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A Gift

Title: A Gift
Series: The Best Moves
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Jameson/Ethan
Rating: MA
Summary: And sometimes, the best present is a young man with nothing on but a bow.
Notes: KSW Challenge #14 Answer

Jameson clicked the door shut softly, despite knowing that Ethan could sleep through almost anything. The air conditioning was on anyway, noisily rattling the vents in a way that only he found irritating enough to call the building manager about. Yet nothing was ever done and Ethan, the one who was home most of the time, never complained.

Besides, it was only the one vent, near the kitchen, that really made any noise. The rest were okay. The one in the bedroom was fine, after all.

Shaking his head, Jameson looked at Ethan. He knew it was hours later than he'd intended to be out, but after another office crisis and then his secretary bringing out a couple cases of beer to celebrate... And gifts and general merriment... The whole evening was suddenly gone and Jameson had found himself rushing from the building, hoping to catch the subway to the trolley to the bus to get home before Ethan went to bed.

Or fell asleep naked on the sofa by the door with a blue ribbon bow around his wrist.

Jameson set down his briefcase on the low table to the other side of the door, the one next to the umbrella rack that was yet again missing all of the umbrellas that should have been in it. Some things he had come to expect, like a lack of umbrellas and the absolute necessity of an office emergency at any time when he really wanted to be with Ethan.

Yet he did all of this for Ethan, so that Ethan could be happy and safe. He knew that Ethan's childhood had been comprised mainly of doing without. So now all Jameson wanted was to provide a safe and happy place filled with anything Ethan could need.

"I love you," Jameson whispered, using one foot to remove a shoe, and then swapping to get the other off. His suit jacked had stayed home for the day. He'd had no one to impress and summer in the city was one of his least favorite times of the year. "And I'm late again."

Thinking of getting a drink, he realized he'd already had quite a few drinks before leaving the office. No more alcohol... Reaching to unbutton his shirt, Jameson shook his head. He knew Ethan had to have waited for hours, practicing the perfect pose to be in for when the door opened.

Even with the long hours of summer, it was already dark outside.

"I hate to wake you up." He pulled his shirt free of his pants and shook his head. Ethan looked perfectly comfortable and Jameson really didn't want to disturb that.

"You don't have to."

Jameson brought a hand to his head. "You're awake."

"Do you talk to me when I'm actually asleep?" Ethan asked, opening his eyes and stretching a bit. "Wait, don't answer that. I don't want to know. But I was getting awfully bored with pretending to be sleeping."

"Maria called you after I left, didn't she?" Jameson asked, walking over to the sofa and dropping to his knees so that he was more on Ethan's level.

"Perhaps she phoned my cell and I casually deleted her from my call log just in case you checked, or perhaps I'm just that good," Ethan replied, righting himself and quickly kissing Jameson's slightly parted lips. "Either way, Happy Birthday. I behaved. No four-dozen phone calls or singing telegrams or e-mail cards or anything."

"I'm still surprised by that," Jameson admitted before getting to his feet again. He leaned over Ethan and pressed him back against the sofa, leaning over his lover as their mouths met again.

"You asked me not to go overboard this year," Ethan whispered a moment later as he reached to push Jameson's shirt down off his shoulders.

"And what did you do all day, then?" Jameson shook his shirt to the floor.

"Played online games with Billy, did my ten page e-mail to Matthew, wrote everything I could think of to write for Remote Transmissions, um..." Ethan ticked off each item on fingers, looking oddly serious for a moment, especially given his attire. "Made sure I have the perfect bow on."

"And nothing else." Jameson ran a hand down Ethan's midsection, not pausing until he had Ethan's half-aroused penis in his hand.

"Not very subtle, are you?"

"I'm half-drunk and fairly sure you're my birthday gift," Jameson replied, teasing the tip and earning a nice cry from Ethan. "You were the one laying here with just a bow on one wrist."

"You said low key." Ethan leaned up for another kiss before pulling away all together so he could shift and stand.

"I didn't expect you to be able to do it," Jameson commented, stepping back so Ethan could pull himself off the sofa. Ethan's hair fell over his face once he was on his feet, making him look more demure and submissive than he was currently acting.

"You always underestimate me," Ethan replied, pouting as he spun and grabbed Jameson, wrapping his arms tightly around Jameson's waist. "So I'm thinking right here on the floor."

"Mmm... You do have this all planned out." Jameson didn't protest as Ethan made short work of the rest of his clothing, forcing them both down onto the floor.

"Less talking, more sex," Ethan shot back, reaching up to grab a blanket from the back of the sofa as well as lube from between cushions. "I get crafty when I spend too much time at home."

"I'd never say that's a bad thing." Finding himself on his back on the blanket, Jameson was significantly more amused than he thought he should be. Ethan was just every sort of perfection, anticipating everything. He shivered as Ethan dipped low to lick the bead of precome from the tip of his erection. Long, black hair fell over his body, gently tickling as it obscured Ethan's face again.

And then firm warmth, Ethan's hands spreading lube over him, not letting him do a thing. Green eyes met his own blue for a quick second before they vanished under their usual black veil. Yes, Ethan was his gift, his wonderful perfect present.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.