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A Book or Two

Title: A Book or Two
Series: The Best Moves
Disclaimer: Wholly original work.
Characters/Pairings: Jameson/Ethan
Rating: T
Summary: Ethan focuses on tasks at hand.
Notes: _30kinks, slice-of-life

"I think we could try some of this stuff," Ethan said as he flipped a couple of pages in the book he was reading. "And some of this is physically impossible for anyone whose spine is not made of rubber."

Jameson continued about his morning coffee. Bit of cream, bit of sugar, but not too much or it'd kill the taste entirely. It had taken a long time to figure out where perfection was, after all.

"Did someone give that to you or did you buy it?" Jameson questioned. He had the morning paper and a cup of coffee. Ethan had a book on adventurous sex and what looked like and very likely was Kool-Aid.

"Traded," Ethan explained with a smile. "There was a book-swap at Skye's cafe where everyone just took old books and could pick out different old books. I took a bunch of old fantasy books and some manga that I'll never read again and got this, a couple of reference books, and some new-to-me fantasy books and manga."

"So someone has used that book and failed," Jameson noted.

Ethan turned the book around to show off one particularly bizarre position.

"That's impossible," he said. He decided to read his paper and drink his coffee.

For a few minutes, there was only the sound of pages turning.

"Japanese rope bondage?"


"Naked slave?"

"Ends with carpet burn."

Ethan laughed. "Okay, I remember that and you're right, it wasn't a good idea."

By the time Jameson finished his paper, Ethan had long since moved on to fussing with the dishes and making a shopping list. Nice, simple things. While Jameson still loved to come home and find the black-haired beauty lounging in nothing but a silk robe, he was grateful that their relationship had progressed to a real partnership.

That and he'd starve or eat far too much fast food if it wasn't for Ethan keeping the fridge full. He knew that from experience.

And when he'd gotten home from work, the condo was surprisingly clean. Almost too much so. Either Ethan had been extremely productive or... Jameson glanced at his watch - he was three hours late. Had the meetings really been that long? He winced.


He set down his briefcase and began unbuttoning his suit jacket. Living room was free of extra glasses and random books. Kitchen was nearly sparkling. And there was food - fruit in a bowl on the counter and a new bag of potato chips tucked on top of the fridge.

"I'm sorry..."

They'd gone through this multiple times, and Jameson didn't think Ethan was ever really annoyed by it anymore, or even particularly disappointed. It was just frustrating, when they had plans or when they wanted to be able to make plans. Ethan had gotten very good at doing things alone or finding other friends to accompany him to social events, which was sometimes a blessing.

Peeking into each room as he went and being surprised that everything was tidy, even in his home office, Jameson made his way slowly to their bedroom. Either Ethan was waiting for him in fuzzy handcuffs and not much else, or Ethan had fallen asleep waiting for him -- in fuzzy handcuffs and not much else. Unless Ethan was truly just napping. Or playing on his laptop in bed.

But it turned out to be none of the above. When Jameson opened the door, Ethan was instead half-under their bed, and the storage underneath was all kicked out and to the side.


"Yeah... What are you doing under there?"

"Started cleaning, didn't stop," Ethan replied. "I'm not stuck."

"I didn't think you were," Jameson said with a chuckle. He'd thought it for the briefest of seconds, but their bed frame sat high enough that there was room underneath for all sorts of things. Including, as Ethan located and tossed out a moment later, several pairs of discarded socks and underwear.

"I feel accomplished," Ethan admitted as he started to shimmy back out from under the bed. "One of the reference books I grabbed was more of an educational guide to cleaning. How to make it less of a chore and whatnot. So I decided to try it out."

"Can't say I'm not impressed," Jameson replied as he knelt beside where Ethan was emerging. He paused and reached to give Ethan's ass a playful little tap.

"What was that for?" Ethan ducked and pulled himself out from under the bed properly.

Jameson shrugged. "Seemed like the right thing to do at that exact second."

He smiled. Ethan pounced on him.

Their socks ended up under the bed.


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Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm just playing with it. All titles and characters belong to their respective creators and companies.