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The Best Moves

'The Best Moves' wasn't my first choice for NaNoWriMo. In fact, it was amongst my last choices since I found it both too short and too serious for what I was after. The main character of the fantasy story I was concocting was named, you guessed it, Jorin. But a couple days before hand, Nic and Anna wandered into my head, giving Billy a bit of backstory for the 'Toronto Fic' that had popped into my mind while doing my bi-annual trip to Toronto.

For the first month of the fic's existence in my head, no one in the story had names, just characterization and some plot. It was a weekend originally, with dance clubs, erotica, and backalley sex. By the time Matthew walked in, it had become a month-long story about a personal and spiritual quest. Some of that fell off during the story, but that can only be blamed on me alone.

The idea of writing a 50,000 word novel in a month isn't crazy until you try to do it. I guess that's the point of NaNoWriMo - to do something crazy that you wouldn't do otherwise. Just don't get any lofty hopes about writing the Great American Novel in the span of a month.

Of course, when I signed up for NaNo, I had no idea I'd be working 6 or 7 days a week, overnights, and be making new friends who all wanted some of my time as well. That's not to mention the house my family is trying to sell, which meant plenty of cleaning on my behalf. I still have the last of my things from that place in the back of my truck. Every day my goal is to clean them out and every day it doesn't happen.

Enough about me, here's a bit about the characters.

Matthew: I didn't think any human like Matthew existed, and I felt bad for creating him because he was so far from what I thought a Real Life man could be like. The funny thing is, midway through the month I ended up getting to know a man who could very easily have been the prototype for the poor kid. Matthew's name comes from both the Bible and also a very, very hott Quaker boy at the Meeting I still attend occassionally. But despite him being hott, I changed his diapers, so I cannot think of him in any other way such as that.
Matthew's neurosis sort of surprised me at first. The sad part is, I think he's normal anyway.

Tyler: My best friend claims that she is Tyler. It's funny, as she's most likely right. I didn't plan it that way, but then again, her sporadically calling me 'Grasshopper' should have been a tip off.

Billy: Billy Thompson has a very special and permanent place in my heart. He's my dream boy. No, really. For about five years, he would appear randomly in my dreams, being every thing I always wanted in a partner. I waited for him for more than five years until I realized that there perhaps are no Billy Thompsons in the real world. So I figured it was time I gave him to someone who'd appreciate him for his fictional-ness. Billy also appears in a story called 'The Feathergirls', which was written in high school and will never see the light of day. Mainly because it's on paper and I have no desire to type it up even to MST. Still, I like some of the plot and am toying with that at present.

Nicole & Anna: Appeared one night in the shower. Nicole was supposed to have more of the story, and I may still add it in later.

Rhyn: Rhyn was supposed to be a cameo. He's the star of Miss Sprink's NaNo fic, 'Fallen'. Oh well.

Myra Z & Rae: Are of course Miss Kalli (myself) & Miss Sprink. Also, they were supposed to have cameos but demanded to wander around. "Remote Transmissions" was the name for a anime magazine we never quite managed to finish. Myra's name and leg brace comes from an Outlaw Star story I'm still kicking around. Same universe, different crew. That Myra can't walk though, I don't think.

Ethan: Another cameo gone wrong... Ethan has a very bad habit of taking over any story he gets near, and I fear he takes The Best Moves by the throat at times. However, I can't dislike him too much. He's the first character borrowed from 'Dark Magick: Alternate' (DM:A). The joke about borrowing from DM:A is that most of the character relationships are different than in DM:A, yet the characterization is supposed to be close (ha!).

Jameson: DM:A's mage character as a businessman. I still have a hard time with this one in my head. Jameson without his long red braids just doesn't do it for me.

Robbie: The name is stolen from 'The Feathergirls'' Robbie Rizzo, but the character himself is Minew-in from DM:A. And no, he's not Ethan's brother in DM:A. Yes... that was just fun with kinks. Bad me.

Skye: Is none other than the daughter of The Sky, Miss Razrantha, who runs this site and likes to think she's my muse. Also, from DM:A.

Bradey-chan: An original fan character who runs around wherever and whenever I'm not looking. She's my brat. And she's still sickly.

There has to be more. I mean, of the story. I expect people to want to lynch me for ending where I did. Perhaps after a month or so, when I'm ready to look at this again, I'll edit and add in parts that were cut due to time and motivation.

Respectfully submitted November 30th, 2003,
Miss Kalloway


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.