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Not Bad So Far

Title: Not Bad So Far
Fandom: Fafner in the Azure
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Kazuki/Soushi, Maya, etc.
Rating: MA
Summary: Kazuki and Soushi properly move in together.
Notes: in-continuity with some of my other Fafner stories. For merikuru.

"I think we got a lot done today," Maya said as she stretched and looked around. Kazuki nodded. The place did look like a home now, instead of just a lot of space and random furniture and dirt. Windows were clean and floors were scrubbed and Maya had washed the entire collection of dishes that had been piled on the kitchen table while Kazuki put the cupboards in order.

Soushi had worked on setting up communication with Alvis and then on putting away clothing. Kazuki knew the little looks when he came to check on the kitchen, though. He knew Soushi a little too well and without thinking consciously on it, he tried to soothe Soushi through their link.

'It's okay, it's okay--'

Sakura had been there for awhile to scrub down every surface of the bathroom until she got too tired and settled to sit and dry dishes as Maya handed them to her. And Kazuki was sure that everyone on the island had stopped through with food or little items - mismatched linens and spare pillows and lamps and candles... Kazuki didn't think they'd really need anything for awhile, much to his surprise. He wouldn't even need to cook for a good week or more. Well, not at home, at least.

Because this was home.

"I should probably get going though and let you two newlyweds settle in for the evening," Maya continued. She chuckled at the look Kazuki gave her.

It was just... they were really living together, him and Soushi, in a house that had been vacant. No one had even given them a second thought though Kazuki's father had made Kazuki promise to stop home every day.

"Soushi!" Maya called. "I'm leaving. I'll come back tomorrow and help with anything that's left, okay?"

"Mmm?" Soushi had a set of cords looped once around his neck and Kazuki slipped to remove them almost without thinking.

"If you're up, come over for breakfast," Kazuki said. "I have to work, but I'm sure Soushi can find something else for you to clean."

"I wouldn't mind sweeping the porch and cleaning up the yard a bit," Maya said. "I'm sure it's not a high priority, but..."

"That's something I wouldn't ever get to," Soushi admitted. Kazuki nodded. He... honestly wasn't sure he'd looked at the yard.

"It's settled then." Maya smiled and hugged them both before waving and heading to the door. "Have a good honeymoon."

Kazuki didn't realize she'd left her jacket until he went to hang the cords on one of the kitchen chairs. Apparently some things never changed.

"I don't think I realized how much fuss this would be," Soushi said after a moment.

"Only at first," Kazuki said quickly as he slipped back over to wrap his arms around Soushi. "Once everything is done, we'll be set for awhile."

He leaned his head on Soushi's shoulder.

"I don't think I even noticed we have a yard."

"About two meters deep and five meters across," Soushi said. "Not really any grass, but it could be a rock garden with some work. I think there's a lantern..."

"I like that," Kazuki said with a little nod. "We'll light it every night, okay?"


Kazuki straightened and stared at Soushi for a long moment, not letting go except to reach to pull Soushi's hair from its usual loose ponytail.


"All day, Soushi... You've been waiting all day for it to be just us."

"I just didn't realize how... busy everything would be," Soushi half-whispered as he buried his fingers up into Kazuki's hair. "But I'm... I'm glad we're here, doing this."

Kazuki didn't get a chance to reply. This time, Soushi was kissing him and slowly backing him up until he bumped against the kitchen table. Somehow, Soushi had gotten his pants undone already and Kazuki wasn't about to comment on it. There were blinds, they were drawn, and this was their house.



Kazuki caught something through their crossing that was far more concept than complete thought. Honestly, if that was what Soushi wanted, he just had to say it.

"Mm? For what?" Kazuki asked. He was not expecting Soushi to slip away and head for the door.

"Maybe we should take a look at the yard?"

Kazuki swallowed a sigh and fixed his pants before heading after Soushi.

'Soushi, it's okay to want. Please--'

The yard was pretty much exactly what Soushi had said. Small, mostly dirt and rocks with a handful of weeds growing in one corner. A stone lantern sat lopsided near the gate that led to the alley.

"We'll leave this to Maya," Kazuki said as he settled an arm around Soushi. "It's okay. We don't need to do too much tonight. And we can do anything anywhere..."

"But the kitchen--"

'Yeah, the kitchen--' Kazuki kissed Soushi's neck and jaw before doing a quick scan for any nosy neighbors. So far, so good. Though honestly, everybody knew. It wasn't a big house. It only had one bedroom. 'Kitchen bathroom yard-if-you-want Soushi'

"Kazuki, we shouldn't..."

'Inside at least this time lantern later Kazuki ahh--'

Kazuki didn't really want to stop kissing and touching Soushi, not once they got inside and got the door closed. Soushi hit the table this time and Kazuki didn't let him go until he was moaning and pawing at Kazuki to get both of their clothing off.

"Not very practical," Soushi mumbled as he was pushed back up onto the table. He was obviously a little embarrassed but Kazuki could feel a deep lust and strong excitement, too. Kazuki leaned to suck on Soushi's erection while he shimmied out of his own pants.

"It's a sturdy table," Kazuki noted before grabbing for a bit of oil, which would more than do. He didn't dwell on preparation. Not when Soushi was calling to him in the deepest of ways.

He settled Soushi's legs on his shoulders and reached to squeeze one of Soushi's hands before slowly pushing forward to slide his erection past the tight slick muscle of Soushi's anus.


Kazuki drew back and tried to smile. He was shaking a bit already. But Soushi just looked so... Soushi looked so good and as Kazuki started quick shallow thrusts, Soushi reached with his free hand to stroke his own erection.


'I like when you do that'

'Your eyes are closed'

'I can feel it Soushi. I can feel--'

Kazuki was fairly sure they came together, straining a bit and awkward as Kazuki tried to cling to the table to stay on his feet. He flopped back on the tile a moment later, leaving Soushi to awkwardly sit up and slide down before dropping onto his knees.

Soushi gave him an odd little look that just made Kazuki chuckle.

"There's still a pile of stuff on the bed."

"We'll have to move it."

Soushi reached over and squeezed Kazuki's hand before pushing flat and kissing him.

"This is our place," Soushi managed after a moment. At first, Kazuki didn't even realize Soushi had spoken out loud.

"Yeah--" Kazuki wound his fingers up into Soushi's hair. "And it's not bad so far."

An hour later, once it was properly dark and their bed had been cleared off - and tested - Kazuki shoved the stone lantern a bit so it wasn't tilting while Soushi hunted up a tealight from the collection they'd been given.

Even after the tealight had burned itself out, they sat on the porch together in silence with their fingers woven together.

Not bad so far.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.