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Title: M4573R
Series: Original/Virii
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Norton/NetSky
Rating: MA
Summary: Captured and tortured.
Notes: Contains proper and improper use of a whip.

Watering blue eyes squeezed shut as his captor, Norton, softly pulled the knotted leather ends of the short whip upward to tickled his chin.

"I could do this forever, you know," Norton said as he playfully brought the whip down a bit to bite softly at his captive's chest. There were already fading marks from where things hadn't been so playful at first, but now it just looked as though the pair had time to kill.

"Just... End this..."

Norton reached up with his free hand to bury it in wild, knarled pale blue hair as he forced his lips against the other program's.

"The choice isn't mine to make, NetSky," Norton said, licking a trail across NetSky's lips before pulling back and grinning. "That's up to the user. Until then, you are mine to play with."

"There's no way out of this..." NetSky winced again before bothering to actually look at Norton, at the way Norton's yellowish body seemed free of any shadow, even in the flickering innerspace of the virtual world. Norton was pure muscle, sculpted and perfectly built for doing his job.

For a brief second, NetSky smiled. At least he would die with a beautiful jpeg in his mind.

"Absolutely no way out of this," Norton echoed, smirking as he tapped the middle of the whip against his free hand. Licking his lips, Norton seemed to be appraising NetSky more intently than before. Stepping forward, he flicked the whip back against NetSky's chest, letting the three knotted ends sort of pause at the bottom of NetSky's ribcage before slowly pulling the whip downward, making it almost tickly its way over NetSky's hesitant arousal.

"However," Norton commented as he flicked the whip gently again, teasing those knots over NetSky's most sensitive parts, "it seems that the user seems content with leaving you quarrentined here."


"You do seem to be enjoying this, rogue."

NetSky strained at his bondage, pulling at his hands which were tightly strung above his head. He had no way to protect himself. Norton was circling, bringing that whip down harder when it connected with NetSky's buttocks, stinging and leaving angry pale violet marks on NetSky's aqua skin.

NetSky cried out, wishing he wasn't beginning to enjoy this treatment. But it was one hell of a way to go. The whip stung against him again, making his knees buckle but getting no relief - his hands were still securely bound. He could feel Norton closing in behind him and wasn't surprised by Norton's breath on the back of his neck. And even less surprising was the pressure of Norton's erection against still burning skin.

As much as NetSky wanted to resist, he couldn't help his own arousal and he couldn't help Norton being a fine, attractive program who would have caught his eye anyway. Those leathery knots teased at his erection again, making NetSky hiss and buck backwards, unwittingly forcing himself back against Norton. Now Norton's intentions were undeniable, something that was becoming less and less objectionable.

One hand grabbed at his hip and NetSky tried to brace himself, not entirely sure how Norton was going to proceed. Norton wasn't saying anything and NetSky couldn't see him - he could just feel him.

"Hold still," Norton whispered, patting NetSky's hip before moving that hand down to search between NetSky's buttocks. NetSky whimpered, pulling at his bonds one last time before deciding to stop fighting once and for all. This wasn't unwanted, really. It wasn't unwanted but it could definitely be a little more comfortable.

Crying out as fingers forced their way into his body, NetSky pressed back, bucking against those fingers and then getting rewarded with a sharp smack with the whip across his arousal. But instead of pain, there was only pleasure.

"You'll get off on this, won't you, wanton rogue," Norton whispered, pulling fingers back and replacing them with the tip of the whip handle. "I'll humiliate you before I destroy you."

NetSky could do little as he was impaled by the stiff leather. It was harder, thicker than anything he'd been taken by yet there was little pain. Instead he only felt like he was breaking, losing himself as he pressed back. Norton chuckled as he pulled the whip back and thrust again, burying it in NetSky's body. The little knotted tips brushed against NetSky's thighs, tickling ever so slightly.

And again, Norton retracted the whip before thrusting it back into NetSky, bringing an odd mewling cry from NetSky's lips. NetSky felt as though he was blushing from head to toe, violet in contrast to the angular dark markings that ran down his sides.

"You're making me jealous of this tool," Norton said sharply, pulling the whip free of NetSky's body and letting it drop to the ground. "If you're going to cry like a bitch in heat, it'd damned well be for me."

NetSky only nodded, letting himself hang free as Norton grabbed him and filled the aching empty void in his body with one sharp motion. Gasping, NetSky found himself without anything to hold onto and no way to brace himself.

Norton's thrusts were rough and fast, perfectly timed and aimed. Hands slipped around to finally provide relief to NetSky's aching arousal, bringing him perilously close to orgasm in mere nanoseconds.

"I like you," Norton hissed, his mouth close to NetSky's ear. "I hope you don't get deleted right away. I could do this for days. Don't you feel how hard you make me?"

"Please..." NetSky murmured, losing himself farther into bliss. Suddenly Norton was holding him, supporting him as they both plowed violently into orgasm within a blink of one another.

"Please..." NetSky repeated, wondering why suddenly everything was so hazy. But he could feel the cool comfort of Norton's body against his and he knew this wasn't the end. Not so soon...

Some time later, NetSky looked out from behind the bars of his new makeshift prison. Beyond, he could see only pale yellow and a discarded whip laying where the ground would be if there needed to be a ground. Norton would obviously be back.

Thankful for his technically incompetent user, NetSky leaned back against a wall, rubbing his raw wrists and hoping that next time Norton would leave him the whip.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.