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Mud & Water

Title: Mud & Water
Part: 2/2
Fandom: Twin Signal
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Pulse/Signal
Rating: MA
Summary: A shower-time pwp.
Notes: Contains robotic incest.

"What? You did not just say that," Signal shot back. He felt quite vulnerable at the moment, with so much of Pulse touching so much of him.

"What if I did?" Pulse said slowly, running one hand down Signal's back to cup and gently squeeze his ass.

"Gah! No you didn't!" Signal exclaimed, knocking Pulse off of him and to the other end of the tub. He couldn't believe what had just happened. And how it had felt. Signal wasn't sure it was really that horrible, but he was more in shock than anything else. He grabbed the edge of the shower curtain and looked back at Pulse who was standing there looking somewhat hurt. "I'll let you have the shower. You're the one with mud in your circuits."

Just before Signal could step out, Pulse grabbed his arm. "Stay."

"Why should I?" Signal's voice faltered. He was suddenly curious just what Pulse would have done if he hadn't pulled away when he did.

"You still need to wash my hair," Pulse replied, straight faced. "And I still need to finish what I started with you."

Signal sighed. "You're right. Just watch your hands. And the rest of you. And stop saying things that sound dirty."

"You're the one who wants to hear them that way," Pulse said as he grabbed a large bottle of shampoo from a ledge and opened it.

Signal paused, thinking a moment. Did he? He stepped over to Pulse and let him begin to work the shampoo into thick violet hair. Questions filled his mind. How far would Pulse have gone? What would it have been like? Would it have felt good? Would it have felt amazing?

"Signal. Signal? Earth to Violet."

"Who wha huh?" Signal replied, suddenly realizing Pulse was talking to him. "I missed some of that."

"You missed all of that. I said you need to rinse your hair," Pulse replied, looking slightly annoyed. "What were you thinking about, anyway? You had the stupidest look on your face."

Signal was silent a moment, thinking as quickly as he could process. Curiosity and a strong memory of Pulse's touch convinced him to tell the truth. "I was wondering what you would have done if I hadn't knocked you away a couple minutes ago."

A brief second of shock registered on Pulse's face before turning into a smirk. "It doesn't matter now. Just rinse your hair."

"Jerk," Signal muttered as he began to rinse his hair. Pulse was idly picking debris from his own long hair. Despite getting rather wet while dealing with Signal, most of his dark hair was still mud-tinged.

"Hurry up, Signal," Pulse said. "This is not supposed to be an all day thing."

"Just calm down," Signal snapped back, leaving the hot water in search of the bottle of conditioner. Pulse was holding the bottle and about to squeeze some of it out into his hand. "Pulse?"

Pulse looked up. "Yes?"

Signal thought a moment for the right words but couldn't come up with them. He had an idea though. "Set the conditioner bottle down."

Pulse gave him an odd look but complied. "And?"

Taking a deep breath, Signal stepped up to his brother. "You can throw me through the wall in a minute, but..." Before he could finish the sentence, he threw his arms around Pulse's neck, closed his eyes, and kissed his brother quickly on the lips.

He opened his eyes slowly, afraid of what he'd see in Pulse' reddish ones. Instead of anger, he saw something totally new. It was almost more frightening than anger.

"Pulse?" Signal let go and backed away slowly, letting the water wash over him when he hit it.

"Signal." There was something in his voice that Signal was unfamiliar with as well. "Are you sure?"

Signal quickly nodded, despite being backed all the way across the tub, mouth open in some form of disbelief.

Pulse held out a hand. Signal closed his eyes tight and stepped forward, taking Pulse's hand and being drawn into his embrace. Before he knew it, a warm tongue was licking at his lips, begging entrance. Signal fought the urge to tense up and let Pulse take control. Obviously the older robot had a decent idea what he was doing.

Signal let his mouth fall open when Pulse's tongue first touched his. Pulse took that as permission to further with his explorations. Lips pressed firmly against Signal's, he moved a hand down his brother's back again, hoping not to get knocked away.

The violet-haired robot was overwhelmed. He couldn't believe something so slight could feel so good. After all, it was just their mouths touching, tongues tasting. He let out a small moan and found himself pressing up against Pulse as the other robot began running a hand down his back.

Signal had his hands on Pulse's shoulders and used that to push his brother against the shower wall. He then buried his hands up in black muddy hair and tried to put his entire body into kissing Pulse. His reward was a small moan and two hands suddenly grabbing his bottom.

"Pulse," Signal managed to whisper when he broke their kiss. "I..."

Pulse put a finger over Signal's mouth while still keeping an arm around him. "We still need to finish cleaning up."

"Rematch," Signal said, hoping that word would obtain the desired result.

"Rematch?" Pulse asked, confused, before getting Signal's meaning as the younger robot twisted against him.

Signal smiled, running a hand down Pulse's chest and between them to touch the hardness he'd felt against his thigh.

Pulse shuddered and bit back a moan as he ground into Signal's hand. "Signal!" he cried before grabbing his brother into another round of kisses.

Signal fell back he was twisted between the wall and Pulse. One of Pulse's was buried up in violet hair, the other one questing to touch Signal as intimately as he was being touched.

Before he could though, Signal moved his hand away so he could rub hardness against hardness. Both robots moaned into each other's mouths and pressed closer, trying to be close yet still create friction at the same time. Pulse finally pulled away from both the kiss and the embrace.

"We really need to get out of the shower," he said, grabbing quickly for the conditioner.

"Pulse..." Signal said, face and voice falling.

"Turn around. Let's finish this already," Pulse said, pouting conditioner out onto his hand.

Signal silently obeyed, almost violently distracted by the ache his arousal was causing. It didn't get any better a moment later when Pulse brushed against him. He arched back against Pulse, wringing a gasp from the older robot.

"Signal," Pulse warned, working the conditioner into Signal's hair.

"Pulse, please. Just..." He wasn't exactly sure what the next part involved. Only that something needed to happen. Soon.

Pulse leaned forward, again resting his head on Signal's shoulder. He quickly nipped at an ear before whispering. "Are you sure?"

Signal nodded and again arched back, feeling Pulse's arousal hard against him.

"Stay quiet," Pulse said quickly, stepping away for a moment.


"You need to stay quiet," Pulse replied, returning to behind Signal before the violet-haired robot could turn and question what was happening. "The last thing we want is Kris crashing in here."

Signal nodded. "Right."

And any thought he may have had after that fell away as Pulse pulled him around so he was facing the back of the tub and pushed his legs apart with one knee. He grabbed the bar at the back of the tub with one hand, knocking a washcloth off in the process. Pulse reached around to stroke his brother's erection, slicking it with the conditioner left on his hands.

The violet-haired robot arched back and thrust into those hands. "Pulse! Ah...!"

Pulse clamped a hand over Signal's mouth.

"Quiet." Signal nodded, still trying to move against the one hand that held him.

Both hands moved from him for a moment before one returned to stroking his erection. Signal was wondering just what came next when he felt something cool slip between his buttocks and gently find his opening. He moaned despite Pulse's warnings and leaned over as far as he could to give Pulse the access he needed.

Signal was still thrusting lightly against the hand that held his erection when Pulse slipped one conditioner-slicked finger inside of him. He was whimpering softly, trying to get more contact both ways he was being touched.

"Soon, Signal," Pulse whispered, leaning over his brother and kissing his back as he joined the first finger with a second, doing his best to stretch the violet-haired robot. Pulse barely noticed his hair was still shedding mud when Signal thrust back to meet a third finger.

"Pulse..." Signal's voice dripped with need and lust. He was wantonly moving against his brother, forgetting for a moment their fierce rivalry. This was suddenly everything.

Pulse obliged, pulling his fingers free and slicking his own arousal with what was left of the conditioner.

"Signal..." Pulse murmured, guiding himself into his bother's tight body.

It took everything Signal had to not scream in both shock and pleasure.

"Just relax. You can stay quiet," Pulse reassured when he felt the body beneath him stiffen.

"You gotta... do something!" Signal hissed. "Move. More. Pulse!" The last few words were pleas as Signal tried to press back against the black-haired robot, only to realize he was being held where he was.

"Pulse..." It was a low cry, and Pulse answered it by pulling out and quickly thrusting back into Signal, trying to move the hand holding his brother's erection in counterpoint.

"More...More...Pulse..." Signal cried, as softly as he could, moving as much as he could to match and meet Pulse as he thrust again and again.

Pulse did his best to keep to the speed he'd set, but was finding it becoming increasingly hard. Everything felt... really good. "Signal..."

"Pulse... I can't hold on..." Signal managed to say between low moans. At that moment he let his arms slip so he was pushed against the wall holding himself with his forearms instead of his hands.

The movement caused Pulse to thrust almost impossibly deep and he cried out, pulling Signal back to him as he tried to keep both his footing and his position within the other.

It was all too much for the younger robot. He moaned and arched backward, spilling himself over Pulse's hand and against the shower wall.

"Signal," Pulse hissed, holding tight to his brother as Signal's whole body trembled. A couple moments later he grabbed both of Signal's hips, letting the violet-haired robot grab the bar for support.

With nothing holding him back, Pulse let himself go, feeling every motion within the other's body. "Signal." He said quickly, quietly, before speeding up and emptying himself within Signal's tight body.

Signal again let his grip go when Pulse half-slumped onto him, causing the older to separate himself to keep upright.

After a moment, Signal turned, still leaning heavily on the wall. A couple feet away, Pulse was doing the same. The shower spray hit him, sending swirls of muddy water down the drain.

"You're still dirty," Signal said after a moment, doing his best to smile.

Pulse nodded. "So?"

"Do I get to wash your hair now?" Signal asked, wondering what it would be like to take his brother the way he'd been taken.

"Hey Kris?" Nobuhiko asked from where he sat in the study, idly flipping through a magazine.

"What is it?" Kris replied. She was lounging on the sofa, soaking up the sunshine.

"What's with Signal and Pulse? Don't you think that ending up fighting in the mud every day is really weird?"

Kris sighed.

"They're at a weird age," she said, putting her arms behind her head and closing her eyes.



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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.