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Title: Devoted
Fandom: Gundam Iscariot
Disclaimer: No ownership implied, no profit gained. This is a fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Mitra/Varuna
Rating: MA
Summary: Mitra gives Varuna a hand washing up after work.
Notes: routine maintenance (in the shower). twincest.


Mitra nodded, quick to his feet from where he'd settled to wait for Varuna to finish off the many things being worked on and unplug for a bit.

"You didn't need to get up," Varuna added, smiling as he opened his eyes. "But I suppose I shouldn't complain."

"Then why--"

"If you have time later, you should do a curfew check--"

"I can have--"

"You should do it in person," Varuna suggested as he unplugged his first set of cables. Mitra frowned. He could tell how stiff Varuna was and he ached to offer some assistance. He also didn't know why--

"Why?" Mitra questioned. Varuna pretended to be far too busy with the next set of cables to answer right away.

"Your fan club is meeting," he finally replied. "You should put in an appearance."

"I do not--"

"I could go in your place--

"That's half the problem!" Mitra did reach for Varuna as he uncoupled the last cables and lurched forward a bit. They were both quiet for a long moment as Varuna relaxed in Mitra's arms.

"How do you know my fan club is meeting?" Mitra muttered against Varuna's shoulder. "And are you ready to move?"

"Not yet," Varuna replied. "And one of the messages was sent with a malformed address. It went to the error log and I check that every now and then."

Varuna was warmer than Mitra had expected him to be, which wasn't a bad thing. Also not nearly as smelly, but they'd long since stopped mentioning that detail.

"I will never understand why I have a fan club," Mitra commented as Varuna shifted against him.

"I will never understand why you don't enjoy it more," Varuna replied. "I'm a bit jealous, you know."

Mitra groaned. Varuna had a very different sort of fan club. He had colony leaders, generals, businessmen.

"I think I can walk on my own," Varuna said a moment later, though he didn't entirely pull away.

Mitra didn't mind Varuna's weight against him as they walked the short distance to the private bathroom located just off Varuna's inner office.

"You can give me more work--"

"I've got everything under control--"

"I could at least handle an error report--"

"Which one?" Varuna questioned. "There are something like... eighty-seven of them. Unless something is horribly wrong, they're not worth delegating."

The lights flickered on in the bathroom as they entered - soft lighting against deep grey tile.

"Here..." Mitra helped Varuna settle on a padded bench.

"I can get the water myself--"

"Let me feel vaguely useful," Mitra frowned as he opened the shower stall door and set the water temperature and intensity, along with a slight delay so they wouldn't be too wasteful while getting undressed. He couldn't help thinking about those error reports--


"I know which ones you mean," Mitra replied as he closed the stall door and moved to shrug off his uniform jacket. He'd nearly forgotten about them - they were the sort of thing that should have been delegated off somewhere at some point. Useless reports - bad message addresses, students testing doors they shouldn't be testing... "Why are you still--"

"Why not?" Varuna questioned. He stood and stretched, staring straight into Mitra's eyes. Mitra nodded. There was no need to keep pushing it. Obviously, it was something Varuna enjoyed doing.

They undressed in relative silence, other than the sound of the shower turning on and adjusting a handful of times. Mitra couldn't help glancing away from his own uniform to watch Varuna peel away skintight black. Already, clean uniforms were waiting for them both, though Mitra wasn't quite sure what Varuna's plans were once he'd gotten cleaned up.

Normally, Varuna did all of this alone, though it had been a bit longer than usual this time, and Mitra could still see the stiffness in Varuna's movements.

"Let me get your plugs," Mitra said almost without realizing. While Varuna's ports were relatively resistant when empty, plugs were still safer.

Varuna nodded as he balled up his clothing and tossed it under the bench.

Mitra grabbed the plastic basket of plugs from beside the sink, sorting through which were which with practiced ease.

"Ready?" Mitra questioned, to which Varuna turned and braced himself against the wall.

Mitra took a deep breath and popped in the lower four first, then the four along Varuna's spine. Only one got any sort of reaction, and before Mitra could get the last four, Varuna turned and took them from Mitra's hands, popping them in as he marched towards the shower.

"I've finally realized how disgusting I feel," Varuna commented as he reached back for Mitra's hand. Mitra was there and took it, following quickly.

"I'll wash your hair when you're ready--"

"I should wash yours, too."

Varuna had them both in the stall in seconds, smiling as the water poured over him. His silver-white hair flattened against his shoulders and back and as he closed his eyes, he leaned back to let it wash over his face.

Mitra just watched for a moment before making sure he had everything - shampoo, conditioner, soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, even.

Before Varuna could ask, Mitra handed him a washcloth to wipe off his face and whisk away the tiny water droplets that had formed on his eyelashes. When he opened his eyes, Mitra quickly glanced away.

"I should be more concerned with soap, shouldn't I?" Varuna questioned, moving to stretch and rinse his sides and underarms.

"It's not that," Mitra replied, shaking his head. "We just haven't done this in awhile."

"We'll have to change that," Varuna quickly commented. Mitra doubted it would happen, but he was pleased either way.

"Here..." Mitra grabbed for a bottle of body wash - a neutral scent that seemed to go well on anyone.

"Thank you." Varuna reached for the bottle, but Mitra shook his head. Instead, he uncapped it and squeezed some out onto his hand before setting it back on a ledge.

"I've got it," Mitra said, rubbing his hands together once and then reaching for Varuna. Shoulders and neck first, tense-- perhaps once they got into bed, if that was where they were headed, Mitra could see about working some of that out.

Varuna closed his eyes and let out a little moan as Mitra worked lower, down over his chest. Varuna's nipples were nearly as pale as the rest of his skin but hard from the temperature changes. Mitra let his fingers linger over them, watching as Varuna parted his lips ever so slightly.

But not yet - Varuna's arms were next, and his armpits where only the tiniest bit of white fluff was threatening to grow.

Mitra squeezed out a bit more body wash and then went back to work, trailing his soapy hands down Varuna's sides and stomach, hesitating at his hips.

"I should get your hair," Mitra thought out loud, rubbing the last of the soap from his hands onto his own body. He'd already showered for the day, but he wouldn't dream of foregoing this.

"Please," Varuna said, opening his eyes. He had a brief far-away look that suggested other things had Varuna's attention and Mitra frowned.

"Doctor Hisano has three Second Years with minor injuries in her care. One needs stitches, the others just a bit of glue and bandages and a stern reminder on safety procedures when dealing with sheet metal, which I'm sure Eris will handle," Varuna explained. "I'm sorry. She'd marked it high priority."

Mitra nodded. He was fairly sure he knew which three Second Years, considering who spent the most time on projects. But if Amde had everything under control, then it wasn't a concern.

Steering Varuna under the water, Mitra washed away some of the suds and then made sure Varuna's hair was thoroughly soaked.

Then he slid under the water himself, enjoying the warm spray while he worked shampoo into Varuna's white mane. He trailed sudsy hands down over Varuna's back and smiled at the tell-tale hiss as he found the most sensitive of Varuna's ports.

Now it was time for more body wash. Mitra stayed behind Varuna, sliding his hands over Varuna's hips and thighs and down. And then up again, slipping one hand between Varuna's legs to clean the soft skin behind his scrotum. Varuna moaned and Mitra pressed close in case Varuna needed to lean on him.


"Are you dirty down here?" Mitra questioned, rubbing carefully. He moved his hand forward over Varuna's scrotum, making sure he was actually washing and not just having fun.

Varuna squirmed. "Nnn, Mitra--"

"I thought so," Mitra said as he took Varuna's penis in his hand and gave it a few gentle strokes. It hardened in his grasp and he smiled as Varuna reached to steady himself on one of the shower's grab bars.

"Where else are you dirty?" Mitra questioned. He still had soap on his other hand and used it to run down Varuna's ass, then between and against tight muscle. "Here?"

"Not in the shower--"

Mitra chuckled, pressing his own erection against Varuna and lazily stroking his hand over Varuna's. "Why not?"

"Too wobbly," Varuna replied softly. Mitra nodded against Varuna's shoulder.

"Let's get your hair taken care of, then," Mitra said. He kissed Varuna's neck as he moved to work the suds from Varuna's hair.

No sooner had Mitra worked the conditioner into Varuna's hair than Varuna had slipped away to sit on the tiled bench built into the far wall of the stall. He was still aroused, and Mitra couldn't help watching him.

"I'll get my hair," Mitra said, smiling as he started washing himself. He knew Varuna was watching him. "I should get everything--"

Slipping a hand down, Mitra ran it over his own erection a couple of times while rinsing out shampoo with his other hand.

"Let's not waste too much water," Varuna said as he got to his feet. "I'm not half so inefficient when I have to muddle through this on my own."

"I could pull records--"

"I could delete them before you ever saw them--"

"Then I'd know you're lying--"

Varuna shut him up with a fierce kiss that Mitra hadn't expected at all. Was Varuna really kissing him and getting the conditioner out of his hair at the same time? And that was Varuna's hand between them, rubbing Mitra's erection and likely his own.

Mitra moaned into Varuna's mouth and retaliated. If this was going to turn into a battle, so be it. He blindly reached til he found the conditioner and dumped some on his own head, not letting go of Varuna. He worked it through one-handed, keeping his other hand on Varuna's back, alternating between the smooth skin of Varuna's ass and the sensitive spots around dataports.

Varuna jerked against him, breaking the kiss as he came first, hard and hot against Mitra's stomach. He cried out against Mitra's shoulder and Mitra held him as best he could.

Spent, Varuna sunk to his knees, looking up at Mitra for a long moment before leaning enough to take Mitra's erection into his mouth.

Mitra squeezed his eyes shut, fighting to find a grab bar for one hand while desperately trying to get the conditioner back out of his hair with the other while being horribly distracted. Varuna knew just what he was doing and it was definitely not in the name of preserving colony resources.

Varuna took Mitra in deep, leaving Mitra clinging to the grab-bar and moaning as he came.

He was still seeing stars when Varuna finished rinsing his hair and the rest of his body.


"I get to keep my error reports?" Varuna questioned as he turned the water off without touching the panel.

"Fine," Mitra managed as he got the stall door open and dragged in a pair of large and fluffy black towels from a rod outside. He wrapped one around Varuna first, and then used the other on Varuna's hair.

"And you get to keep your fan club," Varuna added after another minute.

"That's completely unrelated," Mitra said as he stepped out and grabbed a towel for himself. "You like your error reports and I--"


"You are not implying that I like my fan club. That's--"

You've done nothing to discourage them and it's been how many years since--"

"That's not the point. The point is that--"

"We have time for a bit of a nap before curfew check, you know."

Mitra sighed and started putting on at least enough clothing to get to their quarters. He had thoroughly lost this round, which - aside from knowing he'd later be subject to giggling girls swooning over him - didn't bother him at all.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.