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Power Save Mode

Title: Power Save Mode
Fandom: Fafner in the Azure
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Kazuki/Soushi
Rating: MA
Summary: A PWP. Soushi follows Kazuki into a practice simulator.
Notes: for merikuru, who requested/prompted/vaguely mentioned this ages ago. There will be more~ Post-movie~ish

"I seem to remember you being given specific instructions to rest."

Kazuki froze, one leg in the simulator. Technically, yes, he had been told to rest. But he couldn't. He was just... too wound up. It was this or run a lap. Around the island.

"I'm not tired," Kazuki replied. Soushi flipped on the light and shook his head. The main downside of a permanent crossing was that Kazuki couldn't get away with anything. Ever.

"The simulator won't hurt me," Kazuki added. "I just..."

He shrugged and before Soushi could do anything, he swung the rest of his body in and reached for the hatch control. The hatch did not close fast enough. That or Soushi had gotten faster than Kazuki remembered. Soushi was a sprawling tangle on his lap by the time the hatch clicked closed.

"I think you're along for the ride," Kazuki commented as the simulator started up. Luckily, it was waiting on his input before actually throwing anything at them.

"You're ridiculous," Soushi replied, finally figuring out where to even put his hands so he could prop himself up. Still, he was straddling Kazuki's lap, hands just above Kazuki's shoulders and looking straight into Kazuki's eyes.

"You're the one who threw himself at me," Kazuki replied. He reached to pull Soushi back down into a kiss. Soushi didn't let him linger.

"Kazuki-- please don't tell me you're thinking--"

"You're on my lap," Kazuki interrupted. Of course he was thinking it! Soushi was on his lap and more than once he'd thought about what he might do with Soushi inside his cockpit.

"Yes, but you--" Soushi trailed off and Kazuki could see his blush. "Three times, Kazuki! While I was in meetings! I can feel that!"

Kazuki blinked and then tried to hold in his laughter. He didn't-- he didn't mean to laugh, but the indignation on Soushi's face was just... priceless.

"I was thinking about you," Kazuki reminded him. "I can't help it. I just... you, Soushi. You."

Soushi shifted against him, leaning closer and slipping a hand down to tug at the edge of Kazuki's synergetic suit. It left a lot of skin bare, which Kazuki definitely didn't mind.

"Can you just try not to when I have meetings? I had to excuse myself to--"

"Mmm?" Kazuki kissed Soushi again, this time getting Soushi to let the kiss linger.

"To get a drink," Soushi finished. He let his forehead rest on Kazuki's. "Please don't tell me you thought..."

Kazuki was already thinking it - Soushi rushing into the bathroom, face flushed, slamming the bathroom door closed and locked and sinking to the floor. His hands would be fumbling to undo his pants and then he'd reach down and start stroking himself.



"Not in here--"

"In here," Kazuki replied. "Don't tell me you've never thought of it."

"There isn't room, besides--"

Kazuki reached to bury his fingers in Soushi's hair and pull him in for a long, deep kiss. He hoped he could convey to Soushi how he felt. He wanted-- He wanted Soushi.

Soushi started sucking at his tongue and Kazuki couldn't keep in a deep moan. Soushi had sucked him off that morning. That's what he couldn't help daydreaming about. He just...


"I'm trying to think of how we're going to get our clothing off," Kazuki replied. "Mostly yours." He knew there were two possible responses from Soushi - annoyance and a suggestion they move somewhere with more space or a viable solution to the multiple layers of material between their bodies.

Thankfully, Soushi went with the latter.

"I can get clothes off," Soushi said. "You should be able to squirm out of enough of your suit-- I don't think it'll stretch enough..."

To illustrate, Soushi trailed a hand down to run along the length of Kazuki's erection beneath his synergetic suit. Then he reached to the side, finding Kazuki's skin and slipping beneath the material to do the same without the barrier. Kazuki gasped, nearly arching against Soushi's hand before realizing exactly how Soushi was bracing himself. Obviously, in all of his fantasies about getting Soushi naked in a cockpit, he'd never sorted out the actual logistics.

"We're going to need to switch positions," Kazuki mumbled. He guided Soushi's hand away - not that he wanted to but he also didn't want any actual accidents. Explaining to Maya's mother that... No, he didn't want to think about it.

Soushi mumbled an affirmative before kissing him again. Somewhere, in the ensuing tumble, Kazuki banged his shoulder against the inside of the cockpit, Soushi completely lost a shoe down under equipment, but they both got their clothing off to have skin against skin. Soushi leaned back against the seat. Kazuki had already managed to tug Soushi's hair loose and it hung over his shoulders for a brief second until Soushi shifted and pushed it back.

"I like your hair loose," Kazuki murmured as he leaned to kiss Soushi's neck.

"I've noticed," Soushi replied. He seemed to try to hold in a moan but failed. Kazuki just worked his way lower, all the while trying to snag Soushi's jacket from where it had landed.

"Kazuki, what are you-- how do you--"

Kazuki looked up and grinned. Soushi would figure it out.

"Kazuki, don't tell me you used our--"

Soushi's complaint trailed off into a low moan when Kazuki leaned to lick away the pre-come that had gathered on the tip of Soushi's erection before taking it deep into his mouth.

He could feel the echoes of what Soushi felt and gasped. Kazuki never got tired of the echoes. It just made him want Soushi more. He uncapped the lube he'd gently mentally persuaded Soushi to swipe from medical and reached to stroke his own cock first. A few quick strokes took a bit of the edge off, though as soon as he drew his hand away, the ache multiplied.

Kazuki stopped being careful - he knew he was smearing lube on the seat as he reached to press his fingers into Soushi. Soushi's hands were in his hair, tangled, keeping him sucking and licking on Soushi's erection as he worked his fingers in past tight muscle.

Soushi couldn't say a damned thing about how Kazuki reacted to blowjobs, not after this - not with Soushi nearly thrusting into his mouth and not with the pleasure he was feeling through their crossing.

"Ah-- Kazuki--"

Kazuki could feel it too. He could feel Soushi tense beneath him and he wasn't going to deny Soushi this. Soushi cried out as he came, though Kazuki felt it more than anything. He swallowed and licked his lips, though a few drops still fell back on Soushi's stomach.


"Yeah," Kazuki managed. "Scoot just a bit?"

Soushi shifted and Kazuki positioned himself, quickly trading fingers for his erection and thrusting in hard. He didn't mean to be rough but he needed to come. Soushi kicked his legs up higher. Kazuki pulled back just a bit, bracing himself on a side-panel, and then thrust again. He wasn't even sure if he was hearing his voice or Soushi's voice, but it didn't take long. Only a handful of thrusts later, he came. Soushi cried out, echoing him, and for a moment, the world went black.

And stayed that way.

"Soushi?" Kazuki shifted, withdrawing, and began feeling around.

"Power save," Soushi mumbled before chuckling. "Hit any button--"

"I don't think I'm getting any practice in anyway," Kazuki replied. He managed to turn the screens back on. Soushi looked slightly dazed, but he was... smiling, just a bit. "Maybe I'll, y'know-- rest."


"I'll clean up tomorrow," Kazuki promised. "I'll put an out-of-order sign on it. There are others open..."


"I think if I fish around once we're both out, I can get your shoe--"




Kazuki smiled too.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.