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Title: Dressed
Series: The Best Moves
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Jameson/Ethan
Rating: MA
Summary: Ethan looks best....
Notes: For Sprink's List

"Why is it that you look best when dressed in things not meant for you?" Jameson asked as he reached over the computer chair to rest his hands on Ethan's shoulders. Ethan reached a hand back, his left, to cover Jameson's, pulling it down a bit to feel the softness of the tight-fitting black cotton.

"How do you know the gender of my clothing?" Ethan asked, eyes not leaving the screen. "It's just a black shirt."

"I can see your back where it hikes up against the chair," Jameson explained. "I can see the smooth pale of your skin when I glance over at you. Men's shirts don't do that."

"I just wear what looks good," Ethan replied, pushing Jameson's hands away so he could turn and stand. Obviously nothing was going to get edited during this little conversation anyway. Remote Transmissions could wait a little longer. "But if it offends you, feel free to take it off of me."

Jameson raised an eyebrow, pausing with his arms about to wrap around Ethan.

"Come on. You were going to anyway," Ethan teased. "You wouldn't have interrupted me if your cock wasn't already hard."

He reached out to test if he was correct, and he was, feeling Jameson's hardness beneath dark dress pants. Jameson had a gasp stick in his throat, grabbing at Ethan and pulling their bodies together, claiming Ethan's lips quickly.

"Let me save first!" Ethan cried, grabbing at the mouse as his shirt was being pulled from him a minute later. "If I lose anything, Myra and Rae will eat my spleen!"

"And you complain about my dedication to business," Jameson chided, holding out Ethan's shirt and looking at it. Not covering Ethan's body, it did look rather like a generic bit of black fabric. But molded tight to the contours of Ethan's body, peeking up at the bottom enough to show skin, that was what gave it away.

Ethan watched as the save completed before turning back to Jameson, smirking.

"But I don't get to fuck you when you're working."

"Shut up," Jameson ordered, kissing Ethan again and quickly working at Ethan's pants. His hands tangled with Ethan's as Ethan started at the opposing task and soon both had switched over to undressing themselves, throwing clothes into a pile to take care of later.

As soon as Jameson was nude, Ethan dropped to his knees, forcing Jameson to grab for the computer chair as his arousal vanished into Ethan's mouth, taken in quickly and wholly. He swallowed a moan as he reached down to lightly pet Ethan's head.

"Bedroom, Ethan," Jameson said a few minutes later when the pleasure was getting a bit too extreme. As Ethan stood, Jameson got a good look at his lover's body, pale and smooth, hiding nothing.

For as good as Ethan looked in clothing not meant for him, he looked even better in nothing at all.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.