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The Airplane PWP

Title: The Airplane PWP
Series: The Best Moves
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Tyler/Matthew
Rating: MA
Summary: A bit of a gift, a bit of a fantasy.
Notes: These things happen...

Matthew Andersen sank back on his bed, glad to be home. Soon he'd be back at work, back with Tyler...

He still wasn't sure how to handle that little detail. But he had time to think about that later.

Later came much too soon.

"It's good to have you back, Grasshopper," Tyler said, smirking as he pummeled the daylights out of Matthew's fighter, fingers flying over the controller like blurs.

"Yeah," Matthew agreed, feeling quite a bit more comfortable than he should. He was going to tell Tyler today. He was.

The game reset to the selection screen and Tyler set his controller down.

"So, did you meet any Canadian hotties? Surely you had to have made some friends while you were visiting." Tyler leered. Instead of looking menacing though, he just looked kinda cute.

It was as good of a set up as any.

"Actually, um, Tyler, I did meet someone..."

"Details!" Tyler interrupted with a laugh. "It's about time you..."

"Tyler, I'm gay."

At that exact moment, the game looped to a demo mode, temporarily cutting the audio.

There was dead silence.

"You're gay?" Tyler asked, reaching beside him to grab the TV remote. He turned it off without looking at the buttons.

"I didn't really realize it myself until I found myself..." Somehow the words were growing harder to find. Matthew just couldn’t put an emotion to the expression Tyler's face.

He didn't want to lose Tyler. But he couldn't find a single word of protest as Tyler took his controller from him and dropped it gently to the floor.


Unable to remember how to move, Matthew stayed still, trying not to flinch as Tyler leaned closer, bringing a curious hand to Matthew's cheek.

"Tyler..." It was supposed to be questioning, warning, but instead it came out breathy, aroused. Matthew didn't even want to think about...

Midway through thinking about not thinking, Matthew realized he was missing something wildly important - mainly that somewhere lost in thoughts of un-thought, Tyler's lips had connected with his and were deliciously warm.

He wasn't thinking as he yielded to the kiss, wasn't thinking as he responded. He couldn't figure out why his conscious wasn't kicking in, telling him that he was misbehaving - but al his conscious could muster was that anything Tyler did was pretty damned okay.

But Matthew wasn't expecting it to go any farther, wasn't expecting Tyler to push him down onto the bed, much too much like the yaoi comics Ethan had read to him and very nearly acted out during one of his last days in Toronto.

Tyler was just so damn hot - so damn delicious and sweet. A part of Matthew didn't want the kiss to end. Relying only on his body, Matthew moved his hands down to sneak under the back of Tyler's shirt, pushing it up as though it was the sort of thing he'd been doing for ages. It just felt so natural.

Tyler responded in turn, breaking the kiss to trail down Matthew's neck, licking away the remnants of salty sweat from the night's work.

"More?" Tyler asked, biting gently at the base of Matthew's throat. Matthew couldn't open his eyes. He was lost in bliss as a slight motion from Tyler caused sliding friction across his arousal. He couldn't hold back a moan as Tyler eased Matthew's shirt off, near-attacking Matthew's nipples a moment later.

No matter what his brain was saying, his mouth betrayed him, granting Tyler permission to carry on. Tyler always did seem willing to try new things.

With another moan, Matthew grabbed at Tyler, settling his hands at the waist of Tyler's work cargos.

There was no need for hesitation though - Tyler slid a nimble hand along the plain of Matthew's stomach and down into his pants, finding his prize a moment later.

Crying out, Matthew involuntarily thrust into Tyler's grasp, so impossibly aroused that he was suddenly afraid he'd come much too soon.

"Please... Tyler..." Was that his voice? He felt delirious. He was being touched... Somehow he'd lost the rest of his clothes. Of course, he hadn't been wearing anything too complicated, so it was rather easy to undress him.

And a moment later, Tyler was naked too, pulling off his pants as he went to dig in the dresser the television sat on.

A month with the not-so-subtle prince of perversion had taught him a few things. And despite feeling a bit less than shiny after a hard night's work, Matthew knew what he looked like and he knew how to use his body.

When Tyler turned back to the bed, Matthew had his legs spread, unabashedly stroking his own erection - after all, he really didn't have to confess that the move was borrowed from one much more deviant than himself.

"Matthew..." Tyler stammered, stretching the name into four syllables and unable to do anything but stare for another moment. And then a slow smile spread across his face, not Tyler's usual happy-go-lucky grin but instead something decadently predatory. It looked good on him. Matthew had to pause or he knew he'd be diving head first into the sort of orgasm that would at least metaphorically hit the ceiling.

Tyler didn't even have to look down as he slid a condom on, flipping a small jar of lemony-scented lube to Matthew a second later.

"You've got me with this part," Tyler admitted, chuckling as he slipped back onto the bed. "Show me."

Too much lube coating his fingers, Matthew happily complied, gasping as he eased a pair of fingers into his body, actively trying not to find his prostate. He just wanted to be ready for Tyler. Tyler was all...

With a nod, Matthew withdrew his fingers, locking his eyes with Tyler's for a moment, a silent final request for permission to continue. Instead o speaking, Matthew reached up, drawing Tyler to him and also inside of him.

Matthew knew he was going to come too quickly. It was an awful, strange feeling, yet also blissful. He wanted to stop time as much as he wanted to explode. Tyler didn't wait for Matthew to adjust, instead plowing forward, thrusting deep and hard. Somehow Matthew knew this was how Tyler was. There was pain, but it was minute and threatened to vanish altogether. Pleasure washed through him in waves, white bliss. He closed his eyes, waiting for orgasm to tear through his being en route to his trapped arousal.

Yes, he wanted to come hard, spilling against Tyler's stomach. The thought was too much. He was too hot, burning. He could do nothing but bury his head against Tyler, holding Tyler tight as his body found release. And just as his orgasm was fading, Tyler climaxed, shuddering and crying Matthew's name.

"Tyler," Matthew gasped, opening his eyes and not realizing he had tears forming until Tyler kissed one away.

Matthew closed his eyes again, smiling.

The glowing red numbers of his alarm clock greeted him the next moment he opened them. He had five minutes until his alarm went off. He felt very... sticky.

And then it came to him, realization in the form of a hurricane of loneliness, guilt, regret and emptiness.

As he got up, Matthew turned off the untripped alarm before walking over to his desk chair where a sweatshirt hung. Billy had given it to him - it had been Billy's for years and was thick with his smell.

Everything felt wrong. It was going to be a very long day.


Drink Lemonade! Tip Your Waitress!
Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.