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Another Story About A Shower

Title: Another Story About A Shower
Fandom: Gundam Iscariot
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Mick/Ashtorethe
Rating: M
Summary: Mick offers use of his own shower.
Notes: from porn_tree, wait, is this related to that other story? hm...

"Good morning, Sunshine," Mick smiled and stroked his fingers through Ashtorethe's hair. She was letting more grey grow in, but it was attractive on her. It did make her look just a bit older, but not by much. And Ashtorethe was a true lady, Mick knew - her age was a classified secret, though Mick had narrowed it down to a general decade solely through her responses to some of Jet's questions about technology.

He didn't need to know - he was fond of Ashe both for her brilliance and her kindness.

"Mick?" Ashe opened her eyes slowly, looking around at the work hangar. "Again?"

"Yeah. And a door didn't get all the way closed when the last of your assistants left, which was triggering an alarm," Mick explained. "Varuna finally got annoyed and sent me down to check it out."

Ashtorethe chuckled and stretched. Mick still had the ends of her hair between his fingers, and once she realized that, she gave him a strange little look.

"Need more sleep?" Mick questioned.

"I should probably shower," Ashtorethe replied. "I'm not going to admit to how long I've been down here working."

"Along with a very comfortable bed, I also have a rather nice shower--"

"Mick, I have my own--"

"Not with me in it to wash your hair, Ashe," Mick replied, offering her a hand.

"You're impossible," Ashtorethe said as she took his hand and slowly stood. Mick smiled at the coolness of her metal hand and how she arched her back after having slept at her desk. She was beautiful in her own interesting way.

"I will take that as a yes," Mick replied, giving her hand a squeeze. He'd long since learned that she felt sensation differently both because of the construction of her replacement hands and also because the technology for replacement parts still couldn't perfectly handle things like fingertip accuracy anyway. But Ashtorethe's hands were built for someone who worked and while they had pressure sensors, they were imperfect.

Mick was thankful he could touch her everywhere else and that she could feel it. He was fairly sure she truly was more sensitive for it, but he'd never tell her that. He'd just make Ashe moan again and again because he could.

"I'm going over modifications for Ker," Ashtorethe explained as they walked to the tram station. Mick nodded and paused and checked the door that hadn't closed originally. All green - security officer's job complete, heading off duty.

He sent Varuna a quick message, but Varuna didn't reply. Mick figured their boss had pinged both their bracelets and realized they were together.

"Eh?" Mick finally let Ashtorethe's comment sink in. "Ker? Is it being assigned?"

"It is." Even under the bleaching florescent lights, Ashe's smile was proud and made her sparkle. Never did Mick think Ashe was anything but a proud mother to her machines. Even to Akhlys, flawed as it was.

"Can you tell me who?" Mick questioned, frowning. He ran through everyone in his head - either they already had a Gundam or they weren't quite-- "Nick?"

Ashtorethe shook her head. "Not Nick, though I know he's been short-listed for Anaplekte once its overhaul is complete. But don't you dare mention that to Nick or Lan."

"I won't," Mick said quickly. He was sure he would, but not any time soon and not in any way that the information could be traced back to Ashe.

"And no, I can't mention it yet. But you'll know once everything is official," Ashe said after a moment. She waved a hand at the podium in the tram station and programmed their destination. One of the on-demand trams pulled up before Mick could comment.

It was still kind of early, but... still, Ashtorethe had to have some pretty high access.

Without stops, the ride back to Mick's part of residential was quick and Mick guiltily used the time to answer a couple of quick messages and then note that he'd be out of contact for a bit.

His datapad was the first thing he set down after closing the door behind Ashtorethe. Her jacket was the first thing she took off, revealing a thin, strong body sculpted by decades of labor. Her arms were strong and firm and while they were heavily scarred, Mick didn't find them ugly. No, Ashe was beautiful.

"You're looking at me like I'm edible," she commented, chuckling. "Honestly, you shouldn't be bringing me home--"

"And here I thought a fair maiden asleep in the forest was a fair invitation," Mick replied. He expected a quick dismissal but it didn't come. Instead, Ashtorethe reached to undo his jacket, metal fingers working quickly. They made a very specific noise, one he would always know as her.

"Ashe--" He kissed her, softly, waiting for her to press against him and for the tug of her hands in his hair.

"Let me clean up, Mick," Ashtorethe said once she pulled away. "I'll be quick - I'll get my own hair. You just..."

"I can at least help you undress," Mick replied, slipping his hands down along her back to grab the hem of her dark v-neck shirt.

"None of that or I won't get showered," Ashe protested with a chuckle, batting his hands away with little taps. "But maybe if you could find me a drink?"

Mick nodded and gestured to his bedroom, which the bathroom was beyond. "Your wish is my pleasure."

Ashtorethe laughed. "A dashing knight today, are you? I could probably dig you out an old set of power-armor from the Factory..."

She tugged off her shirt while she walked and, just as Mick headed toward the kitchenette, her bra came sailing out from his room.

"Tease!" he called.

Mick was glad he'd stocked his fridge. There was juice as well as a bit of food for later. He was sure Ashe would be hungry, though possibly also just tired. He did have a faint idea how long she'd been at work. And Jet was already taking after his mentor in that regard.

He was naked and waiting on the bed when Ashtorethe stepped out of the bathroom. Toweling her hair dry, she paused and looked him over. Mick had found sheets the same brilliant blue as his eyes, though he didn't think Ashe was admiring the color.

"Juice," he said, gesturing to the pouches on a bedside table. "I debated proper wine glasses, we'd have a gravity fluctuation and we'd both be back in the shower-- which isn't the worst thought, to be honest."

"Thank you," Ashtorethe replied. "And you're right, that would have been nicer if you'd been washing my hair. Next time, I guess. At least I smell better than I did."

"I think you were fine." Mick patted the space beside him and Ashtorethe didn't hesitate to drop the towel and join him. After a few sips of the pouch, Mick pulled her close and began kissing her neck.

From there, he made his way lower and before long her hands were on him, warm from the water and completely unique in the way they made him feel. There was something in her touch that was exotic and delightful.

And hours later, as Ashe drifted into a deep sleep that Mick knew she truly needed, Mick also knew one other thing. He really needed to shower.

The last thing he wanted to do was wake up Ashtorethe on accident. But Jet had a nearby room now - Mick figured that a little imposition would be okay.

Softly, he kissed Ashe's cheek before grabbing a spare set of clothing. She looked so peaceful and young when sleeping. Mick wondered if she'd dream about mobile suits.

He picked up his datapad on his way out. Not too many new messages. Quickly, he sent one to Ashe and heard the soft beep from her jacket pocket to let him know she'd get it.

Hedone: [Wanted to let you get some sleep while I got back to work. There's food in the fridge. Stay as long as you'd like and if you're around when I get home, I'll wash your hair. If you have to run, remind your assistants to make sure they close doors behind themselves.]

Hedone: [Or don't.]


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.