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Dents Like Elvis

Title: Dents Like Elvis
Series: The Best Moves
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Lainey, Timothy, Tyler
Rating: AA
Summary: Timothy fears he'd dented Lainey's old pink van... maybe?
Notes: for an old origfic_bingo card 'accidents'

"Hey, do you think this looks at all like Elvis?" Lainey asked as she crouched down and poked at the dent in the side of her van. "Or like the Virgin Mary maybe? People see her in their toast all the time."

Timothy groaned. Not only had he somehow bumped Lainey's giant carnation pink cargo van, but he'd also somehow managed to dent it. His own car was fine and he'd only been going about a half-mile an hour, which was the worst part of all.

"Are you sure that dent wasn't already there?" Tyler questioned as he knelt down beside Lainey. Any other time, Timothy would comment on how close they were for supposed enemies. Or frenemies or whatever they were now that Lainey was ridiculously living in Tyler's basement. Timothy couldn't root for Matthew even though he had ferreted out Matthew's feelings for his best friend fairly quickly. But Tyler and Lainey seemed like something that would work if they'd both get over themselves.

"I mean, I think it's already rusting," Tyler continued. "I bet this has been here for a month or so and you're just noticing because Timothy bumped it. This is totally shopping-cart height and you know it."

"You think?" Timothy asked softly. Even if Lainey wasn't upset - and she really couldn't be, the van had at least a hundred other dents and scratches and other blemishes and that was somehow after having been lovingly painted with leftover carnation pink interior paint - Timothy still felt bad. He should have been more careful and that was really the entire point.

"Yeah, you have a point," Lainey said after a long moment. She frowned and looked at the dent and at Timothy's car and at the dent and then sighed. "Yeah, it was probably already there. I don't know why, but it's like everything in the universe is attracted to hitting this thing. I'm sort of lucky my insurance agent has never actually seen it, because I think I'd lose my coverage on the spot before explaining it's made of some rare magnetic something-something."

"That wouldn't explain the baseballs," Timothy said. There were at least five dents in the roof that were all the work of baseballs and at least one other, larger ball that no one had ever been able to locate or even suggest with accuracy unless there was a way to have a rogue bowling ball land just left of center halfway back.

Lainey tilted her head and poked at the dent again. "Very true. I guess it'll be life's greatest mystery, at least until I can save up and maybe get something that gets more than ten miles a gallon, has a working heater, and isn't bright pink."

"Carnation pink," Tyler replied. "It was on special."

Lainey ignored him and stood. "Do any of these look like Elvis or the Virgin Mary?" she questioned Timothy as she pointed at the side of the van. Timothy shook his head. They just looked like dents to him.

"Want to try again?"


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