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Faux Fur

Title: Faux Fur
Fandom: Gundam Iscariot
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Mitra/Varuna
Rating: MA
Summary: The commander and his second enjoy a bit of downtime on the softest blanket ever.
Notes: from porn_tree, consensual and long-established canon twincest.

Mitra tugged out the tie that had been holding hair back and then shook it out, sending a wave of silvery-white around him as he walked through his quarters.

He wasn't terribly tired, but sleep was something to grab when the opportunity presented itself. He had an off-shift, so he figured he might as well try to nap.

However, Mitra came to a dead stop two steps into his bedroom. There, cocooned in a soft furry grey blanket, was his twin. Well, hopefully. The only hint Mitra had was a bit of matching silvery-white hair trailing from one end of the blanket-cocoon.


"Mmm?" The blanket-cocoon unrolled a bit and Varuna peeked out, silvery-pale eyes looking Mitra over. "Hi..."

Only when Varuna unwrapped himself enough to sit up did Mitra realize that Varuna was naked against the soft faux fur of the blanket.

Mitra blinked and swallowed hard.

"I didn't know you were planning downtime," Mitra managed. "I would have..."

"I just really needed a shower and to move around a little," Varuna interrupted, stretching. "Where did this blanket come from? It's so soft."

"A gift some years ago," Mitra replied. "I was cold last night and got--"

"I can adjust the temperature and air vents to--"

"It's fine in here--"

"If you're feeling ill--"

"I would have gone to see Doctor Hisano," Mitra finished. "Besides, it seems like you're fond of the fur."

Varuna nodded, a little smile forming. "Yes. It feels amazing against my skin. I couldn't help curling up in it."

Mitra chuckled and carefully unfastened his jacket. "I have an off-shift. I was going to nap, even though I'm not really tired."

"I suppose we can share," Varuna said as he finished unwrapping himself. Yes, very naked. "If we flip it over, we'll both fit underneath it."

"Are you tired?" Mitra questioned.

"I don't remember saying that." Varuna stretched across the bed, trying to smooth out the blanket. It looked like Varuna had curled up right after showering. His hair would need a bit of work, but Mitra would do that happily.

"Right." Mitra hung his jacket back onto a hangar in their closet. Varuna's clothing was on the floor nearby, not a surprise at all. He paused as he started to pull off his undershirt - no wonder he hadn't quite remembered the off-shift, it was Varuna's doing. Well... that answered quite a few questions.

Pants were next. Probably time to have them laundered, Mitra thought, before kicking them over by his shirt and Varuna's clothing.

"I'm going to see about getting another one of these," Varuna commented from the bed. When Mitra turned back around, Varuna was sprawled on his stomach across the synthetic grey fur. At first, Mitra wasn't sure why Varuna's dataports were sparkling so distinctively under the bank of LEDs that passed as room lighting. But then he realized that Varuna was not stationary; instead Varuna was rubbing himself ever so gently against the blanket.

Mitra tugged off his underwear and socks and left them where they landed.


"Mmm-?" Varuna glanced up at him. "I checked the tag - it can be washed quite easily."

"That's what you--" Mitra started as he moved to lie beside Varuna, unblemished pale skin against the soft fur still warm from Varuna's cocoon. The blanket felt amazing - soft against every inch of him and not at all a sensation he was used to. "This does feel good."

Really good. He could definitely understand Varuna's desire to be wrapped up in it.

"Here..." Varuna moved enough to get an edge of the blanket free and run it down over Mitra's back. Mitra shivered and squirmed. "Isn't it nice?"

"Yeah-- Mitra relaxed for a moment and let Varuna stroke his back with the blanket edge before finally, Varuna sat back. Mitra propped his head up on his forearms and smiled at Varuna.

For a brief second, Varuna had a faraway look in his eyes - one that Mitra instantly associated with Varuna handing control of the colony-station fully over to automated processes. And possibly a couple of other quick messages, Mitra thought as he waited.

Few were the times that Varuna completely unattached himself - well, as unattached as he ever could be. Or, few were the reasons.

As soon as Varuna's eyes cleared, he settled back onto the blanket, curled close against Mitra. Mitra shifted, pressed close against Varuna and almost mirroring his body. Carefully, Mitra kissed Varuna's neck and worked a hand through Varuna's hair before lingering to trace around the second of Varuna's dataports - the one between his shoulder blades. It had been one of the more miserable of Varuna's many, had healed badly at first and then, after decades, become very sensitive.

Varuna gasped and pressed against Mitra. Mitra just kissed a bit harder and slid his hand lower before reaching to grab the blanket and rub that against Varuna's back.

"Ah-- Mitra!"

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Mitra questioned, trailing the edge of the furry blanket over skin he knew very, very well. He could feel Varuna growing hard against him, which gave Mitra an idea.

"Yes," Varuna replied. Mitra kissed Varuna softly, licking Varuna's lips before pulling back and rolling off the blanket enough to grab it and rub the fur against Varuna's erection. Varuna's eyes went wide before closing and Mitra couldn't hold in a chuckle when Varuna swore under his breath.

Though Mitra wasn't terribly interested in playing with the blanket when Varuna needed him for other things. He leaned to take Varuna's erection into his mouth, licking at the tip for a moment before beginning to suck. Varuna moaned, grabbing at Mitra's hair and tugging at the few long strands he'd managed to snag.


Mitra shifted a bit, well aware of his own arousal as he moved.

"Whatever you want, Varuna," Mitra said, letting Varuna's erection slip from his mouth before speaking. Though he couldn't really help himself and went back to it immediately.

"Take me take me--" Varuna had given up on his hair, Mitra noted, and was now clinging to the furry blanket.

"How?" Mitra questioned, finally sitting back and watching Varuna for a few seconds before slipping off the bed to get slick lotion that Doctor Hisano always gave them. 'Good for all sorts of things,' she always said with a knowing smile that made Mitra feel a little too vulnerable for his own liking. But it soothed dry skin, worked miracles on Varuna in general after weeks plugged into the colony, and... well, it eased the moments when they needed to be as intertwined as possible.

By the time Mitra had returned from the bathroom - Varuna had left towels on the floor - Varuna was settled on his knees on the re-smoothed blanket. He was leaning low so that his chest was against the blanket and his head was resting on his folded arms. Mitra blinked once, considering, before realizing that yes, Varuna's erection would be against the grey fur with each thrust.

"Varuna..." Mitra climbed back onto the bed, uncapping the lotion and squirting a bit of it onto his hands.

"I'll make it up to you," Varuna said softly.

"Mmm-- there's nothing to make up," Mitra replied as he pressed a slick thumb against Varuna's anus.

"There is," Varuna insisted, before gasping as Mitra pressed further. "I want to kiss you for hours and suck on you and--"

"I can tell how badly you want to come," Mitra interrupted. He reached to stroke Varuna's scrotum and erection, not at all surprised that he could almost feel it in his own. They were identical, after all. Varuna moaned and Mitra shifted, rubbing his own erection against the back of one of Varuna's thigh.


Mitra kept pressing against Varuna as he worked to stretch tight muscle. He worked more lotion in, slicking the way until Varuna started to press back against him.

"Good?" he questioned as he positioned himself.

"Yes, please..."

Mitra hesitated only to rub lotion over his erection and hold himself still while pressing the tip against Varuna.

"Mitra, stop teasing--"

"I'm not teasing," Mitra replied as he pushed himself forward, slowly, into Varuna's tight heat. Varuna hissed and squirmed, but Mitra figured if Varuna didn't want to be teased, then it was okay to just keep going. He knew he wasn't going to hurt Varuna. And besides, it felt damned good. Mitra pulled back and thrust again, settling one hand on Varuna's hip and the other at the small of Varuna's back, where the lowest of Varuna's spinal ports was positioned. He circled his thumb around it as he thrust shallowly into Varuna.

Their only physical difference was the ports and the wiring, the circuits and processors and everything that made Varuna into a mortal computer. Other than that...

He moved up, to the middle port, pressing down a bit to get Varuna at a slightly better angle for hard, deep thrusts. Mitra paused, seated deep, to lean and lick along Varuna's spine between ports.

"Ah! Mitra--!" Varuna bucked against him and Mitra knew Varuna was rubbing himself against the fur, too. Mitra wondered what that felt like. Maybe he'd get to find out.

Mitra shifted, pushing Varuna lower to get Varuna more contact with the blanket as he thrust.


"Harder?" Mitra questioned, despite already knowing the answer.

"Or else I'll tell your fanclub that--"

Even though he was already far closer to coming than he wanted to be, the mere mention of his fanclub - something that unfortunately existed for generally baffling reasons - was enough to motivate Mitra to thrusting hard and fast while keeping enough downward pressure on Varuna to be sure that Varuna was getting what he needed.

Varuna muttered something that sounded like an affirmation of victory. Mitra let him have it.

Mitra did not miss Varuna shifting a bit and let up enough to let Varuna slip one of his hands lower to help himself along the last little bit. Safer, really, to let Varuna have a bit of control in his own release. Even as far out of the system as he could be, Mitra knew Varuna could still knock a few things askew on accident.

Moments later, Mitra felt Varuna come - felt it more than heard it - muscles tensing, a distinct shiver though only the softest of moans.

Mitra pushed Varuna down again, holding him as he thrust hard and fast, releasing a breath sooner than he'd expected. His voice caught in his throat as he felt the heat of his orgasm.

Soon, the warmth was just Varuna untangling him and laying on him, kissing him leisurely as Mitra marveled at how the furry blanket felt against his back. Though he was near the edge-- for a reason, he noted as Varuna twisted and tugged grey fur up over him to make a cocoon for two.

"We'll have to have the blanket washed," Mitra said. He licked his own lips and then licked Varuna's.

"Later," Varuna replied, moving to kiss Mitra's neck. "You should enjoy your off-shift."

Mitra was quite sure he would.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.