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Title: Interrelations
Fandom: Macross Frontier
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Brera/Alto/Ranka
Rating: MA
Summary: The tabloids had never quite gotten it right...
Notes: -

The tabloids still hadn't gotten it right, of course - not that Alto particularly wanted them to. Every time his name appeared, there was a paragraph of explanation and often a picture. And somehow they'd gotten their hands on a whole new set of old photos...

At least Ozma, begrudgingly, no longer wanted to kill him. Possibly, because aside from the obvious, the resulting articles were infinitely amusing. One, which had a detailed - if inaccurate - chart of interrlations between the SMS and Ranka and quite a few other people, was actually printed out and attached to the fridge. But Cathy had been the one to do that. Probably. She was on it too, after all.

But not a single article had nailed everything. Not yet. Alto was thankful for that, as he, half-awake, tried to figure out who was tugging at his hair in a familiar motion he knew was braiding. Maybe it was both of them.

He reached - where had the blankets gone? Well, it was warm enough not to need them... And caught the hand in his hair. Soft, yes, but sturdy. Brera. Alto opened his eyes finally - it was daylight at least - and Ranka was still asleep on the other side of him, tank top pushed up a bit and sleep shorts down to show hip bones and panties.

"Morning," Brera whispered, letting go of Alto's hair and curling a bit closer.

"You..." Alto knew that Brera's sleep patterns were diffrent from his and Ranka's, and that sometimes he just stayed with them because he was already there.

"I was sleeping," Brera reassured him, answering the unasked question before pulling Alto closer and then into a kiss. Alto didn't resist - there was also something eerily good about kissing Brera... Maybe it was just knowing what Brera was - how he could move and fly...

He was warm, as well, and Alto gasped when one of Brera's hands trailed low to brush against the partial erection Alto could feel forming.

"Hey..." There was still a hint of sleep in Ranka's voice as it cut through them both. They paused, but didn't draw away from each other. "Aren't you forgetting about me?"

"Not at all," Alto replied with a slightly guilty smile. "You were still asleep, and..."

"We didn't want to wake you up," Brera finished, moving his hand away from Alto to gesture for Ranka to come closer. "But since you're awake..."

"Mmhmm..." Alto managed before Ranka was on top of him, sharing space with Brera for brief moment before Brera let Ranka win. Kissing Alto softly, she slid a leg over him, straddling him and sliding down to suggestively press against Alto's erection.

Groaning, Alto kissed her hard and was thankful when Brera's hand returned to its familiar exploration. And judging by the muffled moan from Ranka, he was touching her as well. That alone made him far more excited than he was willing to be. Though they really didn't need to linger in bed, Alto supposed. This could be quick.

And it was, though definitely enough to keep a smile on his face as he started breakfast afterward. The chart on the fridge made him smile - the tabloids weren't going to get it right unless they got really creative...

"What are you making?" Ranka's voice called as Alto heard the bathroom door open.

"Enough for everyone," Alto replied. She'd just have to come and see, same with...

Brera was already behind him, playing with a lock of blue hair still braided.

And he could hear the slow shuffling of morning activity from Ozma and Cathy's room as well. Good thing he was making enough for everyone...

Though he wouldn't have it any other way.

Alto was fairly sure he could handle waking up like this every day.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.