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Title: Safe
Series: The Best Moves
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Caz/Mallory
Rating: MA
Summary: Caz takes Mallory home.
Notes: -

Caz couldn't help his amusement at just how peaceful Mallory looked, gazing over at him as though this was some sort of everyday occurrence. Somehow, Mallory seemed perfectly controlled, a complete opposite of just days before when Mallory had succumbed to the heat in the stockroom and nearly passed out in Caz's arms.

But now, after an hour of kissing and play, Mallory wasn't the least bit out of breath, despite being completely naked and obviously aroused. And at least, underneath his clothing, Mallory did look his supposed age. At first Caz was a little turned off at the thought of Mallory looking even more underage than he already did. But those fears were alleviated quickly.

And overcoming the cinderblock wall of homosexuality seemed a much easier task too. Besides what he was about to do with Mallory, Caz realized he had quite a few things to own up to in his past, from his days in Keeping Still, from his time with Johnny Danger and the most twisted sort of platonic love imaginable.

But to do this... to an angel.

His mind told him that he already had done this before, with the same angel, and that it didn't really matter. Not in the overall grand scheme of things, at least. Because certainly that dream had been as real as this moment.

Caz rolled over, reaching to the drawer of his night table.

"What are you after?" Mallory asked as he leaned in Caz's direction, resting one small, seemingly fragile hand on Caz's shoulder.

"Condoms. And lube," Caz replied, grabbing those two things and rolling back, careful not to land on Mallory.

Suddenly, Mallory was laughing. "But we don't need condoms."

"Safe sex is important no matter who is participating," Caz stated, wondering just how long this angel had been on Earth. Obviously not long enough to have read more than a handful of newspapers.

"Mmm..." Mallory seemed stuck for anything else as Caz took Mallory's arousal in his mouth, playfully teasing for just a moment while parting Mallory's legs and reaching between them.

And now with lube, probably too much but that was always better anyway, Caz reached to slide into the pink of Mallory's opening. He expected more resistance, more muffled gasps of near-pain from Mallory, not the pleasured mewls he heard as he quested farther, stretching and probing.

Pulling back to add another finger, Caz was entranced. He paused, just wanting to burn the memory into his mind. Mallory had his arms up, grabbing at the pillow his head rested on, hair fanning around him. Gone was the cool, collected Mallory. Now was...

"Caz! Please!"

Fuck it. Forget about long, careful foreplay. His mind told him this creature was his anyway and hearing that voice pleading for him was more than enough to move things along. In one slightly-flawed, nearly-fast motion, Caz had gotten the condom onto his arousal and was positioning himself, barely able to resist a moment longer as Mallory seemed to be pushing back, meeting the tip of his erection and wanting to take it within him.

Guiding carefully, Caz thrust, slipping a couple of inches into Mallory's body and thankfully not hearing any noise but those of sheer pleasure. And then Mallory forced himself down, taking more of Caz into himself, surprising Caz more than anything. But Caz was barely surprised at this point. It was sinking in that his angel was a purely carnal creature beneath that outside innocence.

Mallory would be safe from his darkness though, that which had helped steal Johnny from the world.

Safe. Safe within Mallory's body, Caz thrust and pulled back, beginning a rhythm he needed not think about because his body and Mallory's body both knew.

Grasping at Mallory's now-dripping arousal, Caz used some of the leftover lube between his fingers to help ease his motions. He stroked Mallory fast, wanting the angel to come screaming and know just what...

Maybe a bit too much, too fast. Caz had forgotten that Mallory was young, probably should have had the edge taken off first. Still, Mallory was radiant in orgasm, seemingly almost to glow beneath a thin layer of sweat.

And who was Mallory crying for, Caz wondered, for him or for the angel he was named after...

Knowing he could last for hours but not at all wanting to be taking unshared pleasure, Caz pushed himself towards the same bliss, concentrating on his actions and the warmth of Mallory's body, just how he was taking it, and then finally, once he could stand to move his angel, he pushed Mallory's legs up and back, thrusting roughly. He drove himself to climax, emptying himself and quickly pulling back, not wanting to taint Mallory.


Damn, he was being watched as he tied up the end of the condom and threw it towards the garbage can in the far corner.

"Only my mother calls me that."

"You're named after an angel," Mallory said, stating blind truth.

"I know," Caz replied, reaching down to grab a blanket from the end of the bed. "But I'm no angel."

Mallory didn't question that statement, instead apparently deciding to attach himself to Caz's side, soaking up what was left of their shared warmth beneath the blanket.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.