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Rose Petals

Title: Rose Petals
Series: The Best Moves
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Robbie/Ethan
Rating: T
Notes: Contains sibling incest.

Robbie yawned and stretched as best he could for having a bag full of cans dangling from one hand. He silently cursed himself for throwing his truck keys into his pocket when he knew he'd just have to dig them out a minute later. Still, he'd needed both hands to grab his shopping bag and then wiggle the passenger door enough that it'd close properly.

Once the weather turned for the better, he decided, that door would be the first thing he'd fix. If he didn't, it would only get worse.

Heat poured out from the cabin as Robbie opened the door. His truck had no heat; the heater had died years before and was too expensive to fix. Robbie felt as though he were walking into an oven, literally.

The cabin only had four rooms - two small bedrooms, a bathroom, and a main room that was part kitchen and part sitting room. Sprawled on a blanket in front of a roaring fire lay Robbie's younger brother, Ethan, who was reading a book and seemingly oblivious to Robbie's arrival.

"I brought dinner," Robbie said softly, pulling the door closed behind him. Half of his voice had been hushed as he actually took a look at Ethan. Long black hair poured over Ethan's pale shoulders, making a beautiful study in contrast before reaching the reds of the blanket.

Ethan seemed to be wearing only an old pair of sweatpants which told Robbie one obvious thing - Ethan hadn't bothered going to school yet again.

Rolling over, Ethan set his book to one side, opened pages-down to save his spot.

"Any books?" Ethan asked, slowly standing and stretching. His sweatpants were loose on him and threatened to fall until he grabbed them with one hand. "I'm out of things I haven't already read three times. You can take back everything on the shelves, okay?"

Robbie smiled. At least Ethan had attempted to do something with his day. The small bookshelf on the far wall looked nicely organized, quite possibly in sections by who had let him borrow the books. Many of the people Robbie worked with sent home books for Ethan. One had even just given him an ancient set of encyclopedias.

"Wouldn't it have been better to go to school?" Robbie questioned, putting the bag down on the kitchen table and unzipping his coat.

"Last I checked, it was still Saturday," Ethan replied, walking over to paw through the shopping bag. "More soup?"

"Marjorie dropped a whole case," Robbie explained, hanging his coat on the back of a chair while watching Ethan survey the array of dented cans. "Be happy she didn't drop canned asparagus or something."

"Asparagus is only good fresh and tender," Ethan said, pulling at his pants before heading to put away the cans.

"So, what are you reading now?"

"A cheesy romance story. If I ever get desperate enough to leave a path of rose petals and candles from the front door to the bedroom..." Ethan trailed off as he reached over to pull off Robbie's nametag.

"Where would you get rose petals?" Robbie asked softly, very well aware that his brother's fingers had returned to linger near the collar of his shirt.

"I would make them, I guess," Ethan said with a chuckle. "I would have to make the candles."


Pressing his body to Robbie's, Ethan quickly kissed Robbie's neck.

"For you, I'd..." Ethan whispered.

"We shouldn't..."

"You always say that," Ethan replied. "Yet we always do. It's okay because we both want to."

Robbie wanted to finish his protest but more and more it was seeming that there was no point in it. The way they felt about one another had changed over the last year or so, leaving them confused and clinging to one another.

On his toes, Ethan claimed the first kiss, wrapping his arms around Robbie and slowly letting Robbie take control. To Ethan, Robbie put off a heat that rivaled the fire, threatening to consume him.

"Rose petals, eh?" Robbie was smiling a moment later as he was held prisoner by Ethan's bright green eyes.

"And heaving bosoms," Ethan said, lacing his fingers together behind Robbie's back. Robbie brought his hands up to slide along the smooth, warm skin of Ethan's back. Ethan seemed so small at moments like these, their mother's genes shining through strongly.

"Do you want to eat?"

Ethan nodded, finally unlacing his fingers and dropping his hands to his sides.

"I'll cook. Go take a nice shower - relax."

"You're up to something," Robbie replied, leaning to quickly kiss the tip of Ethan's nose.

"Not me," Ethan said, chuckling again as he pulled at his pants before walking over to a cupboard.

Without replying, Robbie headed off towards the bathroom. A shower did sound like a good idea.

Still smiling, Ethan reached down to grab a pot big enough to heat enough soup for the pair of them. And, just in case Robbie ended up helping with dishes, Ethan moved the bag of half-finished paper rose petals to the very back, to be hidden behind a stew pot.

That night was not the right night, Ethan knew. But soon, he decided, he wanted to seduce Robbie. After all, Robbie did belong to him, in a way. It was all okay, because they really did both want it. He didn't expect a confession though, not outside of their motions in the bedroom.


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