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Title: That Connor & Ryan Fic
Series: Remote Transmissions
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Ryan/Connor
Rating: MA
Summary: A late-night romp.
Notes: -

His sister safely settled in on the sofa, now dozing heavily enough that he dared leave the room and swap the bright ceiling light for a small lamp useful only as a nightlight, Ryan made his way down the hall as quietly as he could. It was late and while he was off the next day, Connor definitely wasn't.

A light was on in the bedroom though, and Connor sat up against the headboard, reading.

"You should be asleep," Ryan said as he pulled the door shut behind himself.

"I couldn't sleep without you," Connor answered. "Besides, you and your sister were laughing loud enough to wake the dead."

"She tells good stories," Ryan replied, pulling off his shirt. "If you've been awake all this time, why didn't you come out and sit with us?"

Connor shook his head as he set his book over onto the nightstand beside him.

"You only see each other a few times a year. I don't want to interrupt."

Ryan paused, his hands on his belt. "You know how much she loves you too. You're family."

Sighing, Connor looked away.

"I'd still feel as though I were intruding. Besides, I honestly did mean to be asleep by now. I keep hoping that I'll realize I'm tired, but it doesn't happen," he said, adjusting the pillows behind him as he did so. Now he could lie down properly.

"Then you should have called me in sooner. My sister would understand."


"That I need to wear you out," Ryan responded, pulling off his pants and underwear in one motion.

"Ryan..." It was low and somewhat warning.

"You can't sleep," Ryan replied, making his way under the blankets. "So you may as well do something... with me."

Connor rolled his eyes. "That's the best you can do?"

"Until you get your..." Ryan paused, his hands at Connor's waist underneath the covers. "Hey, you're already naked."

"I've slept naked as long as you've known me."

"But at the moment, it's a nice surprise," Ryan replied, leaning to quickly kiss Connor.

"I worry about you."

"Because I refuse to forget just how I feel about you?"

"It's something like that," Connor said, closing his eyes as Ryan's hand slid lower.

"Or is it just because there are few things I like better than making your entire body ache for me?"

"Now that's just tacky."

"It was worth a shot," Ryan answered, kissing Connor's cheek as he brought his hand back up to cup Connor's growing arousal. "Damn..."

"You do strange things to me..." Connor said, his laugh turning to a moan.

"I could say the same thing..." Ryan replied, crawling to lay on top of Connor so that their faces were just inches apart.

"You really need to just fuck me."

"I was hoping you'd say that," Ryan answered, pressing his mouth down over Connor's, kissing deep. He was hard against Connor's thigh, enjoying the warmth of Connor's skin. If nothing else, Connor was deliciously safe, far from the wild stories his sister told of boys gone wild. Connor was a wonderful thing to have waiting in bed - no matter what, Ryan knew Connor would be there.

Not wanting to move at all, savoring the taste of Connor's mouth, Ryan thrust a hand upward and under his pillow, grabbing for the container of lubricant that always resided there. This wasn't going to be a particularly long session, but it was going to be good.

Finally pulling away, Ryan smiled at the open-mouthed gape that Connor had, breathless and almost in shock. Had they really been so boring of late? Connor was quick to spread his legs, inviting Ryan to press a pair of lube-covered fingers down between, feeling for the familiar welcome of Connor's opening.

Connor let out a moan, impatiently pressing downward to meet Ryan's fingers. Ryan loved the hot, tight feel of Connor's body and shifted quickly so he could continue to stretch Connor while slicking his arousal with his other hand. Yeah, gonna be a quick one tonight.

Especially with Connor touching himself like he was. Ryan offered him a fistfull of lube to make that a bit easier. There certainly was nothing sexier than his normally reserved tech-support geek lover with both hands around his own erection, panting and spreading his legs wider.

Ryan pulled his fingers back, not really that surprised to see a bit of red staining them. He was being rough, but Connor seemed to be enjoying it. Boys gone wild indeed... Ryan thrust deep, reveling in Connor's moans. He was going to get off on making Connor feel good, at this rate. There was no need to wander into fantasies - this was one. This was what they'd needed all along.

Connor cried out with each of Ryan's thrusts, fast and getting faster until he came, his hands dropping their speed to just clutch at the head of his arousal as he came. Barely able to contain himself at the sight, Ryan closed his eyes, concentrating on the sensation and what he needed to follow his lover into bliss.

He didn't even get the chance to think about boys gone wild. Just Connor... just Connor with his hands covered in his own semen, gasping for breath as the heat of his body calling, beckoning for Ryan to come. It was too much, beautifully too much.

Such pleasureful bliss... Ryan wanted to stay in Connor's body all night, still curious about the things his sister told him but more than firmly rooted to what he really needed.

"What's gotten into you?" Connor asked finally, running his fingers through Ryan's hair.


"For a moment there, I thought you'd gone wild."


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.