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An Event

Title: An Event
Series: The Best Moves
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Anna, Matthew
Rating: C10
Summary: A quick conversation and invitation.
Notes: origfic_bingo - 'chastity devices'. contains discussion of the prompt.

"Hey, there's an event tonight," Anna said with a peculiar little leer as she meandered over to where Matthew was working on the puzzles on the floor.

Mostly, he'd been trying to separate pieces, since two puzzles had accidentally gotten mixed together. It was time consuming and while he wasn't exactly bored, he felt like doing something with his hands instead of watch anime or play video games.

"Eh?" He looked slowly up at Anna, who was gracefully poured into black vinyl, fishnets and spiked jewelry. She was wearing a pink wig as well, accentuated by shocking, bright makeup.

She looked amazing! Matthew sucked in a bit of breath. "Wow..." he managed.

"Mmm?" Anna crouched down beside him, her vinyl attire creaking a bit as she did. "You've seen me dressed up before..."

"You look good," Matthew said quickly, smiling.

Anna chuckled. "Don't worry, you picked the right sibling."

Matthew blinked.

"But anyway," she continued, "if you don't feel like puzzle pieces tonight, there's a private event at a small dungeon owned by one of my boss's clients. I have an invite for myself and a guest and... no guest."

Matthew paused at the word 'dungeon' and didn't entirely parse the rest. He didn't know much about Anna's particular interests but certainly there were no dragons associated with this dungeon.


"Don't worry, it's not all sexual, though..." she didn't seem to be able to help a little giggle.

"I mean, there may be a few scenes where you'll see some fucking, but the people doing it know each other and it's all very safe and no one would expect you to participate."

Matthew blinked again.

"Unless you wanted to," Anna said after a moment.

"No!" Matthew blushed a bright red color and fidgeted, nearly dropping the puzzle pieces he'd been holding. "Er, not that there's anything wrong with..."

Anna's laughter was melodic. She smiled. "I'm just teasing, though not about the invite. You're not afraid of at least seeing new things and I'd feel bad leaving you alone all night... I know Nicole is coming home less and less."

"I'm okay," Matthew said. "Um... Well..."

Smiling, Anna reached for his hand. "Let's find you something to wear?"

"Billy won't mind, will he?" Matthew questioned.

"Not at all. Besides, our host is a big fan of loyalty and chastity. If you're really worried, we can get you locked up for the night." Anna said so casually that Matthew momentarily thought he'd misheard her.

"Locked up?" he asked, sure he hadn't caught that right.

"Mmmhmm." Anna nodded. "Little steel cage for Mr. Happy. If it'd make you feel better."

Wincing, Matthew shook his head and tried to force away what he was sure was an inaccurate mental image. He hoped. Really, really hoped.

Anna was quiet a moment, apparently concerned. And then she laughed again.

"It's probably not at all like you're thinking! It's just a tube, normally, though... you can get them with spikes..." She trailed off. "That didn't help my case at all."

Matthew sighed. "I'll definitely go but... I think I'll just be a spectator. Permanently."

"Nothing wrong with that," Anna said with a nod. "Now, let's go see if I have assless chaps in your size."

He really hoped she was kidding.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.