think so," Luke said quickly before bending to remove his boots.

"Then I will be right back," Christian said as he turned to slip into the kitchen.

Luke had arranged himself on the low-backed sofa in the middle of the room. He was a contrast to the light colored slipcover, which was dyed a mottled beige with tea as a way to help hide stains.

Christian had a bottle in each hand as he entered the room though he set them both quickly down on the low coffee table nearby once he saw Luke.


"Not what I was expecting," Luke answered, reaching over to pick up his bottle. He brought it to his lips and ventured a taste.

Christian stepped to the door and began work on removing his own footwear. He wasn't wearing an entirely impressive pair of boots, but they did take a minute to remove. He wanted to reply that occasionally his mother did stop by with cookies, but there was nothing more mood killing than mentioning the source of one's being. Especially since Christian was quite willing to bet that Luke was already being confronted with a few guilt issues.

Luke's posture had changed by the time Christian made his way to the sofa, bottle in hand. There was apprehension forming thick over Luke, nearly visible in the soft lighting of the room.

This was a moment of decision for both of them. Christian could either be a polite, calming mentor and give Luke the time he needed, or he could slip back into his role as Master Christian and lead Luke along. And Luke, Christian knew, would also do one of two things. Either Luke could go along with everything and have his little mind blown, or he could bolt for the door at any time.

Christian hadn't stopped watching Luke, knowing he was being watched back as Luke carefully raised his bottle again, gently bringing it to his lips. It wasn't quite what Christian had hoped for, but it was amusing nonetheless.

"Come here," Christian said, beckoning from the other end of the sofa. Luke looked surprised, but obeyed quickly, casting his bottle back to the table. With his own beer in one hand, Christian used the other to take one of Luke's and bring it to his crotch, guiding it softly and hoping Luke would take some initiative.

Luke let out a slightly started noise before smiling and shifting his position to almost lay over Christian, offering himself to a new round of deep kisses. Christian just let it flow, savoring Luke's kisses while Luke slowly slipped his fingers beneath the flap of fabric to slide along the zipper of Christian's pants.

Without presenting much along the lines of talent, Luke moved downward to undo Christian's pants, pulling at the fabric almost harshly when at first it refused to give.

Undressing was something that tended to border on awkward, but Christian had more than enough practice. He knew just how to move to slip of enough of himself from his pants that they would both be satisfied.

The surprise on Luke's face had to be because of the fact that Christian wasn't quite hard yet. He was aroused, definitely aroused, but he had exceptional control when it came to such things. It all went back to his need to not walk around twenty four hours a day with an erection. Whether Luke took that as a personal affront or not, it didn't really matter. Either way, Luke had his head buried at Christian's crotch a moment later, taking Christian's penis into his mouth as though it were the sort of thing he was born to do.

Christian, still holding his bottle of beer, did the only thing he could possibly think to do. He slammed the bottle and let it softly drop to the floor beside the sofa, its gentle clunk silent in comparison to the moan Christian had pulled from him. He couldn't help wondering if Luke had been previously incarnated as a Hoover.

Tempting as Christian's urge to prolong the encounter, he knew that there was no way to justify it. And Luke's mouth felt damned good, truth be told. He may as well let himself come now anyway, if only to move on to the more interesting parts of the night.

He felt like his whole lower body was spinning into a coil of pressure. He could feel his impending release up into his chest, almost as though it was threatening to sneak from his mouth along with the stream of encouragements he was whispering to Luke.

"Luke..." It was always polite to warn someone in situations such as this, and Christian never thought himself to be impolite. "I'm gonna come."

Blunt, too. There was really no better or faster way to say it though, Christian had discovered, save for something absolutely distasteful.

Luke didn't even pause, keeping his tongue hitting against the underside of Christian's erection - the exact spot that was proving to be his undoing.

For some reason, Christian had always associated orgasm with burning and heat. His own personal theory was that incineration had to be something like a long, unending orgasm. Yet his rational side told him it most definitely wasn't, and that actually finding out for sure was not the best of ideas.

Still, as he felt his body swing into the first steps of climax, he thought of fire, burning through him and out into Luke.

He hadn't realized his eyes were closed until he opened them and found Luke staring up. Luke had his tongue between his lips, paused unconsciously, most likely. A bit of semen was just beyond the tip, causing Luke to go from slightly disheveled to downright needing to be fucked.

Christian wondered if he'd even get a chance to fuck Luke properly. That had yet to be discussed. It wouldn't be any loss if he didn't.

Luke was smiling, which was a good sign.

"You're so... sweet," Luke whispered, letting himself be drawn up and into a kiss. Christian chuckled, not even considering spilling his secret any more literally than he just had.

"Perhaps it's time to indulge you again," Christian said, his brain working against his body, which did not want to let go of its hold on Luke. Just from that though, Luke was very obviously aroused again. And Christian had a scenario in mind that would work wonderfully for both of them.

The shirt Luke had on was made of a tight-fitting stretchy material that accented every muscle Luke didn't have. It simply had to come off. But instead Christian started with the small things, delicately removing Luke's jewelry and laying it out on the coffee table. He kissed each inch of skin he exposed, working slowly and in such a pattern that it seemed no break from the routine to finally pull that black shirt from Luke, tossing it to the floor quickly and descending upon one of Luke's pale nipples. And even the tiniest of details, like Luke's socks, were cast off effortlessly and probably without notice from Luke.

In moments, Luke was completely undressed and being stared down at by Christian, who was quite on his feet and holding out a hand to the youth. Looking down, Luke was quite impressive nude. He was pale and lacked muscle definition, but it was part of his charm. A summer of good hard manual labor would clear up that little issue, anyway. And Christian was right with his judgment on Luke's haircolor, as the curls around his arousal were a darker shade than that on his head.

Luke reached up and took Christian's hand, not bothering with hesitation anymore.

"This way, Luke. Are you sure about this?" One last chance to call the whole thing off. One last chance.


"Then I have to suggest, for the sake of clean-up, that we move to the bathroom," Christian said. This was another testing point, of course. Christian's last bail-out. If Luke was going to suddenly turn into a demanding idiot, there was still time to order him out of the house.

"That's fine," Luke replied. "A tub?"

"Yeah." Apparently, at least, Luke had thought this all out in advance. Some boys weren't so prepared and seemed somehow shocked at Christian's proposal. In the end, it all came down to the mess factor with any sort of fetish play, and if there was anything Christian hated, it was being deprived from afterplay because of a need to clean up a mess.

"Sounds good."

Christian's bathroom was far from a multi-splendored thing. It was decorated in polite neutrals with sea shell accents due mainly to a close out on sea shell accents at the store where one of his neighbors worked. Also, it made little sense for there to be anything overly distracting after all.

Luke was quickly pulled in, but let alone to settle into the tub. It was rather spacious, for a tub, which meant Luke had space to either side of him.

"Here," Christian said, digging about in a cabinet under the sink. He produced a foamy, waterproof pillow and handed it to Luke. "The back sill gets rough on the head, otherwise."

Luke chuckled. "So you do this often..."

"Not like you'd think," Christian replied as he reached up to start unbuttoning his shirt. Luke's eyes were locked on him, even as Luke reached down to start slowly stroking his own erection.


"And you? First time for something like this?" Christian undid the last button and pulled his shirt off, walking over to hang it on a hook on the back of the door.

"Yes," Luke admitted. "But this is a lot better than... than what I thought would happen."

It seemed as though Luke was going to say something else, but he didn't. Christian wasn't too upset about that - he instinctively knew that whatever Luke would have said would have at least partially ruined the mood.

Christian undid his pants, wondering just for a moment why and when he had felt it necessary to actually do them up again. It was one of those odd reflexes he had, the need to stay in control when he was expected to be the one to stay in control.

He was the sort of man who had no qualms at being blindfolded and whipped until he came, and then being forced to suck a succession of cocks until his stomach felt it could hold no more. But when he was expected to be a master, he was the master and there was no way around it.

At least Luke had already seen his penis, so there were no surprises. Still, he could feel Luke burning holes through him with his eyes, staring at muscle and most likely the pair of tattoos that graced Christian's hips. Christian pulled his socks off at the same moment he slid off his pants. He hated socks, really. He knew they were generally necessary footwear, but they were a tedious hamper when it came to getting to a nice, naked quickie or any other sort of nude sport. After all, there was nothing more ridiculous than fucking someone who had yet to take off their white jogging socks.

One quick thought had Christian digging in a drawer for a moment before pulling out a tube of lubricant. It was one of his personal rules - anywhere he may need to fuck someone, there had to be lube. There was some tucked into his pants, too, but they were already three feet farther away than the drawer under the sink.

"Let me help with that," Christian said, not bothering to hide his smirk. He gracefully settled to his knees and quickly slicked his hands, offering the tube to Luke as he slid one hand over Luke's arousal and the other one lower, to press Luke's thighs apart.

"You wanna..."

"I want to wait until just before you come," Christian explained. "I want you bathed, literally, in pleasure beyond your comprehension."

At least, Christian thought to himself, he was being honest. He knew what would happen - this was far from the first time he'd played this game.

Besides, he wasn't really going to do much besides slip a finger into Luke for more than a minute or two. He just wanted to see how permissive Luke was, and how much Luke liked penetration.

Luke moaned, closing his eyes as he let his own slick hands join and then push away Christian's. Christian slid his rejected hand down over Luke's testicles, feeling them tighten slightly beneath his touch. He knew what Luke was thinking, and almost regretted driving such a beautiful creature to climax so quickly. He knew it was going to be fast, too, despite having taken measures against it earlier. That was part of the reason for having Luke come earlier, to take the edge off.

Luke was hot and tight, moaning as Christian traced his opening before slipping a finger in. If Luke was staying for the night, at some point Christian wanted to lick that ass, delve his tongue into the opening his finger was exploring.

Looking down, Christian could see that Luke was already breathing heavily, moving his hands quickly. It was almost time. And that was quite fine with Christian really, since nature was calling him and not so softly mentioning that those three bottles of beer really had gone somewhere.

Christian wondered if he'd get a second orgasm out of the act. He seemed to have a pleasant, sort of phantom orgasm with things like this, and it was certainly appreciated but not necessary. But his body was already teetering at the edge of so many things.

He pulled his finger from Luke and started to stand. What he really wanted was for Luke to watch him. Half the act was the visuals, anyway. It didn't matter Luke's reason for wanting this - half the act was the visuals, the other half was the actual feeling. Luke was the sort who was going to come right away.

"You ready?"

Luke opened his eyes wide, as though he was trying to hold them like that.

"Yes, oh yes..."

Christian stood and positioned himself, watching Luke and hoping his aim would be true. It wasn't a huge concern, really - he knew Luke just wanted this to happen, not for it to happen any specific way. Luke didn't seem that particular. Luke just... wanted.

Taking his penis in one hand, Christian met Luke's eyes one last time before he relaxed and let his bladder free itself of its burden.

And Christian was gifted with the knowledge that yet again he had called it perfectly. The second his hot urine hit just beside Luke's hands, splashing against Luke's erection and down between his legs, Luke let out a gasping howl and came violently over his chest, his orgasm lasting longer than the last and certainly meaning so much more. For Christian, yes, he was gifted with the shimmers of a return to orgasm. He liked watching Luke, liked how Luke let go of his still ejaculating penis to put his hands beneath Christian's stream to almost guide the urine, directing it where to hit. Christian couldn't help but think of a child, playing. This was why he liked the inexperienced sort best; he liked seeing their joy of discovery. And finally he was empty, sighing a bit before regaining his eye contact with Luke.

"Whoa..." Luke murmured, bringing a hand up to trace lines with his fingers across his chest, trailing through the mix of semen and urine as though it he had found gold. "I..."

"Ready to wash up?" Christian asked, getting down onto one knee and reaching for the taps.


Christian made no fuss over washing Luke. It was part of the process really, though Luke seemed embarrassed once Christian stepped in and pulled the shower curtain. Christian pulled him into a kiss just after switching the tap over to the shower head, letting hot water spray over them both as they kissed.

"I think I'm dreaming," Luke murmured, resting part of his weight against Christian as Christian lathered them both with thick soap suds. Whatever games came next would have to wait for morning. Both were drowsy, and Luke was asleep only moments after curling into Christian's bed.

A smile on his face, Christian put a protective arm over Luke, thankful that he had found someone worth taking home that night, and possibly many more nights to come.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.