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After Battle

Title: After Battle
Fandom: Fafner
Disclaimer: I owneth not and make no profit from this fanwork.
Pairing: Kazuki/Soushi
Rating: MA
Summary: Kazuki finds himself physically aroused from fighting. Soushi... helps take care of that.
Notes: Heavily influenced by the novel and information presented there...

Kazuki had gotten used to Soushi waiting for him outside of the medical room. Normally, it was just a cursory check-up, a painkiller to take care of slight strains and a pat on the head from Dr. Toomi. Soushi never had to wait for long.

At first they'd danced around the topic - that the sheer violence of fighting the Festum drove Kazuki into something very close to sexual excitement. They all knew that being a part of Fafner changed their mindsets and brought out things that... weren't really them. Not entirely, at least.

Yet while Kazuki was in Fafner, he was connected to Soushi. Soushi felt what he felt - he could only imagine that his arousal flowed through their connection and that the handful of times that he'd actually accidentally come had been oddly enjoyable for them both, even if Soushi wasn't having the exact same physical reaction.

Soushi had been the one to breach the subject after one of the times that Kazuki hadn't finished on his own, even with Soushi whispering in his mind and a Festum writhing beneath his Fafner's energy sword.

But Soushi, who had apparently been left in the same state, hadn't said a word - he'd simply taken Kazuki's hand arm once Kazuki had left the medical room, pulled Kazuki into a dark hallway and kissed him.

Soushi was waiting for him again - Kazuki was sure that Soushi was rushing through briefings and probably making excuses. It had to seem odd for Soushi... Except that everyone knew they were friends...

"Soushi," Kazuki said as he stepped out of the medical room. "Hi..."

"Kazuki..." Soushi replied, smiling. "Good job today."

"I can do better," Kazuki commented, thinking back to a few times when his aim hadn't been perfect. "Are... are you free?"

"An hour," Soushi said. "One hour."

"Would you like a drink?" Kazuki asked as they started walking.

Soushi nodded. "My treat."

Once they'd turned the corner, Kazuki reached over for Soushi's hand. They were kissing by the time they'd made it to the vending machine. And even though they were juggling cans of juice, Kazuki had gotten Soushi half undressed by the time they'd gotten into Soushi's room.

"Ah! Kazuki!" Soushi exclaimed as Kazuki pressed him against the wall and sucked at his collarbone. "You didn't show me half of this."

Kazuki drew back. They were safer pretending this was just an after-effect of battle, not that he actually wanted to be doing this with Soushi or that Soushi felt the same. It wasn't that he hadn't shown his current lust to Soushi, it was just that.... it was current. Some of it had nothing to do with fighting. Eventually, though, that would all be revealed to Soushi as well.

"I can stop," Kazuki said, a little frightened.

"No," Soushi replied quickly. "Keep going. Please."

Good, Kazuki thought. He knew that he could stop if he had to, but he really didn't want to.

He undid Soushi's pants and pushed them down, freeing Soushi's erection, causing Soushi to gasp and move against Kazuki.

They kissed again as Soushi began to work on Kazuki's clothing as Kazuki started to lead them toward Soushi's bed. When they parted, Soushi kicked off his boots and stepped out of his pants as Kazuki finished undressing. He'd gotten so used to being half-naked in his flight suit that he didn't mind being naked in general. But Soushi still blushed a bit as Kazuki looked him over and smiled.

"Bed?" Kazuki suggested. Soushi nodded and crawled onto it, glancing at his clock as he laid down. Kazuki sighed internally - part of him wanted to make Soushi damned late for that meeting.

Kazuki reached for the lube, swiped from the medical room, they'd taken to stashing under Soushi's pillow. He was surprised at how little was left... But the Festum had been more frequent with their attacks, so it was only to be expected that they were doing this more.

"You okay?" Kazuki asked as he uncapped the lube. He tried not to think about anything in particular.

"Yeah," Soushi replied as Kazuki settled over him. "How do..?"

"Like this," Kazuki replied as he ran a hand down Soushi's back. He pulled Soushi's hair loose from its low ponytail and smiled. "Gonna try something..."

"Hmm?" Soushi had barely gotten the syllable out when Kazuki leaned down and parted Soushi's buttocks to lick between them and down to the tight ring of muscle. Soushi moaned and squirmed against the bed, which Kazuki took as a sign to continue.

He wasn't quite sure what had inspired him to touch Soushi like that, but Kazuki was quite pleased with the result. As much as he wanted to drive his own aching erection into the very hole his tongue was now penetrating, Kazuki held off, listening to Soushi's moans.

"Ah, Kazuki!" Soushi writhed against the bed and grabbed at his pillow, clutching it tightly. Kazuku forced a hand beneath Soushi to touch Soushi's erection. Based on the amount of fluid gathered at the tip, Soushi was enjoying himself immensely.

As he grasped Soushi's erection with one hand, he managed to get a bit of lube on the other hand and quickly traded his tongue for two fingers, pressing deep into Soushi's body in one slick motion.

Soushi moaned and pressed back against those fingers and Kazuki had to fight to contain himself. he absolutely did not want to hurt Soushi, but he had the near-overwhelming urge to just thrust deep into Soushi's body. He wanted to come. He wanted them both to scream in sheer pleasure. It wouldn't quite be the same as in battle, but it would be close.

"Ah, Kazuki, please!" Soushi cried, and Kazuki complied, pulling his hands back and positioning himself, quickly slapping a bit of lube on his own erection before pressing forward and thrusting into Soushi's body.

"You okay?" Kazuki asked, his voice breaking as he tried to catch his breath. He wasn't moving yet - Soushi wasn't moving either.

"Go on," Soushi replied, equally breathless. "Ka...zu...ki..."

Kazuki pulled back and thrust, grabbing Soushi's hip and trying to get his other hand back under where it was, touching Soushi's erection.

He would leave bruises, he realized. Soushi would be sore - he'd be shifting uncomfortably during that whole damned meeting.

Kazuki thrust harder. He knew he was going to come - he couldn't help himself. He'd wanted to come since he'd smashed the core of the Festum earlier. He'd been ready. But Soushi...

Kazuki worked his hand over Soushi's erection - he knew all of Soushi's sensitive spots and exploited them.

Soushi didn't last long after that. He cried out as he came, hot and wet on the bed beneath him and on Kazuki's hand.

Kazuki cried out as well, unable to resist the delicious lure of Soushi's spasming body. There was only pleasure as he drove his last few thrusts into Soushi. For just a moment, they were connected again.

He lay over Soushi for a moment before moving to the side to wipe his hands on the blankets and kiss Soushi's back and neck.


Normally they didn't say anything after - didn't kiss or touch. They just cleaned up. This was Soushi being a good friend after all, this was simply Soushi managing after-battle impulses. They were only helping one another.

Kazuki was surprised when Soushi moved enough to grab onto Kazuki, holding him tight.

"Soushi?" Kazuki asked a moment later, curious after Soushi softly kissed him.


"You're going to be late," Kazuki replied before wrapping an arm around Soushi to ensure it.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.